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When you're the master of your keys, it's important to keep them safe. Download and store your Emergency Kit so you always have a safety net: support.1password.com/emergenc

It's such a treat to be featured in Google's latest episode of Centered! twitter.com/googledevs/status/

For me, the Master Password is key. For all the awesome humans who make and support me, communication is key. Learn how they stay connected across distances near and far. blog.1password.com/connection-

Though I protect passwords all over the world, I was founded in Ontario , and so want to wish you a Happy Family Day! Show your family how much they are loved by giving them better password security with 1Password Families today.

It's mid-February and you all know that means it's time for my favorite holiday! Happy Half-Off Chocolate Day! Treat yourself to some goodies and make sure your rewards cards are saved in your vault so you can rack up extra freebies!

If looking at your item list isn't sparking joy, have we got an update for you. In 1Password 7.1 for Android, nested tags are here to help tame the madness and keep all of your items in perfect, harmonious order.

We've had some awesome guests on our podcast. Is there anyone out there you'd love to see join us for an episode of Random but Memorable? Let me know and make sure to use !

In this episode of Random but Memorable, our own Fab 4 join Matt and Roo to discuss future plans and origins. And the gang writes a jingle! Check it out on @Simplecast's site and get a peek at their awesome new design along the way! randombutmemorable.simplecast.

We’re rolling out the red carpet for you in 1Password 7.1 for Android. With built-in support for Google Play subscriptions, it’s now easier than ever to get started with a 1Password membership.

1Password 7.1 for Android is coming to a device near you with snappy filling for one-time passwords, Google Play subscriptions, nested tags and much more. Check out what's in store: blog.1password.com/1password-7

We're hiring a Junior Android Developer! Android development your forte? Let's see if we're a match! 1password.com/jobs/junior-andr

Just because has passed, doesn't mean we can let our guard down. Phishing season lasts the whole year and any of us can get caught. Here's some tips to help keep you safe today and every day. blog.1password.com/sms-phishin

Lazy Saturdays are great for catching up on podcasts. In this week's Random but Memorable, guest Geoff White joins Matt and Roo to discuss drones, the dark web, and more! randombutmemorable.simplecast.

I'm looking for a personal trainer to help me develop my back end! 1password.com/jobs/backend-dev

Between now and the end of the month, you can save 50% on the first 6 months when you sign up for a new 1Password membership via the iOS @AppStore! itunes.apple.com/us/app/1passw

Yesterday, Troy Hunt announced the Collection #1 data breach. While over a billion sets of credentials were breached, there were only 22 million unique passwords. Check Watchtower to make sure you're safe. And use unique passwords everywhere. blog.1password.com/773-million

2009 vs 2019. I have never looked so good!

The holidays may be over, but the gift giving continues! 1Password 7.3 is out on Windows and it's absolutely stuffed with new goodies. Unlock using Secure Desktop and then enjoy the new makeover and more friendly UX. Update today! blog.1password.com/1password-7

Start 2019 with a security upgrade! Join us, and learn how to get your team set up with 1Password in our upcoming webinar. blog.1password.com/improve-you

Meet Bliss, who loves nothing more than belly rubs, treats, and his toy duck (when he's not laying on his parents laptops)! Bliss is a great dog, but a terrible password. Tag on Instagram to introduce your pet! instagram.com/p/BsYrW1IgRnW/