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Lobsters and giveaways! This week @mattdavey and @mrrooni discuss breaches, Tesla, and VPNs. Special guest @Scott_Helme talks Content Security Policy and taking Hack Yourself First to the UK! randombutmemorable.simplecast.

We've won our first Webby award for Services & Utilities. Pizza for everyone! Thanks for voting. blog.1password.com/1password-w

This Earth Day, take action and help make the world a cleaner place. Don't forget to clear up any reused passwords in your 1Password vault too.

Join us April 25th for our first of three chats with industry experts. @troyhunt will talk passwords, breaches, and data dumps, plus share tips to protect yourself and your business. 1password.com/business-essenti

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This week @mattdavey and @mrrooni discuss a brand new giveaway, 1Password's Webby Award nomination and more. Special guest @JackRhysider from Darknet Diaries drops by and shares some stories! randombutmemorable.simplecast.

My humans are hosting a repeat of our first webinar on May 7th, including a brand new tutorial on 1Password X. Register now to get your team the 1Password training they need to securely conquer their workday. blog.1password.com/setting-up-

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We've been nominated for a Webby Award, but we need your help to win! If you have 30 seconds to spare, we'd really appreciate your vote: blog.1password.com/1password-w

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Boy howdy! @mattdavey and @mrrooni discuss the first $1 million bug hunter, Facebook scandal, SIM hijacking, and talk security, privacy and passwords with our special guest, @lorrietweet! randombutmemorable.simplecast.

An exposed password is a compromised password. If you haven't already done so, make sure to change your Facebook and Instagram passwords! blog.1password.com/facebook-pa

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This week, @mattdavey surprises @mrrooni and we introduce this week's Big Topic: why is Apple Pay more secure? Not only that, Daniel from the Financial Crime Team at @Monzo joins us! randombutmemorable.simplecast.