Sometimes we just need a laugh. Grab a coffee and tune into 1Password’s podcast, Random but Memorable, for lighthearted security advice and banter from 1Password and guests. randombutmemorable.simplecast.

How long should your passwords be? That depends on a lot of factors. Find out why complexity and entropy matter (as well as what they actually mean) and how 1Password has you covered:

Stay organized with vaults! Use vaults to share specific information with certain people in a business or family account. Everyone with access to a vault can view, print, and copy the items that are stored in it:

Get ready to --generate-password with the 1Password command-line tool 1.0! It’s never been easier to work with items, create passwords, customize vaults, and more. Discover what’s new and update today:

Sometimes apps don’t integrate with 1Password, so we’ve made it easy to copy and fill passwords. For your security, 1Password can automatically remove copied passwords from the clipboard too:

1Password is hiring a Backend Developer (Billing). Do you have strong programming skills, understanding of web server and RESTful API design, and familiarity with MySQL, Redis, and AWS? Get in touch:

1Password X harnesses the power of your 1Password account to fill and save passwords, view and edit items, and more – all without leaving your browser. Get started:

1Password is looking for its next Senior Web Developer. If you have experience using modern technologies, including TypeScript, GitLab, Docker and Terraform, this might be the role for you:

IT, the hero of the storm. A new 1Password survey reveals 89% of participants have transitioned to remote work. Thanks to the support of their IT teams, they’re happy, productive, and security-conscious:

Handle your business data the right way. Download our guide to help you understand how to safely use your data, create security policies, and tool up to keep your data as safe as possible:

We’re hiring for Customer Support Associate (US & Canada)! If you’re excited to try new things, love helping people and you're available on weekends, get in touch! /jobs/customer-support-associate/

Watchtower integrates with  to alert you if any of your passwords have appeared in data breaches. Discover how:

This week, the gang discuss cookie consent, coronavirus contact-tracing apps, and more. We’re also joined by @PerryCarpenter, author of Transformational Security Awareness and Chief Evangelist & Strategy Officer at @KnowBe4! randombutmemorable.simplecast.

Use keyboard shortcuts to accomplish many tasks in 1Password that normally require a mouse or trackpad. These can be used on  and in the apps. Get started:

Attach files to any item in 1Password – from insurance documents and social security cards to passports and more. Discover how:

Travel Mode removes vaults from your devices, except those you mark as safe. With 1Password Business, team administrators can manage which vaults require Travel Mode for team members:

With 1Password Business, usage reports can help you measure adoption, organize your data, and increase security for your team. Here’s how:

Our new business newsletter could be landing in your inbox very soon. Sign up to receive the latest on remote security, culture, and team well-being:

Did you miss 1Password and @Yubico’s live webinar? Watch online as we dive into effective password management for small businesses and keeping your remote team safe online:

Privacy matters. Apple and Google have teamed up to provide contact tracing that is privacy preserving. Our security team dives in to explain how this technology works:

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