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Lazy Saturdays are great for catching up on podcasts. In this week's Random but Memorable, guest Geoff White joins Matt and Roo to discuss drones, the dark web, and more! randombutmemorable.simplecast.

I'm looking for a personal trainer to help me develop my back end! 1password.com/jobs/backend-dev

Between now and the end of the month, you can save 50% on the first 6 months when you sign up for a new 1Password membership via the iOS @AppStore! itunes.apple.com/us/app/1passw

Yesterday, Troy Hunt announced the Collection #1 data breach. While over a billion sets of credentials were breached, there were only 22 million unique passwords. Check Watchtower to make sure you're safe. And use unique passwords everywhere. blog.1password.com/773-million

2009 vs 2019. I have never looked so good!

The holidays may be over, but the gift giving continues! 1Password 7.3 is out on Windows and it's absolutely stuffed with new goodies. Unlock using Secure Desktop and then enjoy the new makeover and more friendly UX. Update today! blog.1password.com/1password-7

Start 2019 with a security upgrade! Join us, and learn how to get your team set up with 1Password in our upcoming webinar. blog.1password.com/improve-you

Meet Bliss, who loves nothing more than belly rubs, treats, and his toy duck (when he's not laying on his parents laptops)! Bliss is a great dog, but a terrible password. Tag on Instagram to introduce your pet! instagram.com/p/BsYrW1IgRnW/ 

What is your fave privacy-focused product of the year? I know what mine is and with your help I'm hoping for a chance to strut my stuff down the golden carpet! producthunt.com/golden-kitty-a

Happy New Year! @MattDavey and @MrRooni discuss our first competition, bizarre machines, and @Jenny_Radcliffe - the people hacker. Plus, security audits and Penetanguishene! simplecast.com/s/6f222dd7

Sara and @dteare so loved seeing Jumbo Joe Thornton of the @SanJoseSharks light up the new Community Centre in @cityofstthomas that they couldn't resist! Announcing 1Password Park, a new outdoor rec complex opening spring 2019!! blog.1password.com/lets-all-go

Meet Pixel, @mrrooni's 15 year old beagle-chihuahua rescue. She loves watermelon, long walks, and sleeping in the sun. Pixel is a wonderful dog, but a terrible password. Tag on Instagram to introduce your pet! instagram.com/p/BqIRyjIgj7j/ 

It's getting dark a bit earlier outside here and with Dark Mode in macOS Mojave to match, my blog wanted to join the party. Learn how my humans flipped the switch on our blog and how you can dim the lights on your site, too. blog.1password.com/from-dark-t

In the latest Random but Memorable, @mattdavey and @mrrooni chat with Professional Australian @TroyHunt about passwords, authentication and all things pwned. simplecast.com/s/fa5e5c25

Meet Hedgy, the hedgehog who loves mealworms, cuddling, and digging outside! Hedgy is an awesome pet, but a bad password. Tag on Instagram to introduce your pet! instagram.com/p/Bp2ez8MgPaz/ 

Your vote is as important as a strong, unique password. If you're in the U.S., make sure to get out and vote! If you're not sure where to cast your ballot, check out vote.org  to find your polling place.

I'm dreaming about how I'll look on those sexy new iPad Pros. Looking forward to struttin' my stuff in Liquid Retina.

One size never fits all. But one app can fit all sizes when it's optimized for it! Whether it's Android or ChromeOS, baby, I am SO optimized. medium.com/googleplaydev/more-

My very own @mrrooni lets his @Apple fanboy flag fly in the latest addition to the 1Password blog. blog.1password.com/hello-brook

So excited to see my logo on stage today at the @apple event in Brooklyn!