The ultimate security for your Google accounts is in your pocket. Hear from Christiaan Brand, product manager on the security team, on how helps protect you from phishers.

Ugandan developer Nazirini Siraji has created an app that tackles the crop devastation in her community. Check out her story.

No matter how you navigate your apps, you stay in control of what your has access to.

Smart reply on goes beyond suggesting responses. Enjoy recommended actions without having to leave the notification bar.

New colors, new possibilities. The enhanced color palette on uses higher contrasts that make it easier to see.

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Google Play Points, a new rewards program for Google Play, is launching in the U.S. Find out how to earn and redeem points for items in apps and games, get Google Play Credit, and support great causes.

There are millions of people around the world who don’t have access to hearing aids. See how Amey Nerkar uses to bring sound to more people at a low cost.

Keeping your data safe and secure is . From personalized controls to automatic protections, your is looking out for you.

Did you know there are 120,000 phishing websites created a month? Hear how arms you with the best defense in the palm of your hand.

is dedicated to keeping your privacy and security under lock and key. Check out the settings that come standard on your .

With , notifications can capture your attention or block out distractions . The choice is yours.

For the first time, your can directly pair with hearing aids. Jon Hurwitz from the Android Bluetooth team explains how it’s possible.

Now you can automatically caption media playing on your with on . That’s videos, podcasts, and audio messages without wifi or data.

Powered by , the has arrived. Enjoy more ways to customize, control your privacy and get things done.

The is shipping with . Enjoy all the helpful features and secure privacy controls at your fingertips.

Goodbye distractions, Focus mode. Temporarily pause apps with just a tap on .

Emergency Location Service technology helps first responders across the world reach people in need.

As tech evolves, so does security and privacy. Check out the latest features, like Incognito mode in Maps, coming to your .

From captioning videos, podcasts, and audio messages to amplifying sound to match your personal preferences, Brian Kemler explains the features has that make audio possible for everyone.

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