The Learn Math Facts app helps people of all ages sharpen their math skills through text or voice-over.

Select your focus and difficulty level, then get to practicing 

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Your favorite sponge is running to rescue the secret Krabby Patty formula and save his friends. Help SpongeBob determine the fate of Bikini Bottom in SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit.

Play it now: 
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Sit back, relax, and stream content from Berlin, Tribeca, Sundance, Cannes, and other amazing film festivals for free.

brings you 10 days of films, music, comedy, and panel discussions—only on @YouTube

WFH in a more SFW way

Let your roommates know when you’re “botherable” or “unbotherable,” so you can focus on your tasks.

Try Oh Bother: 

So you’re locked in a room. There’s a telephone, a clock, a mirror, and some other odd objects.

Think you can find the way out? Try your luck and play Samsara Room: 

Toca Life World provides a space where all children can explore and create through personal expression.

Now kids around the globe can design characters in their own image.

Get inspired through imagination:

Larry Guterman wanted to take the functionality of a hearing aid and bring it to iPhone.

SonicCloud was born. Now, users can listen to music with the help of personalized sounds through this remarkable app.

Find out how it works: 

Developer Winston Chen had no clue his 2012 passion project, Voice Dream Reader, would turn into an app that helps a variety of communities learn, read, and grow—all by reading text aloud.

Learn about this app’s evolution:

Paratriathlete Rob Balucas began handcycling when there was no place to track his progress.

He reached out to Strava and helped develop handcycling mode. Now athletes worldwide benefit from his innovation.

Learn about his incredible journey: 

It’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day and we acknowledge the innovative apps, developers, and people empowering us all to achieve our dreams—big and small—through the power of technology.

Psst: We can tell you how to get to Sesame Street. Treat your children to the best kid’s shows on HBO, Apple TV+, and PBS.

Tap below to check out the list.

In the competition for the most fun racing game with cartoony vibes, KartRider Rush+ is definitely taking the lead.

Join millions of people worldwide and start playing: 

Imagine learning to code by making your own videogame. Or learning to read with a digital library of 40,000 titles. Try education apps that inspire a love of learning for all ages.

Tap for a list of education apps for kids: 

The weekends are made for watching the latest shows and movies, trying tasty dishes, and playing games with your family or friends.

Try these apps and games for a dash of something new.

Put on your favorite outfit, because this weekend you and your friends are invited to the ultimate house party with @DuaLipa, @DojaCat, @AliciaKeys, @SnoopDogg and many other incredible celebrities.

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