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Who will finish the episode first?

More important, who's going to win the gold bars?

Join @CandyCrushSoda's first competitive feature, Episode Race. 

You don't need skills to have a little fun with these games.


Yay! It's

Here's how you can show your furry friend some love even when you're away.

Thank you, color scientists, for helping make our photos look picture-perfect

Go behind the scenes at the @VSCO labs

Get the real story behind . Black motorists didn't just rely on this travelers' guide. Their lives depended on it.

Stream the movie free today on @SCPlus.

Actor, activist, and entrepreneur @iJesseWilliams created an app that's both a celebration of black culture and ridiculously fun to play

Learn about the @BlebrityGame trivia app and his take on sharing the culture.

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It's like @ChrisHemsworth made a wellness app just for us

Get amazing trainers and nutritional recommendations just for you with @CentrFit 

If you could put any NBA players together on one team—past or present—who would you pick?

Build your own all-star team with @NBA2KMobile.

.@Cgray91 wanted to help students find scholarships, so he created @MyScholly

Learn more about this pioneering African American developer helping students get closer to their dreams.

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5 new games we love = 5 new awesome games for you to play

@DoomPatrolDCU premieres today on @TheDCUniverse!