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Ever wonder what the heck a PivotTable is or how to slice and dice your data?

This one's for you 

Find out how this cute, mystery-solving avocado came to life with an inside look at Avo 

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Games unite, inspire, and entertain. We’ve created a space for everyone to play. We call it Apple Arcade, and it’s coming this fall.

Did you know you could take your documents from with @Office365?

Ramp up your productivity: 

@DirecTVNow is now available in the @AppleTV app!

Which means you can start your guilty pleasure show on your iPhone, pick up a few hours later on your iPad, and not miss the part where an angry reality star flips a table. 

Happy 5th birthday, @PlayHearthstone!
We've reached some big milestones:

100 million players to date
28 billion Murlocs played
1.9 billion Polymorph cards played
400 million Carnivorous Cubes played</a><br>&ct=TOD_SC02_PT069_US_SI625257520&itsct=TOD_SC02_PT069_US_SI625257520&itscg=as10001 

They brought the laughs and ball-handling wizardry to fans worldwide.

Watch Harlem Globetrotters: America's Court Jesters on @HISTORY Vault

Superhero movies are awesome. They're action-packed, they're inspiring, and they get nominated for big awards.

You know what you should do today?

Dive into the great source material:

Unlock the truths of one of America's most defining chapters: the Civil Rights movement.

Learn more about it on @HISTORY Vault now.

We love and we also love basketball!

With that said...

The Game is coming!

Get new cards along with a new domination mode in @NBA2KMobile 

We're celebrating with @UnfoldHQ.

Now you have 10 new ways to share you and your Valentine's sweetest moments.

Like this lovely collection from Heather Goodman 

This one’s a real Heartbreaker

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with @FortniteGame’s event

Bonus: Complete the overtime challenges and receive the upcoming Season 8 Battle Pass for free

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Tip 3: Your romantic game plan

Headed out or staying in with your valentine?

Try doing it up for by booking a night out with @HotelTonight: 

...or feel free to cozy up for a perfect movie night at home with @HBONow

Tip 2: Creative gifts

How about sending a note to your special someone with @PaperlessPost:

...or making a thoughtful DIY for your valentine with Jumprope? 

Go ahead and get creative for

No need to scramble for plans...We'll make it easy for you.

Tip 1: Dining options

Find the perfect restaurant with @SwarmApp, based on your friends' suggestions

Or create a romantic dinner with @Epicurious