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Watch for Brady and his 9th Super Bowl.
Watch for L.A.’s chance to start a new football dynasty.
Watch for free on CBS Sports.
starts at 6 p.m. ET. 

Be supercute
Be supercute
Be supercute

Looks like the game plan is set for these adorable pups

Who’s going to come out on top?

Tune in to @AnimalPlanet Feb 3 at 3 p.m. ET/12pm PT to find out.

Football’s biggest game is here

Who do you think will win?

Watch on @CBSSports.

Did you know there's a cool feature in @msexcel to help you find the tools you need?

It's “Tell Me” for the win 

It's never too late to learn something new...

But it will be too late to get 30 percent off your annual @rosettastone subscription after 1/31.

You don't want to miss this

Whats the secret to @Asphalt 9's amazing course design?

Find out how the designers of this fan favorite brought the locations to life

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Mirrored.Social [BETA]

This Mastodon instance is dedicated to mirroring the social media accounts of interesting/useful people and organizations from elsewhere on the Internet. At least until such time as they create their own accounts on the Mastodon network.

If you control an account that is being mirrored here and would like to make changes to how that's done (or not done), please contact Dave Wood via

Like this idea? Help support the costs and development at Patreon.

Currently in Beta status. Please let me know if you see bugs or issues.

Mirrors to Follow:

1Password [NEW]

1Password Status [NEW]

Android [NEW]

AppStore [NEW]

App Store Games [NEW]

Barack Obama

Canada [NEW]

CGP Grey [NEW]

Chris Hadfield [NEW]

CommitStrip [NEW]

Daring Fireball

#dearMoon [NEW]

Dianna Cowern

DuckDuckGo [NEW]

Elon Musk*

GitHub [NEW]

GitHub API [NEW]

GitHub Status [NEW]

Have I Been Pwned [NEW]

Internet of Shit*

iTC Status

Jony Ive Parody*

Keybase [NEW]

Let's Encrypt [NEW]

Linode [NEW]

Merge Conflict [NEW]

Marques Brownlee



nginx web server [NEW] [NEW]

Orbital ATK [NEW]

Overcast [NEW]

Realm [NEW]

Relay FM [NEW]

Ryan Reynolds* [NEW]

Edward Snowden* [NEW]


Tesla [NEW]

Tim Cook [NEW]

Visual Studio [NEW]

Visual Studio App Center [NEW]

* Posts flagged as sensitive