These are Canada's current astronauts - Jenni, David, Josh and Jeremy. Good people.


We should all put our dreams on our blackboard.

(This little guy was born at 22 weeks, is thriving, and has big plans for his life)

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Bedtime reading before training begins at school tomorrow! @StMarysNewton @StMarysMrB @Cmdr_Hadfield

2 magnificent planes to fly! That’s me in the Spitfire yesterday, leading the Hornet @aerogatineau. Airshow all weekend!

Fine photo by Peter Handley @phdcreative

My congratulations to the @isro team on all the successes of this mission, condolences on losing the lander, and I look forward to what we learn from the many sensors on the orbiter.

Spotted by a pilot friend over Alaska last week. The Moon was south. After about 30 minutes it faded away. Any ideas?

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Weer een geweldige video van de zoon van @Cmdr_Hadfield - Evan Hadfield's Rare Earth over San Marino: Een pacifistische democratisch republikeins mini-staatje - eeuwen oud. 

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