World's oldest bug is a 425 million-yr-old millipede - from rock in Scotland, research done by Stephanie Suarez.  @UTAustin @UHouston

Today I salute friend Charlie Bolden - flew in space 4 times, Marine Corps General, NASA Administrator, leader. A great American. Hope you're at the launch today, @cboldenjr!

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THE EAGLE HAS LANDED. Thanks to much to Mickey Sumner for helping get our precious cargo to her father. She’s also teamed up with Elizabeth to create a fundraiser in Domingo’s memory. All donations will benefit the National MS society.

Link to fundraiser: 

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Stargazer fish's usual habit is to bury themselves in sand, and leap upwards to ambush prey that pass overhead. This shot was captured by diver Will Soo earlier this year in the bay of Blairgowrie Pier, Melbourne, Australia 

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Vos enfants ont une question pour ? Notre astronaute favori répond à leurs questions sur la lecture et les sciences. Envoyez leur question par courriel à avant 23h59 (HAE) le 28 mai 2020 pour une chance qu’il y réponde.

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Do your kids have a question to ask ? Our favourite astronaut is answering kids’ questions about all things reading & science. For a chance to be included, submit your child’s question via email at by May 28, 2020 11:59 p.m. EDT.

Planet nurseries are beautiful.
Back-lit swirls in the Charioteer system, 520 light-yrs away.  @ESO

It takes 10 years to create a piloted spaceship. I'm looking forward to Wed's launch from Florida!
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Your iodine and lithium come from somewhere - the high Atacama Desert in Chile. Evaporation ponds look surreal from space.  @esa

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This interesting chart shows how the tracks of all known hurricanes have never crossed the equator due to the Coriolis force 

Memories of a happy flying day with Capt Casey. I stand and salute you, Jenn, high in the sunlit silence. @CFSnowbirds

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