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Asteroids are hard to see in the blackness. This boat-sized one is missing us on Thursday.

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Vos enfants ont une question pour ? Notre astronaute favori répond à leurs questions sur la lecture et les sciences. Envoyez leur question par courriel à avant 23h59 (HAE) le 28 mai 2020 pour une chance qu’il y réponde.

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Do your kids have a question to ask ? Our favourite astronaut is answering kids’ questions about all things reading & science. For a chance to be included, submit your child’s question via email at by May 28, 2020 11:59 p.m. EDT.

Planet nurseries are beautiful.
Back-lit swirls in the Charioteer system, 520 light-yrs away.  @ESO

It takes 10 years to create a piloted spaceship. I'm looking forward to Wed's launch from Florida!
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Your iodine and lithium come from somewhere - the high Atacama Desert in Chile. Evaporation ponds look surreal from space.  @esa

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This interesting chart shows how the tracks of all known hurricanes have never crossed the equator due to the Coriolis force 

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LIVE NOW: Watch as @JAXA_en launches more than 4 tons of supplies, science and hardware to the @Space_Station!

This is the final flight of this class of resupply spacecraft, named “Kounotori” – the Japanese word for white stork.

Memories of a happy flying day with Capt Casey. I stand and salute you, Jenn, high in the sunlit silence. @CFSnowbirds

Sundown at the bottom of the world. No sunshine for 4 months, temps of -80. Enjoy the scientific isolation!  @_IPEV

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