If you have friends or family that you'd like to introduce to @DuckDuckGo, @cwdaniels explains just how easy it is to .

You can share his guide to getting started with DuckDuckGo Search here: gatheringinlight.com/2019/08/0

Facebook's Instagram & WhatsApp rebrand will include their name in both products. Hopefully awareness increases — last year we found 50% of people didn't know of their ownership: spreadprivacy.com/facebook-wha

Want better privacy? & their apps.wsj.com/articles/facebooks-reb

Three cheers for this @lifehacker privacy hub, a collection of guides to help you make your data more private and secure, including:

• How to choose a VPN
• The best browsers for privacy
• Turning off device location tracking lifehacker.com/s/dataprivacy

Robocall-blocking apps TrapCall, Truecaller, & Hiya were monetizing consumer data by sending it to 3rd party analytics companies, often without consent, says @ubiquitous_h.

Even w/apps claiming to protect you, please review their privacy policies first. techcrunch.com/2019/08/09/many

ICYMI: Are the ads you see sometimes so accurate you think your phone is listening to you? While that's not the case, the reality is even creepier.

Here's how Google & Facebook collect your data & use it to auction you off to advertisers for profit: vimeo.com/352982094 

This thread by @ashk4n explains why 's new "Off-Facebook Activity" setting should not be confused with real privacy protection (doesn't actually delete, doesn't apply to non-users, still tracks you anyway, etc.). twitter.com/ashk4n/status/1163

A loophole was found that fools FaceID & unlocks a sleeping victim's iPhone w/only glasses & tape.

Luckily, by rapidly pressing 5x on the iPhone's sleep/wake button, Face ID is automatically disabled, requiring a passcode before Face ID works again. macrumors.com/2019/08/08/face-

A Facebook security flaw allowed kids to be invited to Messenger chats with unauthorized users.

@SenMarkey & @SenBlumenthal ask "how long FB knew, how long it existed, if parents have been notified & what measures FB will take to prevent similar issues." engadget.com/2019/08/06/facebo

Interested in joining our remote team? @DuckDuckGo's Bill Connor tells @powertofly about our unique hiring process to assess "if [candidates] can be successful working from home & fit w/in our organization."

View open positions: duckduckgo.com/hiring/#open blog.powertofly.com/work-from-

Grown-ups are having serious conversations about data privacy, but @muzhunter wrote as "a better way to talk about this with children," shape awareness, & start important conversations.

To help fundraise to get this book published, visit: indiegogo.com/projects/boris-t

Yikes. Facebook has been funding @UCSF research that could lead to wearable brain-control devices.

"...that means we are going to need some rules, & fast, about how brain data is collected, stored, & used," says
@antonioregalado technologyreview.com/s/614034/

"New laws to ensure higher standards for software security & data privacy [are coming], meaning [the end of an era for] tech companies [that] inadequately test their software for security & privacy vulnerabilities."

@AndBurt on how companies can prepare: hbr.org/2019/07/new-laws-on-da

Turns out annoying popups aren't the only flaw of GDPR implementations. @UniofOxford researcher James Pavur ran an experiment to see how UK & US companies handle 'right of access' requests made in someone else's name.

24% handed over personal info! bbc.com/news/technology-492525

Ever seen an ad so accurate you think your phone is listening to you? While that's not the case, the reality is even creepier.

Here's how Google & Facebook collect your data & use it to auction you off to advertisers for profit: vimeo.com/352982094 video.buffer.com/v/5d516f99cb1

Penalties for violating kids' privacy laws in the US are increasing

"The internet was built for adults & the industry has never taken full responsibility for how kids use it. That could begin to change if policymakers & regulators [apply] pressure." axios.com/kids-privacy-forces-

“The Great Hack" documentary, now streaming on Netflix, charts Cambridge Analytica, "the 1st revelation that our personal info — likes, check-ins, even network maps of our friends, etc. — could be collected & sold to political mercenaries," says @cwarzel. nytimes.com/2019/08/06/opinion

“It’s all about encryption & education. We’re trying to simplify privacy," says our Founder & CEO, @yegg.

Listen to his interview w/@foundr podcast's @nathanhchan, where he discusses all things DuckDuckGo, Do Not Track legislation, mental models & more. foundr.com/gabriel-weinberg-du

A big step for privacy in Arizona! The state ruled that "police & govt agencies cannot obtain [a persons' online data] without a search warrant, [which] requires a showing of some criminal activity," reports @azcapmedia.

As it should be in all regions. azcapitoltimes.com/news/2019/0

If you're trying to limit your kids' online footprint, make sure that all loved ones understand the privacy implications of sharing kids' info, even photos, online.

@katienotopoulos warns not everyone readily understands how important this is. buzzfeednews.com/article/katie

Use @SlackHQ? You've likely shared a lot of personal info there. Check out @jmorse_'s 7 easy steps to lock down your privacy, including:

• Check if account admins can export your DMs
• Tweak your retention settings
• Individually encrypt messages mashable.com/article/slack-pri

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