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For ethical alternatives to almost every app/online service, @Brendan_LH suggests .

"With a little work & planning, you can create your own personal platform that can do most of what expect from... Google’s various services."

A class exercise to listen to people talking in public has led to a wider debate about consent. @hypervisible argues it "reflects the logic of digital platforms, which treats people’s data as raw material to be extracted and put to one’s own uses."

Ever thought about how much of your info is online, and easily findable by others? Too much, says @newsroomdev, but "going through smart opt-out processes can reduce your online footprint, making it more difficult for malicious actors to target you."

Another outrageous Facebook privacy violation has been revealed: uploading email contacts without permission.

PSA: There's no good reason to reveal your email password to any company other than your email provider. Also, set up two-factor authentication.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so how would you express DuckDuckGo in emoji?

Turns out just deactivating a Facebook account is not enough to stop them tracking you, reports @alfredwkng.

So if you're ready to instead, this guide from @GadgetHax will show you how.

A new survey by @DCNorg shows "many of Google’s data practices deviate from consumer expectations," "people don’t want surveillance advertising," and "a majority of consumers indicated they don’t expect to be tracked across Google’s services."

This amendment, sponsored by @BuffyWicks, further extends CCPA personal information rights, including allowing consumers to opt-out of having information shared (and not just sold), giving them the ability to sue companies for violations, and more.

With 22 tech company co-signers, today we're sending a letter to the Privacy Committee of the California Assembly in support of the "Privacy for All Act of 2019" to strengthen the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

You don't have to be paranoid to want better privacy online. @michaelgrothaus provides a guide for "enhanced privacy", with tips including:

• Switch to DuckDuckGo
• Use a privacy-focused browser
• Use a VPN

A study showed 19 health apps shared user data w/companies like Facebook & Google, which could be passed to organizations like credit agencies or used to target ads.

@BBCNews says "doctors need to warn patients these apps threaten their privacy."

Beware that using internet-connected devices opens you up to many security risks (in addition to all the privacy risks).

Follow @rachelcericola's tips to protect your smart home:

• Use unique passwords
• Reputable brands only
• Reset before reselling

Whether you stick with Default or switch things up in Dark, we want to know, what's your @DuckDuckGo theme of choice?

How is our online changing? What do "they" know? What can we do about it?

@NYTimes launches a limited-time @PrivacyProject, hearing from all sides, exploring the impact of technical advances, and discovering how to stay in control.

" including a 'here's me on Twitter' on my own blog, I was unwittingly giving Twitter tracking powers from my own site," @rem learned while using the @DuckDuckGo app.

Here are the (technical) details on how he removed the trackers he found:

RT @usadpa
On April 10th, the Illinois legislature is considering SB 1719, a bill that would protect residents from intrusive microphone surveillance. If you live in Illinois, now is the time to speak out. File a witness slip and support this bill!

A recent experiment found that disturbing amounts of sensitive data, like social security & credit card numbers, could be extracted from used laptops & cellphones.

Getting rid of an old device? @dellcam explains how to remove your personal data properly:

Low-income communities have been subject to privacy violations for decades. "How their data is used and abused, and the harm that they suffer as a result, shows one potential future for all of us," warns @deciara.

Everyone deserves the right to privacy.

"Utah legislators voted unanimously to pass landmark legislation in support of a new privacy law that will protect private electronic data stored w/3rd parties like Google or Facebook from free-range government access," reports @_Molly_Davis_.

“[W]hen you search, you expect unbiased results, but that’s not what you get on Google,” @matthewde_silva quotes @yegg.

You can revoke Google's access to search & location histories, but the only true way to protect yourself is to leave Google.