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Updates to fix bugs and security holes are constantly made available for apps and devices. To stay safe, why not check for updates now, just in case it's not happening automatically?

Remember in addition to apps, your browser and operating system may need to be updated.

We're pleased to see Congress fleshing out plans for a much-needed data privacy law, but the devil is in the details & we don't want to see companies that track & collect data co-opt or weaken it.

@kellymakena breaks down some of the key issues at play.

"To keep your searches private & out of data profiles, the government, & other legal requests, you need to use DuckDuckGo. We don’t track you at all, regardless what of browsing mode you're in."

Read @yegg's 10 reasons for why you should live Google-free:

Did you know there's a US commercial database containing over 350M SSNs, 225M employment histories & 4 billion address records?

"... in the wrong hands it can be used to steal the identity of almost anyone in America. [A criminal crew] got access to it."

Do you close the door when you use a restroom?

(Please say yes.)

Shouldn't you have a similarly simple way to protect your private data?

(We say yes.)

Any browser extension you install could get access to your browsing activity and should be installed w/caution and only from developers you trust.

Case in point: @skazal_on on how hackers used them to hack 81k Facebook users:

Looking after your personal data also includes making backups. Consider the 3-2-1 strategy:

• 3 copies
• 2 devices
• 1 copy in a different location

Looking after your personal data also includes making backups. Consider the 3-2-1 strategy:

• 3 copies
• 2 devices
• 1 copy in a different location

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How common are data breaches? Since GDPR took effect in Europe in May, data protection authorities have received 18,000 data breach notifications, says Andrea Jelinek, chair of the European Data Protection Board, who spoke in San Francisco tonight. That's around 120 a day.

Buzzfeed’s @CraigSilverman on how Android users were exploited by an ad fraud scheme:

"A significant portion of the millions of Android phone owners who downloaded these apps were secretly tracked as they scrolled & clicked inside the application.”

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At DuckDuckGo, our designers are focused on protecting your privacy with every decision.

Our Design Lead, @habber, recently advocated for your privacy to designers at Framer's Loupe conference:

(Oh, and we're hiring! )

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"An individual's right to live free from governmental intrusion in private or personal information is natural, essential, and inherent." Passed 80-20.

Governments tap Google user data to track criminals, but innocent users' data is turned over in the process.

"Google is asked to provide information on all users within those locations at those times, most likely including data on many innocent people."

Google is tracking you probably more than you think.

Our Founder & CEO, @yegg, details the depths of their tracking, why they're doing it, & how to reduce your Google footprint:

.@tayhatmaker on our worrisome findings — Facebook owning WhatsApp is largely unknown ( ):

"...1/2 of US consumers will have no idea they’ve jumped ship from a big tech product into a lifeboat captained by the very same company..."

Here's a useful reminder: For online accounts with personal questions for security (pet's name, etc.), don't use easily guessable answers.

It's OK to make it up, just be sure you can remember it or save with a password manager. We like to use LastPass though there are others.

We've joined forces with an alliance of privacy superheroes so you can protect yourself from surveillance, hacking and censorship.

Learn more about @brave, @ProtonVPN, @Tresorit, @ThreemaApp and @ProtonMail here:

Still using Facebook? This is creepy - see the advertisers targeting you using info shared outside of Facebook:

Settings > Ad preferences > Advertisers you've interacted with > Advertisers who uploaded a contact list with your info > See all

(thanks to Jay Dee for the tip)

Great of Senator @RonWyden to propose a Do Not Track mechanism with regulatory teeth -- this is sorely needed worldwide. The bill also forces companies to be more transparent about their data practices.

@Gizmodo summary: