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Internet-linked microphones are privacy-flawed & can collect & use data w/out consent, says @msjpauly.

Google Home recordings "can become part of Google’s already ultra-specific profile of you as a consumer, that companies pay Google to target with ads."

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@DuckDuckGo During a recent family get-together, one of my relatives mentioned he didn't need to watch his words, because he lives his life Alexa free. Well, sorry for him: several others had Siri activated.

If you want to keep your thoughts private, right now your best bet is to not utter them. At any time. To anyone. Cameras and microphones are everywhere.

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@DuckDuckGo Recently I saw a video presentation on how advanced video motion zooming can reconstruct what is said in a room by zooming into the vibrations of a potato chips bag laying in the street next to the room.

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