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After digging into Grammarly's privacy policy, this Reddit user decided to uninstall. Why? He found that Grammarly...

1. Collects everything you type into the browser w/the extension
2. Can store that data indefinitely
3. May share it with 3rd parties

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Firefox browser for android (I'm using Icecat) always suggests URLs to me as I'm typing into the address bar. I have search suggestions turned off, but it still suggests URLs. Isn't that a bit suspicious?

In order to provide this functionality, the browser must be sending everything you type into the address bar to some server. I feel that this is an invasion of privacy.

Can't even trust a GNU browser... 🕵️‍♂️

@psyklops @DuckDuckGo are you sure it isn’t pulling from a locally downloaded file?

After some experimentation and poking around, it turns out to be a locally stored file distributed with Firefox. There's no leakage of everything you type into the address bar unless you have search suggestions turned on.

@DuckDuckGo @ryandaniels

Most organizations I’ve worked for over the years have forbidden the use of these types of tools including text translators. For exactly this reason. They’re seemingly benign but are very serious data leak vectors.

@DuckDuckGo Of course. Better use #LanguageTool instead.

I had my doubts when I saw ads of Grammarly and read the privacy policy before installation. Nowadays I try to find the source code of every extension prior to installation.


I am astounded how quickly people give away sensitive private data. Trust comes too easily. This level of collection shouldnt even be allowed...

@DuckDuckGo this is interesting mostly because I thought this was obvious

@DuckDuckGo > grammarly chrome extension
> chrome extension
> chrome
and complains about privacy