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If you're a fan of the dark theme in DuckDuckGo search ( ), you'll be excited to know that it's now enabled in our Apple Maps integration for improved map results.

Check it out here:

1 Billion! That's how many monthly searches we served in January. (Yes, that’s a record.) We're publicly loving this very private start to 2019

2018 was a breakout year for online privacy, the likes of which we haven't seen since the surveillance revelations of 2013.

In 2018, we expanded beyond search and, thanks to you , our searches leapt 63% to 31 million daily (and up 723% since 2013).


Maybe it's time you ?

Contrary to their privacy policy jargon, "if you use [Facebook] at all, you don't have much control over what FB itself sees about you."

@inafried explains the disturbing where, how & why they collect your data.

It's the new year and it's time to get your ducks in a row . Protect your privacy online with DuckDuckGo: 

This graphic novel by @PrivacyPrivee "tells the story of [siblings] who learn about the privacy risks related to social networking, mobile devices & texting, and online gaming."

A great resource to teach internet-savvy kids to protect themselves online.

DuckDuckGo served over 9 Billion private searches in 2018 (and is on pace to shatter that record in 2019)!

Despite our traffic growth, though, the number of personal profiles we store remains unchanged.

It's still zero. 

At DuckDuckGo, our designers are focused on protecting your privacy with every decision.

Our Design Lead, @habber, recently advocated for your privacy to designers at Framer's Loupe conference:

(Oh, and we're hiring! )

Europeans, Your Online Choices offers a simple tool to opt-out of behavioral advertising from over 100 companies. Click your country then "Your Ad Choices."

Non-europeans, try the UK version: 

Many people now realize their personal data is used for ad targeting, but that's only the shallow end of a deep pool of nefarious data uses.

Here is a list of 10 instances when data can be used against you, like the gig economy, politics, & social media.

In fact, over 50% of US adults who used WhatsApp in the past 6 months weren't aware that WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, making it harder to make conscientious choices about maintaining their privacy.

WhatsApp's privacy policy:

RT @NewsGuardRating
We're excited to announce that NewsGuard now works on @DuckDuckGo: Get journalistic credibility ratings for news and information websites right in your browser, displayed next to links on . Download the extension at .

DuckDuckGo is hiring! Join our growing remote team and help us raise the standard of trust online. Open roles are up (or soon to be) in:
• Design
• Growth
• Mobile engineering
• Frontend engineering
• Backend engineering
• Finance
• DevOps 

Fascinating filter bubble visualizations of the Twittersphere.

It's "the digital equivalent of moving to an, using [their] language/obsessions [to run] for mayor, & using that position to influence national politics."

Your email address is shared with nearly half of the apps you install, and many ask for "risky" permissions they often don't need.

@Symantec analyzed the top 100 free apps and compiled this infographic and checklist for better mobile .

Android users: French non-profit @ExodusPrivacy built a searchable database to reveal all the trackers they've found in thousands of Android apps: 

Popular app Grubhub was found to have 12 trackers & 16 permissions: 

In 2012 Jeremi Gosney used a machine to break every variation possible of 8-character Windows passwords (6.63 quadrillion) in 5.5 hours.

"Password security can always be broken," but @buyvpnservice explains how Password Managers can help protect yours.