In addition, all searches now have a "Maps" tab at the top of the results, and as a bonus, they look great in dark mode too.

As part of @PrivacyProject, @stuartathompson bought hyper-targeted ads to show how users are targeted.

“This was an experiment in how far digital advertisers go to collect and use information about every part of our lives for profit.”

Join us in setting a new standard of trust online by sharing @DuckDuckGo with your friends and family: 

If they haven't heard of us, here are some talking points to convince them to :

The "Advertisers" section of @katienotopoulos's Facebook Settings revealed targeting by a confusing list of advertisers, like distant car dealerships, that likely paid for her info.

If you still use Facebook, check yours here:

Where do you draw the line when it comes to sharing your data? Try this interactive poll by @PrivacyProject and see how you compare with others.

It's clear most people are not comfortable with most privacy invasions, even given the so-called tradeoffs.

A new survey by @DCNorg shows "many of Google’s data practices deviate from consumer expectations," "people don’t want surveillance advertising," and "a majority of consumers indicated they don’t expect to be tracked across Google’s services."

New polling by David Binder Research & @ALCU shows amazing support for privacy rights by Californians.

• 94% want companies to get permission before sharing personal info.
• 90% don't think you should exchange your right to privacy for free products.

"Your privacy is important to us" is one of the biggest lies on the Internet, used by companies for whom the most important thing is actually their business.

Fortunately, DuckDuckGo's business IS privacy, so it's a win-win. 

If you're a fan of the dark theme in DuckDuckGo search ( ), you'll be excited to know that it's now enabled in our Apple Maps integration for improved map results.

Check it out here:

1 Billion! That's how many monthly searches we served in January. (Yes, that’s a record.) We're publicly loving this very private start to 2019

2018 was a breakout year for online privacy, the likes of which we haven't seen since the surveillance revelations of 2013.

In 2018, we expanded beyond search and, thanks to you , our searches leapt 63% to 31 million daily (and up 723% since 2013).


Maybe it's time you ?

Contrary to their privacy policy jargon, "if you use [Facebook] at all, you don't have much control over what FB itself sees about you."

@inafried explains the disturbing where, how & why they collect your data.

It's the new year and it's time to get your ducks in a row . Protect your privacy online with DuckDuckGo: 

This graphic novel by @PrivacyPrivee "tells the story of [siblings] who learn about the privacy risks related to social networking, mobile devices & texting, and online gaming."

A great resource to teach internet-savvy kids to protect themselves online.

DuckDuckGo served over 9 Billion private searches in 2018 (and is on pace to shatter that record in 2019)!

Despite our traffic growth, though, the number of personal profiles we store remains unchanged.

It's still zero. 

At DuckDuckGo, our designers are focused on protecting your privacy with every decision.

Our Design Lead, @habber, recently advocated for your privacy to designers at Framer's Loupe conference:

(Oh, and we're hiring! )

Europeans, Your Online Choices offers a simple tool to opt-out of behavioral advertising from over 100 companies. Click your country then "Your Ad Choices."

Non-europeans, try the UK version: 

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