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Our Founder & CEO @yegg spoke w/@TechCrunch on tech privacy in 2019.

"Interest in privacy is truly mainstream... we expect gov't to cont. to step up their regulatory scrutiny & for privacy companies to cont. to help more people take back their privacy."

A new study from @Stanford & @nyuniversity found that after a month w/out Facebook, subjects "improved their subjective wellbeing, increased the amount of time they spent doing offline activities, & led to a significant reduction of FB use post-study."

Using DNA testing companies creates "a real risk that this information could be used in ways that are harmful to the person who submitted their data for testing or even to their relatives."

@kevloria on how to delete your data from genetic databases.

We applaud @Microsoft CEO @satyanadella for stating definitively privacy is a fundamental human right and calling for digital marketplace regulation. We agree with him, the default position has to be that people own their own data.

DNA testing company, FamilyTreeDNA, granted FBI access to its nearly 2m genetic profiles.

“The real risk is not exposure of info but that an innocent person could be swept up in a criminal investigation because his or her cousin has taken a DNA test."

“The world keeps going in a bad direction, & it makes people think, ‘Hey, I would like to escape some of the bad stuff on the internet & go to a safer place. That’s where we see ourselves."

DuckDuckGo Founder & CEO @yegg talks privacy w/ @drewmillard.

Have you taken steps to secure your email privacy? Start by switching to a provider from Heinz Tschabitscher's list of 5 best secure email services, with features like:

• Two-factor authentication
• Encrypted messages
• Password managers

"...digitally informed behavior modification is designed to bypass our awareness. It robs us of autonomy, of the freedom to choose our actions & of the right to say 'no,' eroding democracy from w/in."

@shoshanazuboff urges lawmakers to take action.

After reporting on data privacy for the @nytimes, learn how @nickconfessore changed his tech habits to protect his privacy as best he can, including:

• Using an iOS instead of Android.
• Turning off location tracking.
• Using DuckDuckGo.

"Things may get worse before they get better as we grapple with this era of unintended consequences," says @LaurieSegall.

Six experts weigh in on the question: "What are the next set of problems we should anticipate?"

Individuals & companies alike can use @kschwabable's seven do's & don'ts for developing ethical tech in 2019, where she discusses:

• The problem with codes of ethics
• Why companies should embrace transparency
• How to turn users into owners

Regulation on data tracking would improve competitiveness for non-data mining companies & allow them "to thrive without using an ad model that relies on surveillance data."

Well said, @vivaldibrowser

A win! Illinois Supreme Court ruled that if your privacy is violated, you do not need to demonstrate financial harm to collected damages.

The court set a precedent: "Violating the privacy law was harmful in itself," says @kschwabable.

If you're a fan of the dark theme in DuckDuckGo search ( ), you'll be excited to know that it's now enabled in our Apple Maps integration for improved map results.

Check it out here:

RT @ashk4n
The intersection of privacy and competition policy is probably the most important technology policy issues of our decade.

Ever get that eerie feeling inside your home that someone could be spying on you?

Even if you're not an obvious target, learn how the pros sweep a room for hidden cameras and other spy gear in this step-by-step guide:

If you use Facebook, here's how to discover one way your data is being used:

"74% of FB users were unaware that FB lists their personal traits & interests for advertisers on its site," says @sapna.

Don't be one of those people!

Sadly, the DNT setting doesn't live up to its name. Its intent is promising but it leaves you vulnerable as companies aren’t obligated to honor the DNT signal.

Reclaim your privacy & block trackers now w/the DuckDuckGo browser extension & mobile app.

In fact, our survey found that 77.3% (±3.6) of U.S. adults didn't know that major tech companies like Google & Facebook don't respect DNT.

This echoes research we did on Private Browsing Mode, which also misleads people about its privacy protections.