Currently attempting to make an entire hands on video with this new RAZR in the absolute worst event lighting conditions I have ever seen. Stay tuned

I dream of a world where one day airplane WiFi is fast enough to load multiple images. To download a PDF attachment. To watch a YouTube video. Someday. What a glorious day that will be.

The new 16” MacBook Pro:

16-inch Retina Display
3072x1920 resolution
New 6-speaker system
“Studio quality” microphones
New/old keyboard

Hands-on and first impressions:  - RT!

Heard Apple is working on some AR glasses, so I dusted off Google Glass 1.0 and it still worked, amazingly. Review in 2019:

Still looks highkey dorky
Touchbar on the glasses frame is nice
Bone conduction speaker is impressive but unreliable
4/10 would recommend Apple tries it

Change your wallpaper
Change your whole mood
Change your whole life

Ok here's your guide to iPhone 11 Pro vs Pixel 4 Portrait mode

Typical iPhone shot: Sharp. Neutral. Flatter. Soft cutout with less obvious errors.

Typical Pixel shot: Sharp. Contrasty. Punchy. HDR. Crisp cutout with more obvious errors.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk

Truly everything leaks. Shots of this unidentified OnePlus phone showed up in my inbox today

OnePlus 8?
Purple color
Glass back
5G logo
Curved edge display
Extra camera sensor
Dual holepunch cutout

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*Calvin Harris takes off mask, it's @MKBHD*

Marques: Ok, so I've been testing this for a week and here's what I think

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No big deal; just a guy playing fetch with a beluga whale...

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 has 5 cameras on the back, the main one being 108 MEGAPIXELS.

..... so yeah I guess I'll give it a shot

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This is one of the many reasons why I love @MKBHD videos. Nice touch

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New video compares the original iPhone to the iPhone 11 Pro design, camera, and more by @ChanceHMiller

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