To this person in California who has taken their support to the next level... I salute you

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Everyday carry update:
OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren
Wallpaper and home screen below

We'll see how long this lasts with the 2020 flagships on the horizon

Knowledge: Knowing James Corden doesn't actually drive during carpool karaoke

Wisdom: Not letting it get in the way of enjoying the show, any car commercial or literally any high budget movie with driving scenes ever

The drone did in fact go through a slot between power lines. Complete accident. Not a recommended maneuver

GM to revive the "Hummer" brand name

... on a brand new electric pickup truck

They'll pay LeBron James to endorse it and will have a super bowl commercial next month

PSA: Turn your phone sideways when shooting videos. That way Samsung has no reason to make this rotating TV. That is all.

New WVFRM Episode is live! With special guest

Sony's Car & Toyota's City ft. Austin Evans: CES Part 2!

LISTEN anywhere: 

This robot emotional support dog charges via USB-C" - 2020

Here we can see a Royole tree. With leaves made of the screens of all the Flexpais they didn't sell

I saw not one but TWO different TVs at different booths that rotate in sync with a smartphone. This one is Samsung's "Sera"

I can't believe this is a trend... but I have seen mountains of vertical video being captured everywhere so I guess I shouldn't be surprised

Most TV bezels are pretty thin, but Samsung's 8K TV wins the "thinnest bezels I've ever seen" award and I'm loving it.

Rematched the Omron ping pong robot! This year it’s more “emotionally intelligent” and won’t beat you as bad when the AI detects you’re unhappy. I clearly got really mad so it let me have this point

In record time, @HectorTrejo has saved the day! The CES thread lives on!

Forgot my SD card at the hotel

Next person that finds me at CES (Central Hall rn) and can loan me an SD card wins 1000 internet points, saves this thread and gets at least a selfie out of it

A functioning piano made entirely from OnePlus 7Ts

First episode of 2020 is up!

New Year, New Decade, & Bold Predictions: CES Part 1

Listen anywhere: 

This Rivian R1T though... most compelling feature set of a new electric vehicle for sure. Cannot wait for them to actually ship this year (Auto focus episode, maybe?)

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