Mini tour of the mini Tesla Roadster 2020(ish)

Ok I realize this is a Star Wars Edition Galaxy Note 10 but also the red and black is calling my name (PLEASE MAKE THE NEXT ONE 90HZ THANK YOU SAMSUNG)

I absolutely love discovering incredible music that I've never heard because

1: I get something to listen to on loop for the next week+

2: I know the next few video intros are gonna be

3: I get to share it with you guys


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We have the biggest tech reviewer in the world @MKBHD with us here on @OffThePill with @TheRealRyanHiga! He's seen it all, but what phone, camera, and laptop does he use? Find out here!

Took delivery. Drove straight to the wrap shop. Soon she will be stealthy

Fun fact: The mid-range Tesla Model 3 launched with a 5.6-second 0-60

Software updates since then have it all the way down to 4.9s

That’s borderline “download more RAM” level improvement hah

Episode 009 is up! It's about time we go down a rabbit hole... Embargoes: Explained!

Listen anywhere: 

Got my official Tesla “Cybertruck” unveiling invite. No idea what this bar light means, but… I’m ready.

Currently attempting to make an entire hands on video with this new RAZR in the absolute worst event lighting conditions I have ever seen. Stay tuned

I dream of a world where one day airplane WiFi is fast enough to load multiple images. To download a PDF attachment. To watch a YouTube video. Someday. What a glorious day that will be.

The new 16” MacBook Pro:

16-inch Retina Display
3072x1920 resolution
New 6-speaker system
“Studio quality” microphones
New/old keyboard

Hands-on and first impressions:  - RT!

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