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Marques Brownlee

I have to watch Planet Earth about 5 times

1 to get distracted by the cinematography
2 to get distracted by the cinematography
3 to get distracted by the cinematography
4 to get distracted by the cinematography
5 to actually learn about the animals

That live stream was fun as hell. And a good test for things to come! I’ll leave it unlisted for people with this link.

Haven’t done a live stream in a little while…

Galaxy S10 Plus leaked in the wild by Redditor u/hissick27

It looks like it has a case on it, but… dual hole punch at the top.

Is this what you wanted?

Marques Brownlee highlights

Nuff said

Selling a 2017 phone in 2020:

We call this… the Throwback Edition

We added this small top and bottom bezel to eliminate the notch and add front-facing speakers

Also added a tiny port that enables high quality lag-free audio. We call it: The aux port

You’re welcome, world

Marques Brownlee is re-signing with the @empireultimate in 2019.

Brownlee registered 14 assists, 23 goals, and 11 blocks during the regular season last year for New York.

Soooooo this was a pretty neat gift... A sculpture inspired by real events

Ok so this is Nissan’s concept luxury electric car

115kWh battery
483 horsepower
380 miles of range

I love the ambition to build a great car but… why do these always have to look so uncomfortable?

Biggest thing I've noticed from these 2009 vs 2019 comparisons: Cameras have gotten SO good. They're gonna be incredible in another 10 years.

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