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Marques Brownlee

Tesla Remotely Increases Power Output of all Model 3s via Software Update

… so Model 3 owners just woke up to a car with faster acceleration and a higher top speed than when they went to sleep.

The electric car future already so damn cool

ZTE: Ok we don’t want a notch, everyone hates them. But bezelless is so expensive. What do we do?



Actual update from the pilot: Turns out it was a valve from the bathroom stuck open because SOMEONE THREW AN ENTIRE SOAP DISPENSER INTO THE TOILET.

We're replacing the valve and should have you in the air in an hour

So I was on a 1:30 flight

It got delayed 2 hours for a mechanical issue

Got courtesy-moved to a 3pm flight (thanks)

Now I'm sitting on the 3pm flight

It just got delayed 2 hours due to it's own mechanical issue


What a day

I went for a test drive in Model Y and built up some more opinions on Tesla's newest car. Lots of thoughts! Time to import all this footage and get into edit mode for a video. Coming soon.

And there's Model Y. As expected, a bigger Model 3. – At Tesla Supercharger Station

Elon the hypebeast. Nice custom kicks – At Tesla Supercharger Station

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Model Y unveil will begin shortly – we’ll start around 8:15pm PDT!

Less than an hour til the Tesla event and we still don't know what Model Y looks like... If you can be impressed by anything today, it's how little this tech product has leaked!

Got that WWDC invite, June 3-7th. Crossing my fingers we get AT LEAST A PREVIEW of the new Mac Pro. Maybe just a peek. Maybe drop 1 or 2 specs? Or let us touch it? @Apple

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Flying out to Cali soon for the Tesla Model Y event, I just packed 1 charger for:

My phone (Pixel 3 )
My headphones (Sony)
My tablet (iPad Pro)
My laptop (MacBook Pro)
My stills camera (Hasselblad)

It's a rare but satisfying feeling

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Nothing to see here, just the President of Kosovo unlocking his computer that certainly doesn't contain any sensitive information.