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Marques Brownlee

*JerryRigEverything new iPad Pro bend test video*

My mind:

Don’t say it
Don’t say it
Don’t say it
Don’t say it
Don’t say it
Don’t say it
Don’t say it
Don’t say it
Don’t say it
Don’t say it
Don’t say it

Me: Apple just beat everyone to releasing a foldable device

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Dear Google, please make a full-frame DSLR camera.

I want all this Pixel cam magic, but on like, good camera hardware.

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me on twitter vs. me on linkedin

RIP Autumn
October 2018 - November 2018

It was 70 degrees a month ago. 5-7 inches of snow coming today. That was quick.

Surface Headphones... these things are clean AF. Comfy. Durable. I've finally found a new favorite pair of wireless noise cancelling headphones, beating the Bose I've been using for years

NEW VIDEO - iPad Pro Review: The Best Ever... Still an iPad!  - RT!

Not sleeping tonight until this video is finished

Google has let me test the official build of Night Sight on Pixel for last week and dear God it's basically magic.

Introducing the world's most powerful smart fridge: A normal fridge with an iPad Pro stuck to it. Thanks, magnets.

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The first selfie device in a 1989 Nintendo gameboy. The only way to get the pic off it is by using a 2018 iPhone @MKBHD 

Sheesh. The scale of this fire is unreal. Hoping those firefighters are able to stay safe, can't say I've ever seen anything like this.

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working on a top secret project. may or may not involve a gigantic flame thrower

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Talking to @MKBHD on the podcast this week, he had some wisdom about biased tech reviews.

Listen to the full episode 

Watch the edited conversation 

Just took this out the box, brand new factory sealed! What should I know about this thing? Any good games?

Underrated: The feel in the hand of this Mate 20 Pro. And that colored power button