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Marques Brownlee

I think they may be trolling. Am I falling for genius marketing? I don't know what to think anymore

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Yeah the phone is cool and all... but did you see the Gundam sticker in @MKBHD’s last video? Worth the watch just because of that. 

Ok there's a couple wild shots in the new review that I'm really proud of, but this one... damn. Have you watched it yet? 

Alright so new video is already uploaded, processed in 4K and ready to drop in exactly 5 minutes. You already know what this one is. Get those quick RT fingers ready!

OnePlus 7 Pro will be $669. Niceeeeee

Here’s the OnePlus 7 Pro launch event livestream - Starts in exactly 15 minutes: 

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This matches up perfectly

Kawhi x Runaway

Honestly these new filters are the greatest thing Snapchat has ever done.

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New York wins it in double over time!!!

Sometimes I think Mac knows I'm talking to a camera, but other times he gives me this worried look like"dude why are you talking to yourself so much"

This Bixby speaker is starting to feel like the new AirPower.....

Thank gawd for superchargers.

I wish Daft Punk still actively made new music

Purple-ish Pixel's price and performance will predict if people pick it proudly past..... other phones