Maybe this is worth a moving vlog... (I don’t trust movers with this tech stuff but also this would be a LOT easier with help )

Apologies for the brief pause in

Turns out I have exactly 1 month to move EVERYTHING into the new studio

So I'm gonna spend my isolation time working hard on that

Because it's clear there's a bunch of tech around the corner I need to be ready for!

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Escobar Inc bought  to redirect to their scam site.

I just bought  to redirect to this video.

This is something I’ll never understand

Some pretty brutal LG V60 product placement in Eminem’s new video (10 million views in a day)

No or disclosure (there never is)

Also some pretty weak masking (they put UI over the notch lol)

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New episode of out now featuring @MKBHD

We talk many things, from the challenging YouTube space, to how Marques went from golf swing analysis videos to the high production tech videos he makes today!

by @BHPhotoVideo 

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If you’re a small youtuber do this, spend more time thinking of ideas and double the time you put into filming. Then make 100 videos and improve something small with each video. Doesn’t matter what, just improve each vid. Your content will be in a different league when you finish

Podcast studio coming along nicely. Walls and ceiling are up next

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