Updates are delayed this morning due to a server issue. It’s resolved now and the queue is catching up. Sorry about that.

Sorry, the last update required watchOS 6, inadvertently cutting off Apple Watch Series 1–2 since watchOS 6 isn’t out for them yet.

If my app disappeared from your watch, this is why.

I’m submitting an update now that’s compatible with watchOS 5.2+. Should be out in a few days.

The new iCloud-synced account list in the login screen also means that all accounts — even anonymous, for the first time — can log into the website using iCloud:

overcast.fm/login_icloud  (Beta — please report any issues! I may be the only person in the world using CloudKit JS.)

This now requires iOS 13. I’d planned to wait longer, but this was the most pragmatic choice to fix the bugs introduced by iOS 13.1.

For those who can’t run iOS 13, I’m sorry this came so soon. I expect the previous update (2019.9) for iOS 12 to continue to work for a long time.

Overcast 2019.10 is now in the App Store.

iOS 13 Dark Mode is now supported and some 13-only bugs are fixed, including navigation-bar corruption after search and CarPlay hangs.

The login screen is also completely new, retaining multiple accounts via iCloud, even anonymous ones.

Sorry about this. It’s a bug that was introduced in 13.1 beta 2, and never got fixed before Apple shipped 13.1 to all customers.

I’m still trying to find a workaround. twitter.com/realdlnorman/statu

Overcast now supports ad purchasing for Apple Podcasts’ new top-level categories added this summer: Fiction, History, and True Crime.

(I’d been waiting to support them until a lot of podcasts had self-identified into them. Otherwise, ads would be matched against too little.) twitter.com/IanMikutel/status/

Yes, sorry about that. Still investigating, but it appears to be an issue at my host, @linode. Fortunately, this means it’s out of my hands () and should fix itself soon. twitter.com/chrismanbrown/stat

Back to full speed now — and, in fact, sync should be MUCH faster than before if you've updated to the latest version (2019.8).

Working on some server overload issues this morning. Sync requests may be slow in the meantime. Sorry about that.

Some recent episodes from @art19co podcast feeds are missing or late to Overcast.

I’ve contacted them about it — it appears to be a feed-caching bug on their end, where these episodes aren’t in the feeds when Overcast fetches them.

I’m sorry for the trouble in the meantime.

I need more beta testers! Join here if you’re interested: testflight.apple.com/join/ua0o 

Report problems or feedback in the Overcast Slack group: overcast.fm/betaslack 

Current build revamps the sync engine to be much faster and handle lots of subscriptions better (I hope?).

The question about how alpha-sorted Uploads should be integrated into playlists with chrono-sort settings is tricky.

Maybe Uploads are alpha-sorted in their own list, but chrono-sorted by playlist direction in playlists?

Or is that too finicky?

Premium members who use Uploads:

Should they sort alphabetically by filename instead of most-recent-first?

I’ve gotten requests for alphabetical sort from people who upload big audiobooks split into a bunch of sequentially named files.

(I’d rather not make it another setting.)

Stars still determine what shows up in the Most Recommended section and the directory categories (“Technology”, “Business”, etc.).

For the 90% of users who never connected a Twitter account, it was always this way.

Still a good idea to encourage listeners to star in Overcast! twitter.com/dbuntinx/status/11

Sorry, today’s update crashes on the login screen under certain circumstances. (No beta test is big enough to catch everything, apparently.)

I’m submitting an emergency fix.

Sorry for the sync outage right now. @Cloudflare, which serves as Overcast’s front-end CDN for performance and protection, appears to be completely down for all websites that use it.

Fortunately, there’s nothing I can do about it again (), and they have people working on it.

No. But I’ll tell you one of the boring things!

I finally have the database columns needed to allow separate download and sorting preferences for each podcast. twitter.com/timstringer/status

(Of course, I ran some huge, badly needed ALTER TABLEs before the changeovers. Much easier to change a 300 GB table when it’s not being queried by anyone.)

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