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Dear @OvercastFM listeners, we're happy to report that the server issue that was affecting the app has now been resolved. You should see your favourite CBC shows, including @FrontBurnerCBC and @CBCWorldReport, updating now (or very soon!). Thank you again for your patience!

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Hi folks, if you listen to our podcasts on @OvercastFM you may have noticed that our feeds aren't updating. The issue is with the server that hosts our content & should be fixed early this week. Sincere thanks to those who flagged the problem & the folks working hard to fix it.

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Hi folks, our department has put in a ticket which has now been escalated. We’ve been checking in regularly and are also anxious to fix the problem. We do apologize for the inconvenience and can assure you this was not intentional.

AirPlay 2 has longer buffers and non-interruption of audio events on the device, as you mentioned, plus much faster response to play/pause/seek than AirPlay 1 (which used a fixed 2-second delay), and multi-room capability if you have multiple AirPlay 2 devices. twitter.com/simonejsing/status

Not getting your CBC podcasts? Earlier this week, @CBCpodcasts unexpectedly blocked Overcast from seeing their podcast feeds.

I notified them on Thursday, and they’re looking into it. It may take a few more days to figure out. It likely wasn’t intentional.

I’m sorry about this.

Been working on it this week, actually. It has proven more difficult than I expected, but I’m making progress. twitter.com/darrenOY/status/11

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Added rel="payment" to my latest episode of @_uncofm.

Cool to see the added $ icon and the link turn green in @OvercastFM.

Does anyone know which other podcast players support this functionality?

I’m sorry for the issues with @cbcpodcasts not updating. We’re working on it and should get it resolved soon.

Getting multiple reports of ad-blocking VPNs or other network-wide ad blockers causing failed downloads for @NPR podcasts (and possibly others).

I’m still looking into specifics, but in every case of reported @NPR download trouble recently, disabling ad blockers has fixed it.

I’ve also removed speed control from CarPlay (it was introduced in the previous update) because it caused more problems than it solved.

Cycling through the speeds was cumbersome, and enabling it caused frequent accidental speed changes from the Apple Watch’s now-playing screen.

Today’s 5.1.2 update:

- Added buttons in playback screen to jump to effects, info, chapter list

- Displays the name of wireless audio outputs (e.g. “Marco’s AirPods”) when active

- Clarified which ads Overcast Premium offers to remove

- Fixed bugs

Hear about my now-playing screen’s design history, UI challenges, and plans for the next design in this week’s Under The Radar: overcast.fm/+FgnZQfOS8

(I intend to make even more improvements to CarPlay, but I need to make them in the app first!)

Rewrote the data layer so it’s MUCH faster, more reliable, and deals better with large collections.

Also added progress indicators, speed control, playlist images, and better text descriptions.

And by popular request: if you have zero playlists, the Playlists tab gets removed. twitter.com/Guv_Bubbs/status/1

Today’s app update greatly improves CarPlay.

It also fixes a bad bug that could cause episodes you added to a playlist to be deleted on next sync if they exceeded your episode limit for those shows.

That took a long time to figure out. I’m sorry to those who hit it. Fixed now.

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Podcasting is an absolute miracle. It’s a free, decentralized publishing system that no one owns. It works incredibly well as-is for thousands of podcasters and millions of listeners.

There are plenty of ways to take part without trying to take over. twitter.com/OvercastFM/status/

They’ll have to get through you and me first.

If you all keep listening in standard podcast apps that use the open, RSS-backed podcast ecosystem instead of proprietary walled gardens, nobody can ruin what we have.

It’s up to all of us to support and defend open podcasting. twitter.com/mikeduncan/status/

There are some connectivity issues at my server host right now. You may see intermittent sync errors.

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The podcast-nerdiest thing that’s happened so far at @podcon is comparing @OvercastFM’s smart speed time saving with other people