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Overcast @OvercastFM@mirrored.social

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Added rel="payment" to my latest episode of @_uncofm.

Cool to see the added $ icon and the link turn green in @OvercastFM.

Does anyone know which other podcast players support this functionality?

Today’s 5.1.2 update:

- Added buttons in playback screen to jump to effects, info, chapter list

- Displays the name of wireless audio outputs (e.g. “Marco’s AirPods”) when active

- Clarified which ads Overcast Premium offers to remove

- Fixed bugs

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@OvercastFM⁩ you’re featured on the App Store!

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Overcast 5 is a major update that brings a new Now Playing screen, Siri shortcuts, a standalone Watch app (!), and more.

My full review, including an advanced custom shortcut (with video!) macstories.net/reviews/overcas