Podcast listenership is slowly increasing toward pre-quarantine levels.

Here's graphs of Overcast's daily (valleys are weekends) and weekly sessions.

The first few weeks of quarantine were down about 16% from the prior average.

Last week was down only 12%.

Podcast listening is down, but not as much as you’d think. Here’s my daily and weekly app sessions.

Weekends are always about 30% lower than weekdays.

Quarantine reduced the weekdays by 20% (likely commuters), but weekends are unchanged.

Total usage is only down about 15%.

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I'm so happy to see people starting to share their favorite moments from my podcasts using @OvercastFM's awesome new clip sharing feature!

If you share a clip from one of my shows, feel free to mention me in the tweet, it's super motivating to see and it's great feedback

See, this is why Continuous Play is such a confusing feature.

There’s a clear “winner” in what it should do… but a THIRD of the votes think it should do the opposite.

I’m going to think for a while and NOT change the current behavior, but maybe change the way it’s labeled.

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Marco very kindly let me marzipanify @OvercastFM and rob him of the chance to be the first person to see Overcast running on the Mac; thank you @marcoarment Even on Mojave, at this early stage, this makes me incredibly excited for WWDC

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Added rel="payment" to my latest episode of @_uncofm.

Cool to see the added $ icon and the link turn green in @OvercastFM.

Does anyone know which other podcast players support this functionality?

Today’s 5.1.2 update:

- Added buttons in playback screen to jump to effects, info, chapter list

- Displays the name of wireless audio outputs (e.g. “Marco’s AirPods”) when active

- Clarified which ads Overcast Premium offers to remove

- Fixed bugs

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Overcast 5 is a major update that brings a new Now Playing screen, Siri shortcuts, a standalone Watch app (!), and more.

My full review, including an advanced custom shortcut (with video!) macstories.net/reviews/overcas

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