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There are some connectivity issues at my server host right now. You may see intermittent sync errors.

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The podcast-nerdiest thing that’s happened so far at @podcon is comparing @OvercastFM’s smart speed time saving with other people

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The full story of what happened to Overcast’s servers in the days following Christmas, in 30 minutes: overcast.fm/+FgnZs_auc

Two big improvements for Overcast Premium, which lets you upload your own audio files (DRM-free audiobooks, lectures, draft podcasts, etc.) at /login?then=uploads  and listen in your Overcast app:

- More space: up from 2 GB to 10 GB
- Multi-select file uploads! Finally!

Coming soon: instant search.

Because life’s too short to wait for search results.

Want to promote your podcast and get more listeners? There are some great deals in Overcast ads right now.

The system auto-adjusts prices with demand, so everything’s really inexpensive now because few ads get purchased over holidays. Take advantage: overcast.fm/ads

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@OvercastFM⁩ you’re featured on the App Store!

That’s one of the more complex solutions being considered.

Could also do multi-part transfers, etc. twitter.com/spitf1r3/status/10

Sorry about this. The Apple Watch file-transfer framework has an undocumented 100 MB limit.

Overcast transcodes the files to be smaller, but even that can only fit about 4 hours of reasonable quality into that size.

More complex solutions are being considered for the future. twitter.com/amananuraj/status/

Today’s 5.0.3 update dramatically increases the reliability of Apple Watch transfers and other phone-to-watch communication.

Auto-Sync to Watch is also now OFF by default. If you use it and never touched the switch, you may need to go re-enable it in the settings screen.

5.0.2 is out now! Bugfixes, selective Watch Auto-Sync, Reduce Haptics option, and complications for Series 4 Watch faces.

New Apple Watch Series 4 owners: Sorry I didn’t build the new complication sizes in time. Coming very soon.

No. The Watch app simply plays at whatever speed each podcast is set to play on the iPhone app. twitter.com/aelman/status/1041

Yes. 5.0 only made under-the-hood changes that made CarPlay much faster and more stable, but didn’t change or add to its interface.

More CarPlay improvements are planned for later this year. twitter.com/Jeff_Hatz/status/1

Sorry, this is a funny bug. Fixing soon.

The Siri Shortcuts list offers two speed shortcuts: 1x, and whatever your current speed is. (It can change later and the created shortcut will still work.)

But if your current speed IS 1X, “1x Speed” shows up twice in the Shortcuts list. twitter.com/ekoranek12/status/