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Most VCs would call Overcast a “lifestyle business”, which condescendingly refers to the ability to “just” earn a good living for its owners (and employees, if any). Effectively, a business that doesn’t need their money.

It’s a GREAT lifestyle, and one that I prefer to theirs.

I tend to be ignored by VCs because I’m not in their world. I’ve taken no funding, declined all inquiries, partnered with nobody, launched no exclusive content, locked down nothing about the medium, and grown the way podcasts themselves did: slowly and steadily.

(although even if we’d made zero progress since then, there’s nothing wrong with a simple, standard, universally supported, patent-free, independently distributable audio format that allows for very little ad-tech or privacy invasion and has enabled the entire podcast medium)

Today’s 2019.5 update improves clip sharing:

- More reliable, faster exporting
- Share directly to Instagram Stories
- Videos now include episode publication date
- Time selection is more precise
- Default time range starts 30 seconds before the current position instead of at it

RT @jamesdempsey
Thank you @OvercastFM for another year of support as a Gold Sponsor of the James Dempsey and the Breakpoints benefit concert for @AppCamp4Girls on Jun 5!

Definitely the official podcast app of LIVE near 2019! 

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I'm so happy to see people starting to share their favorite moments from my podcasts using @OvercastFM's awesome new clip sharing feature!

If you share a clip from one of my shows, feel free to mention me in the tweet, it's super motivating to see and it's great feedback

See, this is why Continuous Play is such a confusing feature.

There’s a clear “winner” in what it should do… but a THIRD of the votes think it should do the opposite.

I’m going to think for a while and NOT change the current behavior, but maybe change the way it’s labeled.

One reason why Overcast has so many settings with wordy explanations like this is that it’s really hard to communicate what something does with just a few words and a switch.

I think I might try this for the next beta.

Continuous Play becomes a 3-state option, labeled something like:

At Episode End:
- Stop
- Play Next in Podcast
- Play Next in All Podcasts

(Take a look in my mentions right now if you want a glimpse at how hard it is to design a podcast app that works the way a lot of people want and expect.)

Yes. Overcast keeps track of whether you initiated playback from a playlist, or directly from a podcast’s episode list.

It’s two different modes of operation, so it can determine what to play next (if anything).

Then, playing individual podcasts with multiple episodes would also continuously play all the time, and the setting would only apply to whether it jumps to the next podcast at the end.

(People who want to stop after the current episode can always do it from the sleep timer.)

Maybe I’m thinking about this wrong.

Maybe the Continuous Play setting should determine whether it jumps between podcasts when playing outside of a playlist (which is what a lot of people seem to expect), and playlists should ALWAYS continuous-play.

Another good dilemma. I can see both sides, but would argue against auto-advancing between playlists because I think that’s less-often what people would expect to happen in that context.

I think what most people would expect — so, probably the right choice — would be to play the topmost episode in the next podcast that appears in the list after the current one (looping back to the top if it’s the bottom one).

(This may be moot, as “Stop” is winning by a lot.)

I ask because I often get emails or “bug” reports that say, “I have continuous play enabled, but it doesn’t work!”

But what has actually happened, if I ask, is that the person reached the end of one podcast’s episode list, and the behavior since 1.0 has been to stop.

Suppose you’re listening to a podcast OUTSIDE of a playlist — just playing one podcast’s episodes. At the end of the last episode, if you have Continuous Play enabled, what should happen?

- Stop (the current behavior)
- Play the next podcast

[Twitter poll]

I decided to just use the podcast’s main artwork in clip videos, rather than episode- or chapter-specific artwork, because that’s what people should be looking for if they go search for the show in their podcast app.

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