Solar Roof is taking off across the US. Become a Solar Roof installer today, no experience needed! 

We just delivered our first customer cars from Gigafactory Shanghai, marking only one year from when the teams broke ground on the site.

What a way to close out 2019, and this is only just the beginning.
Congratulations to the Shanghai team!

Trans-Canada Supercharger route from Vancouver to Halifax is now open!
Over half the locations are V3 for the fastest charging speeds.

Just in case you make your roofing decisions based on slo mo videos

Model X just earned 5 stars from Euro NCAP in safety testing

I'm gonna tell my kids this is the first pick-up

RT @MotorTrend
The MotorTrend team visited @Tesla twice during the development of . Six exclusive stories and five videos at 

More utility than a pick-up
Better performance than a sports car

Cybertruck Unveil starts at 8

Stay tuned for livestream

We were very honored to accept one of Europe's most prestigious awards yesterday, Das Goldene Lenkrad (the Golden Steering Wheel), with Model 3 scoring the highest of all tested cars

Solar Roof uses durable glass solar tiles to generate electricity.
Our latest version only takes a few days to set up and is comparable to the cost of a composition shingle roof + electrical bill.
Installations begin next month.

Submit questions for our Solar Roof Q&A ahead of our 2pm launch:

Submit questions for our Solar Roof Q&A ahead of our 2pm launch:

Join us at 2pm PT today to learn all about our V3 Solar Roof product.

Visit  to listen in.

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