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Visual Studio App Center

We're moving our developer blogs to a new platform with a modern, clean design and powerful features that will make it easy for you to discover and share great content. Our inspiration comes from you, & we'd <3 your feedback: 

We’re opening the doors & letting you in for a front row seat to our product planning process. You can now find all our current product plans in the repo. See what the future holds for us as you peruse: Our Product Roadmap & much more: 

Today, the team is happy to add to our supported platforms for Push Notifications & the best part of all of this is that App Center Push is free to use!

Just sign up today, get started, and let us know what you think: 

One year ago, we announced App Center as the future of HockeyApp. Today, we are announcing HockeyApp will complete its transition to App Center on November 16th, 2019. Read our announcement:

!! Announcing the General Availability of App Center Diagnostics !!
Thanks to your feedback, we've made it more robust, performant, and scalable as well as brought you a consolidated UI, & combined crashes and errors in one view.
See what's new: 

Get an even better Unity Experience... We're excited to release the#VSAppCenter Unity Editor Extension -- a stand-alone plug-in for Unity that will streamline App Center functionality within your Unity project. Get started here: 

Continuing in our quest to make mobile developers more productive, the team is excited to announce the public release of the App Center Unity SDK. Check out this quick overview: 

Do both types of testing with your CI/CD pipeline - cover the Data Access Layer with unit tests and cover the Business Logic, UI, & platform features w/ UI tests. This article will help you learn how: 

We've continued to ship even more improvements to the app distribution experience so let's dive in to the latest release... The September Edition of the Ship List is out, 

Automatically Protect Your App with & Intune - Enterprises can publish to a safe, company-authorized store so employees can download LOB apps. Check it out, we'd <3 your feedback: 

Scale your distribution workflow... We’re happy to announce two brand new features that will change the way you distribute your apps and manage your testers: Shared Groups and AAD Support. Learn more: 

You can now test your iOS apps with XCUITest, Xamarin.UITest and Appium test scripts in our lab... Announcing Extension-less XCUITest Support in Visual Studio App Center Test for iOS 12. Check it out: 

Are you a mobile developer? Microsoft wants to understand your experience in maintaining high quality apps. Your responses will greatly help to shape the future of and you will get a big from our team: 

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See what's new with Azure DevOps & Azure Pipelines CI/CD service. Join us for tomorrow’s keynote live stream @ 8AM Pacific. Then tune in Sept 17th @ 8:30AM Pacific for an Interactive Mixer workshop to dive deeper:

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Announcing a new extension in Visual Studio Code for GitHub Pull Requests, built in partnership with @github -- now available for you to preview from our marketplace. Learn all the details: 

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Continuously build, test & deploy to any platform or cloud using Azure Pipelines, a new CI/CD service for Linux, macOS, & Windows. Free for open source projects w/ 10 concurrent pipelines & unlimited minutes. 

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is now @AzureDevOps: 5 services you can use together or independently, including Azure Pipelines for CI/CD - free for open source and available in the GitHub CI marketplace. Learn more: 

can automatically publish builds to a Store connection like TestFlight or Google Play Store. In this interesting demo, see how to set up your feature branch in App Center Build to publish successful builds. 

See how to register devices, and re-sign apps for deployment to a distribution group in this demo-filled video. Through , provisioning tester devices enables a seamless release all testers can install when updates are available. 

The August Ship List is out: 
...and we still have more in the pipeline to come. Make sure to take time to log in and check out the latest features, give us feedback on what you enjoy and also what you would like to see in the future.