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Deploy Java code from a Git repository to using .

We'll look at two approaches:
• Pipeline as code
• Azure Pipelines visual designer

Get started: 

This week, you’ll see the , IoTDev, and Premier Developer blogs move to a new URL, while the additional developer blogs will transition over the coming weeks.

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Securely save into the system-wide key store/chain using Secure Storage.

On the latest Xamarin.Essentials API of the week, @JamesMontemagno shows you how to integrate the Secure Storage API into your apps. Watch: 

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Brand new Larry @osterman video today.

For some , Larry gives us his view on DCOM.

.@jeremylikness migrated his production app from v1 to v2 . He explains the process and the lessons he learned in detail: 

It covers:
• Business logic
• HTTP responses
• Proxies
• Testing
• Deploying and more

Infuse your retail apps, websites, and bots with intelligent algorithms.

On the latest episode of , @NoelleLaCharite shows you how to build engaging conversational apps using different Cognitive Services: 

See the most important concepts broken down into bite-sized lessons with exercises and labs.

Download the Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches e-book and start building your cloud computing skills: 

Security and open source—why are these two topics traditionally considered at odds?

@armon explains and talks about how and why HashiCorp Vault is a and open source product. Watch:

It's now easier to explore the latest news and content on our new, mobile-friendly tools and services blogs. We've added:
• More accurate categories and tags
• Social media sharing features

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Coming to you February 28 10AM PT - Register for this webinar to learn how to modernize your  apps to Azure. We will share customer stories on how to scale and solve performance and security considerations. See you there!

On today's , we talk about device streams, a brand new service that helps you securely connect to and manage IoT devices located behind firewalls or inside private networks.

Check out the new capabilities: 

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Join us online on April 2 at 9 AM PT for demos and conversations centered around development with , , and GitHub. Learn more: 

Want to learn Docker  from the beginning? @chris_noring has created a 3-part blog series to explain everything from basics to volumes and databases. The first part covers:
• The basics of containers
• Hands-on advice and sample code to get started


Xamarin.Forms 101 is back with a new episode. This week, @JamesMontemagno shows you how to pass parameters into commands with MVVM.

Watch and start building awesome cross-platform iOS, Android, and apps in : 

We’ve written a host of articles to explore what's new in 2019 Preview 2 in more detail. Start reading: 

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