developer @RTSchroeder has collected 25 tips and tricks over the years to help reduce risk in enterprise Xamarin.Forms projects. See them all: 

If you missed our previous 2019 releases or are still catching up, read this blog post to see every major improvement we’ve made throughout 2019: 

Today in —we reflect on the launch of Visual Studio Online, an online code editor that empowers developers everywhere to code from the cloud. Check it out: 

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Get all the details from our weekly roundup and follow as we share key developer highlights every day this month including who won Imagine Cup ‘19: 

In this new mini-series we call Xamarin.Forms 101, we'll walk through a basic building block of Xamarin.Forms to help you build awesome cross-platform applications in . Watch: 

We've streamlined DebuggerDisplay’s behavior with Pinnable Properties, a new managed feature available for 16.4. Read about the update: 

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Today in : Why does Python live on land?
Because it’s above C-level!

We'll see ourselves out.

If you’re looking to build a career in data science, Python should be in your wheelhouse. Want to learn? Check out this FREE Python series: 

See the latest and greatest that Syncfusion has to offer developers, including the latest controls in the toolkit for Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms and more. Watch: 

Learn how to extend an existing Core web application in this tutorial. Each step has a video and a tutorial doc to make following along a breeze. Check it out: 

How can you be more productive with ? The .NET Rocks! hosts talk to @gotheap about all the built-in productivity gadgets in Studio. Take a listen: 

In the November release of Microsoft Azure IoT Tools, you'll see the new standalone simulator for Edge development, Vcpkg for IoT Plug and Play development support, and more. Read: 

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