Unsure about how best to use async void?

@JamesMontemagno and Dean Faizel bring you some tips on this episode of : youtube.com/watch?v=xxifTwQaA0 

Online brings your IDE into the cloud. @nikmd23 joins the .NET Rocks! Podcast to talk about how it all works: dotnetrocks.com/default.aspx?S 

Closing out his 101 series, @ChrisRayGill shows u how to create packages with the .NET CLI and publish them: youtube.com/watch?v=f8JyT6J4b1 

There are lots of ways to make your organization's code better. @RealDotNetDave has some opinions on what some of them are: dotnettips.wordpress.com/2020/ 

Blazor programming model + Razor syntax = Mobile UI components and behaviors?

@Original_EJL has the details on Experimental Mobile Bindings: devblogs.microsoft.com/aspnet/ 

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How do you write XAML? @LyalinDotCom talks on DotNetRocks at dotnetrocks.com/?show=1669  about Microsoft's latest efforts to make coding in XAML easier, faster and more reliable!

You: Wanting to learn about expression bodied members in .

@GotHeap and @MairaCW: Ready to teach you a little about expression bodied members in .

Us: Helping you make the connection.


Are you ready to start programming ?

@AzureDevOpsShow ended 2019 on a note to help you out, sitting down with @KathleenDollard to talk about how to get your machine prepared: azuredevopspodcast.clear-measu 

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We hope you have a wonderful new year!

We're kicking off 2020 by releasing Visual Studio for Mac version 8.4. It brings improvements to asp.net/  Core and tweaks to make using assistive technologies easier.

Learn more and get started today:devblogs.microsoft.com/visuals

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