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Visual Studio

isn't about all the big bells and whistles. It has some nice small bells and whistles too.

Let @RoGreen_MS and @mkristensen show you around some of the smaller features: 

Use package format to enable new, modern packaging and deployment features in Win32, WPF, and WinForm apps.

Check out the tutorials from @advinst: 

Centralized version control or distributed?

No matter which way you go, is there to help. And if you aren't sure which way, @AbelSquidHead and @JeremyLikness will help with that too: 

Announcing the re-launch of the @xamarinhq YouTube Channel!

Check out the new shows and community art, and watch the launch video we created with the community: 

Use to build custom machine learning solutions and integrate them into your apps.

Apply sentiment analysis, GitHub issue classification, price predictor, image classification, and more. Follow the tutorials: 

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Want to get a head start on Thursday's hands-on intro session? Install @code and try out some of @lauragift21 recommended extensions!

Build templates with tags for efficient user search and grouping: 

Learn how to:
• Create a project template and add tags or filters
• Deploy the template as an extension

Just getting into ? Have a friend who needs some help but you're too busy? We've got you covered either way: 

The Worker Service application template is new to and ready to give you a great starting point to write long-running services.


New to ? Learn how to:
• Connect to a Github or repository for the first time
• Open a project from a repo

Follow the tutorial: 

Gone are the days of "works on my machine."

@paulyuki99 shows you how to build container-based apps with ease using , , and : 

Migrating your apps to , but wondering why BeginInvoke and EndInvoke methods on delegates are not supported?

Find out: 

Developers using the Particle platform can now use as their default editor for building apps!

Get started: 

What do you get when you mix our cloud, software, and device know-how and bind them together with a unique approach to security? You get Azure Sphere.

@RobotDad shows you how Tools for Azure Sphere will make your dev experience better, end to end: 

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Find fresh content on building amazing mobile apps directly from the Xamarin team @ Microsoft.

Introducing the New Xamarin Developers YouTube Channel!

See the what the buzz is all about: