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Visual Studio

Do you want to leverage the power of but are tired of having to deal with the control plane? Azure Dev Spaces to the rescue: 

The fog is getting thicker, Leon's getting larger, but your APK files should be getting smaller. Get some insights on using and more to shrink your files from @_JonDouglas: 

3.0 Preview 4 is here!

It includes a chart control for Forms, HTTP/2 support, support for CPU limits with , and other improvements. Download: 

The Entity Framework Core 3.0 Preview 4 is now available on NuGet!

It includes more than 50 bug fixes and functional enhancements. Test the new functionality: 

version 16.0 is now available and is binary compatible with 2015/2017.

See the list of the C++17/20 compiler/library feature work and the library fixes: 

Blazor is now in official preview!

Updated templates to use the .razor file extension, new Blazor icons, Blazor support in , and more new features are included in this release. Check it out: 

The life of a developer evolves quickly, to the point where
might not recognize everything

sat down with @Tastapod to talk about how being a 'developer' keeps changing: 

Are you up for the .Forms 4.0 CollectionView Challenge?

Choose an existing with a ListView, reproduce the layout using CollectionView, fork the repo on GitHub, and submit. Learn more: 

Continuing their for developers series, @SquidHeadAbel and @JeremyLikness discuss CI/CD in Azure Pipelines: 

Explore various development features of and create cross-platform apps with your existing libraries using .

Watch the latest episode: 

Where can you go for all your video needs? Before you answer that...

All of our Xamarin shows are moving to a brand new Xamarin Developers YouTube Channel!

@JamesMontemagno has the details: 

, boosting all your productivity needs.

@JMillerDev brings you all the hints you need to 1up: 

Framework 4.8 is here!

The release includes an updated toolset as well as improvements in several areas. Explore: 

Whether you are creating a personal toy or an industrial device, has your back. @RunFaster2000 has the details: 

Use package format to enable new, modern packaging and deployment features in Win32, WPF, and WinForm apps.

Check out the tutorials from @advinst: 

Centralized version control or distributed?

No matter which way you go, is there to help. And if you aren't sure which way, @AbelSquidHead and @JeremyLikness will help with that too: 

Announcing the re-launch of the @xamarinhq YouTube Channel!

Check out the new shows and community art, and watch the launch video we created with the community: