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Visual Studio

We’re excited for the @MSFTQuantum invitation to the Microsoft Q# Coding Contest – Winter 2019 – the second global quantum programming competition! Join us: 

On today's One Dev Question, we ask longtime Microsoft developer and semi-official historian Raymond Chen about his first interview with . Watch: 

Interested in contributing to @nodejs but not quite sure where to begin?

Tierney Cyren, a long-time Node.js Foundation Committee member, has created a guide that goes over the different ways you can make a difference within the community. Get started: 

Easily configure your CMake projects and modify the CMakeSettings.json file directly in 2019 using the new CMake Project Settings Editor. Get started: 

Walk through some techniques for separating the concerns of dev'ing a C/C++ library, a C# wrapper, & a mobile app so you can focus on your area of interest while delivering the highest possible performance. Reach more here: 

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Get rolling on rolling out @MicrosoftTeams! There's all sorts of great features to start making use of, so don't delay—head over to our docs to get started: 

We made a bunch of improvements to CMake support in Preview 2.

Easier toolchain customization, automatic installation of CMake on targets, vcpkg integration, Just My Code support, and more. Try it out and let us know what you think: 

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On Tuesday, Larry @osterman talked about some of the complexities of Win32 API error codes.

Today, Larry tells us how new APIs for are designed to avoid some of the issues of the past.

How do you get into test automation? & @ArnonAxelrod dig into building the right kinds of tests, which tools will help you move in the right direction, & where you need to grow your skills to make better tests: 

Naming stuff is a key part of our programming life...& can almost be considered an art form as it requires excellent descriptive skills.

<3, <3, <3 this article about effectively naming software *thingies* - 

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Documentation - we git it.

Announcing .NET Foundation Open Membership. We're making some big changes to expand the Foundation. We’re inviting the entire community to take a more active role in the foundation's operations & ecosystem. Join us @ the event near you: 

UX is not UI, but UI is definitely UX.

Learn more:  "...User interface & visual design are a huge part of a product’s user experience, but a pretty color scheme and cool animations won’t help your user much if your navigation menu is poorly organized..."

2019 pushes the boundaries of individual & team productivity. Say 'hello!' to new C++ binary compatibility & pain-free upgrades. These new capabilities are pretty nifty, you'll want to start your upgrade to now: 

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Microsoft Build is a go.
Join us in Seattle from May 6-8: 

So, what's under the hood of the recently released Xamarin.Forms 3.0?

@CodeMillMatt shares a quick lap around some of the newest and best features; like CSS Styling, Android bottom tabs, and more...oh, and where you can take it for a spin. Start here: 

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Level up your game dev skills and make games for @Xbox and @Windows! Learn how to get started on our docs:

There's a new Xamarin.Essentials out. Today, @JamesMontemagno highlights API of the Week, App Information; which gives you the ability to identify app information, bundle identifiers, and more.

Watch here: