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1 in 3 U.S. adults have taken steps to improve their Digital Wellbeing. Hear how tools on help you find the right balance: 

is powering a new category of foldable devices that makes watching videos and texting your friends at the same time seamless: 

We’re bye . Thank Q for joining us this week and be sure to catch up on all the latest features here: 

Together with our partners, we’re working toward a faster and better future - powered by .

Simply AR-mazing. Now you can overlay directions and more on the itself. See how it works at .

With Live Caption on , when speech is detected, captions appear. @RaqamiTV, @rayduenglish, @DurvidImel, and @KasiaGandor explain why it stood out to them at .

Turn on captioned audio across your apps with Live Caption. Hear from Accessibility product manager Brian Kemler on how it works for all: 

Use your voice to control:
And more

The is one of the first with Android Automotive & Google services built in. Take a brake and hear product manager Aarthi Ramachandran explain.

With , developers have access to tools that make it easy to test and analyze Dark Theme app creations.

Keep your charge going even longer. On when you turn on Battery Saver, Dark Theme turns on too.

is the first OS to provide captions for almost every app on your . Learn how Live Caption opens up a new of experiences.

@rayduenglish P.S. Happy Birthday

Q know there’s never a dull moment at . @RaqamiTV and @rayduenglish share what they’re most excited for with .

Dark Theme saves battery and works across the system and apps. Group product manager Shenaz Zack explains: 

Dive deeper into foldables, Dark Theme, and Focus mode on our YouTube channel: 

Focus mode lets you choose the apps you want to pause so you can get things done, distraction free. Hear more from Digital Wellbeing product lead @roselaprairie.

We’re making Family Link a core part of your . Enjoy new features integrated directly into your settings.