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Good technology should help you get more out of life, not distract you from it. See how Digital Wellbeing tools are aimed to help you get the most out of your tech: 

Wind down your work week with . Digital Wellbeing tools, like Dashboard, help inform you about your phone use and help you make intentional choices for how you spend your time.

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Go ‘head and ring the alarm! Now YouTube Music Premium works with the Clock app from @Google. Wake up *or snooze* to your favorite tracks every morning → 

The Google Assistant is now available with a push of a button on select partner devices.

30 languages. 80 countries. And eight new Indic options. Use your voice to send texts, surf the web, and more on your device.

People are using the Google Assistant more than ever. and @NokiaMobile made a dedicated button on your phone to make it easier to access on the go, on your couch and everywhere in between.

With , we started rolling out tools for you to manage your digital wellbeing. More on why from @roselaprairie soon - but until then, enjoy your dinner, .

From the beginning, the Open Source Project was designed with limitless creativity in mind. This openness is making 5G a reality - first on Android.

Qualcomm’s massive MIMO and mmWave platform are important enablers making 5G possible on .

5G on will roll out to countries around the world.

Imagine getting videos, apps, and music on your phone at 10x the speed. That’s 5G, and it’s here on first. Hear what this means for engineers, developers, and users straight from .

The Google Assistant on makes it easy & fast to make calls, send texts, and get to where you need to go. Find out what’s new with the Assistant at - and how its features are being used around the world: 

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is only available on @Android. @Bob_Borchers, VP, Marketing – Platforms & Ecosystems for Google joins @cristianoamon at the press conference to talk about the exciting apps that 5G will enable.

5G has arrived, and on first! Thanks to open source contributions and help from @Qualcomm, widespread adoption around the world is a reality.

This week, we’re at bringing you our take on what’s new in the ecosystem - from flagship devices to 5G. Stay tuned as we dive deep into the tech and celebrate major milestones with Android partners.

From foldables and 5G to and the power of Google Assistant, we’re excited for the partner innovations pushing mobile technology forward. See how we’re working together to build a helpful tomorrow: 

A new set of phones powered by from @xiaomi has arrived, including the 5G-enabled 5G.