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This is where we draw the line.

...Get it?? Draw the line?

Lead little Avo along the dotted line through his big adventure to save the world

Good food, great company, a sweet ride, and some beautiful views.

Here's why XV: Pocket Edition is worth a revisit

Adventure down mysterious paths, avoid dangerous pits, and don't forget to pay attention to detail

Your environment is the key to unravelling this beautifully designed puzzle.

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Happy 5th birthday, @PlayHearthstone!
We've reached some big milestones:

100 million players to date
28 billion Murlocs played
1.9 billion Polymorph cards played
400 million Carnivorous Cubes played</a><br>&ct=TOD_SC02_PT069_US_SI625257520&itsct=TOD_SC02_PT069_US_SI625257520&itscg=as10001 

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Here we go! It's and we're celebrating everyone's favorite mustachioed plumber

Wahoo! It's

What's your favorite Mario moment?

That moment when two of history's most inventive minds come together for a good old-fashioned throwdown.

Play to experience it

Get a free hour of Color Bombs in @CandyCrushSaga

But hurry! This event only lasts 24 hours</a>&ct=TOD_SC02_PT085_USGAMES_SI553834731&itsct=TOD_SC02_PT085_USGAMES_SI553834731&itscg=as10001 

The matchup is epic.

The Galanos Alliance vs. the Darkhaan Empire.

Play now and remember to choose your side carefully