The Invisible Hook, by Peter T Leeson (who I just learned is not on twitter — wise man) is basically sold out. If you don’t grab that last physical copy, do check out the kindle and audible versions (which is how I read the book) 

OK, that’s it everyone: @MarkRober has won the ‘best quarantine project’ by _miles_.

Go watch this for twenty minutes of pure joy:

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Cortex 102:

Let’s talk about working from home, while also being completely at home.

How have I only just learned there is a horn in MarioKart?!

:: toot! toot! ::

Video chat etiquette reminder: not wearing headphones, while fine for you, is aurally inconsiderate to your conversational partner.

When you are sick, you wear a mask for other people. When on Zoom, you wear headphones for other people.

Sorry it took a while, but I've finally updated the Spaceship You Director's Commentary from the live version to the higher-quality local recording and edited out the tech glitches and pauses:

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On our next episode we are going to talk about working from home, and how to stay productive in lockdown environments.

If you have questions, please send them in with !

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It’s episode 101, so it’s time to take it back to basics...

Productivity 101 — Why and how we use tools for:

Time Tracking

'Unfinished London' is a delightful gem even if you don't live in the city. @jayforeman's style right from the start is a great mix of modern and old-school Indy-YouTube style. With the latest episode it now spans more than a decade. Go watch it:

A second surge in COVID-19 cases in the United States (outside of NY) by the end of the month I would estimate with 70% probability.

Are there good reasons to think this number should be lower? (Or higher?)

The Spaceship You wallpapers are up and available for free to everyone this lockdown season: (Color coded for separating your work and recreation devices / accounts)

In other news, this must be the most intriguing clickbait thumbnail I've seen in years.

Just which frog does @TheTierZoo think is low-tier trash? Grey needs to know.

Since I am currently collapsed on my own beanbag zone, I feel compelled to retweet this.

The tree is a nice touch. I'd love to see other people's new / existing zones.

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