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Chris Hadfield

Such a kindness from a stranger. Thank you!

Up is just a matter of opinion for an astronaut.

What on Earth are we going to call this tree? Any ideas?

Total Eclipse of the Moon - this weekend!
For anyone on the Moon, it will be a solar eclipse :)

Two of the most impressive Michaels I’ve ever met.

@JoinLeague @Perimeter

In a greenhouse the size of a toaster, a small cotton plant is sprouting on the Moon. Extraterrestrial life. A key step away from Mother Earth.

10 years ago today @Captsully & his brilliant flight crew dealt with a wicked emergency, saving everyone. Here's my recent interview with one of the more notable passengers, @RicElias : 

A new age delight - my domain name just came available! My emoji and I proudly invite you to /QZlhZ/ 

Good morning, Earth!

I'm looking forward to today's downlink with @Astro_DavidS on @facebook live @csa_asc, talking with students, @JustinTrudeau and @GGJuliePayette!

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This is how the bones grow and form in your hand 

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L’astronaute de l’ASC @Astro_DavidS aura une discussion en direct très spéciale demain avec la gouverneure générale et le premier ministre du Canada, @GGJuliePayette et @PMcanadien. Des élèves canadiens auront aussi la chance de lui poser des questions!

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CSA astronaut @Astro_DavidS will have a very special live discussion tomorrow with the Governor General and the Prime Minister of Canada, @GGJuliePayette and @CanadianPM. Canadian students will also get the chance to ask him questions!

Landing last week on the far side of the Moon, 1st time ever. Watch the grit blow. So exquisitely hard to do. @CGTNOfficial

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Today, a group of people who have been making history with their affordable, space-age prostheses for kids (@openbionics ) were funded with nearly 10 million dollars.

Universally good news.