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Chris Hadfield

Watch the biggest cities in the world - a 500-yr horse race. Mesmerizing and surprising.

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Why Your Newsfeed SUCKS - Smarter Every Day 212

I partnered with @mediawise to learn about what tools you can use to separate fact from fiction online. Use the hashtag any time you're confused about a post's authenticity and they'll help!

Our Sun is a brooding monster. It lashed out in years 660BC, 775 and 994. When next? Cool evidence in the Greenland ice: 

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China's space program is a force to be reckoned with, but no one has reached the moon without NASA's help.

It's Space in 60 Seconds with @Cmdr_Hadfield!

Martian dust devil tracks - lines in the sand churned up by many Mars mini-tornadoes.

Wishing the crew better luck this time. Have a good launch!

A early Spring sunny day thing to do.

It's this kind of day in Toronto.

Out of the sea and into the nest. I'd love to fly this marshmallow!

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Robin Hadfield @CGDJA is a longtime aviation advocate and champion for women in aviation & a director of the @TheNinetyNines, connecting & promoting women in aviation on the international stage. Learn more here: 

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May I present undocking, but with proper music. S/O Windows Movie Maker

Our Milky Way weighs about 1.5 trillion Suns, most of it dark matter. That's about average for a galaxy. @NASAHubble