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Chris Hadfield

Many thanks to the calm, professional, empathetic 2 policemen who helped my family after a car accident in last night's snow. Fortunately everyone is OK. Well done the @TorontoPolice .

Thanks Robin! You are the consummate Master of Ceremonies. Good luck with the remaining book tour, see you soon!

Sakena, you are an amazing person in this world, helping so many get an education, especially young women. Thank you for coming to Generator, and our snow!

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Have you seen our yet? Here are the recommended gifts for kids ages 3 to 7, featuring books by @MariannaCoppo, @Cmdr_Hadfield, @igo2cairo, @opifan64, @lesleyannegreen, @ZachHyman, @JoeBluhm, @WabKinew, @JoeMorseDraws, and more! ,

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2nite in Toronto with @colchrishadfield and many more incredible guests!

There's still a few tickets left! Don't miss out.

Look what's in the Big Dipper! It's show night in , Generator starts at 8PM - last few tickets:

(great photo Andrew Yee - see you at the show tonight!)

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Canadian retired astronaut @Cmdr_Hadfield will be on @SXMCanadaNow with @JeffSammut at 12:05pm ET talking about his upcoming Generator show on Ch.167

Cue the high-pitched grinding noise.

Tomorrow night at Roy Thomson Hall! My favourite night of the year is Generator - don't miss it!

I see Benedict is growing a moustache - we're both on @etalkCTV starting 7:33 in: 

Air Cadets helped turn me into the astronaut I became. It's where I learned self-discipline, leadership, and how to fly. It is an honour and a responsibility to have my squadron named after me. Great to see you all!

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The cadets whose Squadron is named in honour of the Canadian astronaut had the exclusive opportunity to meet Chris Hadfield and speak with him! @AirCadetsOPC
@Cmdr_Hadfield @820CHS

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"We are members of Canada's space sector, with special guest former Astronaut @Cmdr_Hadfield, discussing our past and future in Space Technology and Exploration. Ask Us Anything!"

Space Question? Ask Me Anything! 
I'm @reddit in 20 mins with several space experts to answer your questions. Ask away!

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That's Penarth, Bristol and Edinburgh done, next up Toronto with @Cmdr_Hadfield

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On this day in 1995, former CSA astronaut @Cmdr_Hadfield launched aboard Shuttle Atlantis. Mission STS-74 demonstrated international collaboration with a crew of , , and astronauts in orbit together! To learn more: . Photo: NASA

Congratulations to all @RocketLab ! That view of NZ getting small in the rocket cam is a new perspective.