The Chinese city of Hangzhou plans to turn it's contact-tracing app into a permanent health tracker. This is a warning sign for nations using surveillance tech to combat COVID-19: "temporary" security measures can outlast the pandemic.

A report by @ACLU urges regulators to "skeptically scrutinize" the mass use of thermal screening devices for COVID-19 safety measures due to potential inaccuracies, false sense of security, & privacy implications.

Full report:

"The next time you get a data breach notification, read between the lines. By knowing the common bull**** lines to avoid, you can understand the questions you need to ask."

Check out @zackwhittaker's guide to decoding a data breach notice, here:

We've put up DuckDuckGo billboards across the US, UK, SE, NL, BE, DK (with DE, FR & ES to come soon). If you spot a in your community, we'd love to see it!

Here's a map of all of our live locations (subject to change): 

While posting pictures on a personal Facebook account might seem innocent, "it’s still something that can have pretty far-reaching implications in the non-personal realm."

This Netherlands ruling sets a necessary precedent for protecting minors online.

Looking for recommendations on what to watch? We might be biased, but this is definitely our kind of movie list.

Germany’s highest court has declared that “privacy rights enshrined in Germany’s Constitution extend to foreigners living abroad and cover their online data," reports @meddynyt.

A @vivaldibrowser survey shows search engine privacy & neutrality are very important to over 80% of users.

Our search is always private with no filter bubble, + Vivaldi is using our Tracker Radar to further protect your privacy:

A data breach of millions of people had private info about where they've been, where people met, their social media sites, & more. @_andrew_griffin says the data's origin is so far a mystery.

Check  to see if your data was

People are acting on their privacy concerns globally — not just in the US & EU. A new study shows Brazilians are growing more concerned: 74% tried removing personal data online & 96% of believe companies don't do enough to protect their personal info.

Be aware of the apps your kids use & how their data is being handled.

“For years, TikTok ignored the children’s privacy law, thereby ensnaring perhaps millions of underage children in its marketing apparatus, & putting them at risk of sexual predation.”

Preference menus can work and this remedy deserves the opportunity to be done right. Unless this is the next evolution of Android phones, there's no excuse not to provide more search options on the first screen. (6/6)

In our proposal, Google alternatives with the most market share are shown on the first screen, randomly ordered. Additional alternatives are available by scrolling, randomly ordered. Google is placed on the last screen. (5/6)

We also ran our own study on scrolling behavior. We found 60% of people scroll past a first screen to see more search alternatives. That increases to 80% if Google is not on the first screen, which we recommend to maximize search competition. (4/6)

96% of Android phones in Europe can display at least 5 search engine options while still showing descriptions for them (Google's design shows no descriptions by default). And 51% can show six or more options. Just 4% can display only 4 options. (3/6)

We've gathered data showing that with unlimited options (available by scrolling) and better design (e.g. descriptions shown by default), 24% of people select Google alternatives, 8x the current 3% combined mobile market share of these alternatives. (2/6)

Google's search preference menu for Android in the EU is an auction with only 4 options. This creates false scarcity to boost its revenue and depress competition. A much better way to give consumers choice is to allow unlimited options, for free. (1/6) /search-preference-menus-scrolling/

Our DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials browser extension packs tracker blocking, website encryption & private search in one download. And now, it's also recommended by Mozilla — thanks @firefox!

Available for Safari and Chrome,

Your online activity should not be under constant surveillance. We're proud to sign this letter in support of protecting search and browsing history

When coronavirus contact-tracing apps become widely available, do you plan to install one?

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