Smile, you're on refrigerated camera...

@sidneyfussell says Walgreens' smart coolers, w/cameras to analyze shoppers' faces to guess age & gender, are just one of many tracking technologies emerging in retail. Another example of the need for regulation.

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It's a carrot! This week, @ourmaninjapan from DuckDuckGo chats with us about privacy-focused search engines. We also dive into Zoom's security flaw and the record fine facing British Airways! randombutmemorable.simplecast.

Listen to @megangrA , our General Counsel, and other experts discuss the effect of privacy legislation at OTI's event, starting at 3pm ET.

Of course, all this comes without your data being stored or shared, as with all DuckDuckGo searches. Privacy by design, without any tradeoffs.

In addition, all searches now have a "Maps" tab at the top of the results, and as a bonus, they look great in dark mode too.

You can now refine searches within the map view, saving time and restricting results to the region displayed. Autocomplete suggestions will now also be specific to the local area selected.

Earlier this year we announced that maps on DuckDuckGo Search are powered by Apple Maps. Today we're excited to show you some new improvements to further enhance map and address-related searches.

That’s right. We don’t need fancy office space to raise the standard of trust online. Privacy should, after all, be as simple as closing the blinds.

iPhone users, have you checked your privacy settings lately? @timbrookes shares how to control what your apps can access (location, contacts, etc), how to restrict ad tracking, & more.

Check out our iPhone privacy tips here:

Want to join us in setting a new standard of trust online? You can support our mission by teaching your friends why they should switch to DuckDuckGo.

Visit  for talking points to help them make the decision to

"Privacy harms don’t just hurt us individually. They impact society, economy & policy, in subtle & not-so-subtle ways," like "algorithms turning personal data into risk scores & ads, often w/out consent, perpetuating discrimination," says @pasternack.

How do we stop companies whose "goal now is to automate us"?

@shoshanazuboff says surveillance capitalists (companies that claim personal data for economic gains) "fear law" & lawmakers can advance companies that want to break surveillance capitalism.

As @KateOflaherty reports, Gmail's "confidential mode" isn't private. It lets senders create expiry dates & revoke sent email, but emails aren't private from Google, hackers, or gov't, like w/end-to-end encrypted email (i.e. @ProtonMail, @TutanotaTeam).

The U.K.’s data authority has found "under [GDPR], using people’s sensitive personal data to serve adverts requires their explicit consent, which is not happening right now."

Stronger legislation is one thing, but it must also be properly enforced.

We're to help us raise the standard of trust online! Current open positions:

• Brand Design Lead
• Senior Frontend Engineers
• Senior Site Reliability Engineer
• Senior Backend Engineer
• Director of User Insights
• Senior Mobile Engineer

Cell carriers aren't doing much to stop SIM-swap attacks, where hackers transfer your number to their device to break into connected accounts.

@violetblue tips to protect yourself include using a physical USB security key & offline password manager.

Some cities, such as Seattle, Oakland and New York City, are trying to get ahead of the curve by setting up privacy guardrails for how data gathered from the public will be used.

Android users, if you use Assist, you can now set DuckDuckGo as your default app for most Assist options.

*Instructions for setup may vary by device.

"Surveillance scoring" is a commonly used computer algorithm practice that can cause some customers to be charged more for products &/or be used to deny housing/employment.

@dellcam says experts are calling this behavior illegal & are fighting to end it:

Having the freedom to choose your own theme on DuckDuckGo? We can all raise a glass to that!

Care to share your favorite theme?

(Hint: You can try them out here: , or create your own: )

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