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Surveillance tech "can cause... an insidious form of anxiety that is particularly dangerous for our health."

@KaleighRogers says "we may have invited a lot of this surveillance into our lives...but it doesn’t mean we have to continue to accept it."

There are many ways children can protect themselves from companies like Google and Facebook, which track them to target them with ads.

Here's a collection of resources from @CdnChildProtect to educate the children in your life about online privacy: 

Internet-linked microphones are privacy-flawed & can collect & use data w/out consent, says @msjpauly.

Google Home recordings "can become part of Google’s already ultra-specific profile of you as a consumer, that companies pay Google to target with ads."

RT @axios
Apple CEO Tim Cook is calling for the establishment of a clearinghouse where all data brokers must register and allow consumers to track how their data is being used.

A grim forecast for The Weather Channel app: it’s owner (IBM) is being sued by @CityAttorneyLA for allegedly tricking users into sharing their granular location info with 3rd parties.

Delete this app along with any apps you don’t regularly use.

Many people don't realize that several popular platforms they use (e.g. Waze, WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram) are actually owned by larger companies (in these cases Facebook & Google) who use your data to target you with ads, or worse .

Spread awareness:

As always, our strict privacy policy still applies — we don't collect or send any personal data to Apple (or any third parties). The location info sent by your browser is discarded immediately after use. More details here:

We're excited to announce that maps on DuckDuckGo are now powered by Apple Maps. We are proud to be among the first global companies using MapKit JS framework, and you, dear users, get improved map results, and all still private, of course.

These actionable tips from @Techlicious focus on forming good digital habits in 2019, mostly related to & , including:

• Reconsider how (& if) you use Facebook
• Stop oversharing with Google
• Use only strong passwords

ICYMI check out this Quora Session from our CEO & Founder, @yegg, where he answered questions on:

• Future plans for DuckDuckGo
• Privacy protection best practices
• Important business lessons
• And more...

Maybe it's time you ?

Contrary to their privacy policy jargon, "if you use [Facebook] at all, you don't have much control over what FB itself sees about you."

@inafried explains the disturbing where, how & why they collect your data.

It's the new year and it's time to get your ducks in a row . Protect your privacy online with DuckDuckGo: 

2018 was the 8th year global internet freedom declined, @FreedomHouse reports.

"Just 20% of the global internet population considered free" due to "limits on free expression, & violations of user rights & privacy."

@EmilyDreyfuss urges: fight back.

At DuckDuckGo, ethical design is simply... "design." It's part of our mission to set a new standard of trust online, empowering people to take control of their info.

Our Design Lead, @habber, shares design problems & explains how we solve them, ethically:

Check out @TechCrunch's privacy how-to guide covering 2FA, password managers, & secure browsing & more.

"Security sounds complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Privacy is more important than ever." Agreed!

For our tips visit:

Nice short case for using VPNs by @michaelgrothaus.

He also notes "VPNs alone won't magically wipe your online activity" bc “it’s impossible to hide your browsing activity from Google if you are logged into your Google account – even over a VPN.”

"Running from ads" might not be the kind of running you had in mind for your 2019 fitness goal.

Nevertheless, you can reduce ad stalking today! Install our app/extension, which blocks ad trackers (among other privacy protection features): 

To test AI babysitter screener, Predictim, @bcmerchant scanned his family, friends, babysitter, and Predictim's CEO.

He found that "a system like Predictim’s is only as good as the data that it’s trained on, and those systems are often loaded with bias."

This graphic novel by @PrivacyPrivee "tells the story of [siblings] who learn about the privacy risks related to social networking, mobile devices & texting, and online gaming."

A great resource to teach internet-savvy kids to protect themselves online.