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Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, and countless others deserve justice. We extend our support to Black Hubbers and Black developers. GitHub stands with the Black community in the fight against racism and injustice, and will continue to take action.

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This week has been a horrifying, sad reminder of the centuries-long pattern of systemic racism in the US. And that our criminal justice system is in dire need of reform. GitHub stands with the Black community and will not be silent on violence and injustice.

GitHub is going live! Join us each week on Twitch for a new technical demo series:

Learn from the GitHub experts as they share live demos, best practices, tips, and show off their favorite features. We go live next week—stay tuned for more details! twitch.tv/GitHubEnterprise

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Looking to build something /extra/ cool this summer? Let’s get making! GitHub has partnered with Hack Club to bring hardware to teenagers around the world Sign up today: summer.hackclub.com 

Building a command line app/script? Check out @willmcgugan's Rich–a Python library for rendering rich text and beautiful formatting. Works on Linux, macOS, and Windows. Renders…
✓ progress bars
✓ syntax-highlighted code
✓ tracebacks and more!

This Friday at 2:00pm PST, join us for a chat and introduction into how to make open-source contributions to the graphql/graphiql project from one of its maintainers, @rikki_js.


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Wrote a little @github sponsors API so you can list sponsors in your Readme — github.com/tj/sponsors-api 

GitHub is going live! Join us each week on Twitch for a new technical demo series - showcasing how GitHub builds GitHub from start to ship. We go live next week - stay tuned for more details!


GitHub can be a powerful tool when working remotely, just ask @cynthiarich07. She'll be sharing some of the tips that keep GitHub employees happy, healthy, and productive in another learning session on tomorrow, 1:00pm PST. Be sure to tune in! twitch.tv/github 

Announcing GitHub CLI 0.9, with several improvements to your pull request workflow!
gh pr ready
gh pr diff
gh pr review
gh pr merge


Later today, at 1:00pm PST, @cynthiarich07 is hosting another Learn with GitHub session on @Twitchtv. She'll be going over how to use actions to improve your team's workflow. It's must see Twitch TV! twitch.tv/GitHub 

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Teachers: Stop struggling with development environments

Assign code in the browser with online IDE integrations in GitHub Classroom. Students can complete Classroom assignments using @replit and @MSMakeCode, on any device. github.blog/2020-05-26-code-in

Aditya Sharad’s talk on finding security vulnerabilities in JavaScript with CodeQL is now available at youtube.com/watch?v=pYzfGaLTqC

Recently, we had multiple service interruptions that may have impacted your projects and businesses. We know how important reliability is for our users and have detailed an analysis on the disruptions: github.blog/2020-05-22-april-s

During the play track, @CharStiles used Coding Augmented Reality Live (CARL) to code a 3D shader from scratch. You can see the whole performance, and you should, at youtube.com/watch?v=-8YgwVJQlY

Calling all sponsored developers and organizations through GitHub Sponsors!

Did you know that you can export a list of your sponsorship transactions from your dashboard? github.blog/changelog/2020-04-

Our very own @cheshire137 shares her , using new branches to tease out smaller bits of work, making it easier for her team to review and approve with confidence. Check it out github.blog/2020-05-21-github-

Cloud security best practices with CloudFormation and GitHub Actions, brought to you by Jon Jozwiak at . youtube.com/watch?v=edhL-XL0oO

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