With Github Sponsors you can make a difference to help open source projects thrive. Thanks to your feedback, now you can fund the teams and projects you rely on.

If you’re part of an organization working on open source, join the beta waitlist today github.com/sponsors

We couldn’t release Github for mobile without dark mode

Get all your code, mentions, and more in a night owl, eye-friendly version.

Mobile, Actions, new notifications, code search, code navigation, Sponsors and more

Get caught up on all the announcements from this year's GitHub Universe keynote... in 6 minutes.

Talking about a CVE on GitHub? Now you'll get automatic links and hovercards when you mention one.

Want to improve your daily GitHub experience?

Get exact results with code search, balance your team’s work with code review assignment, navigate code more efficiently, and keep projects on track with scheduled reminders. github.blog/2019-11-13-univers

Automated security updates are now available to all developers

We’ll monitor repository dependencies for known security vulnerabilities and then automatically open pull requests to update them. Another step in helping you build and secure your code.

Calling all GitHub Enterprise users!

2.19 has landed with updates to access roles, new community and project management options, tools to increase developer productivity, and security features to keep you and your team’s code safer and more secure. github.blog/2019-11-13-github-

The security of open source is important… for everyone.

We’ve joined forces with an initial group of security researchers, maintainers, and companies across the industry who share that belief.

Learn more about the GitHub Security Lab! securitylab.github.com/

Get GitHub on-the-go with GitHub for mobile.

Review lines of code, merge changes, and stay in touch with your team with the flexibility of being anywhere.

Where will your open source code be on 02/02/2020?

To preserve the world's open source code, we're adding every active public GitHub repository into the GitHub Arctic Code Vault to ensure all today’s work, is remembered and saved for future generations.

Yesterday we shared that GitHub Actions is now available for everyone

With over 1,200 Actions built by the community and streamlined paths to the cloud from @googlecloud, @awscloud, and @Azure, getting started is easier than ever.

From the GitHub Security Lab to the GitHub Advisory Database and everything in between—catch up on all the security updates covered in this morning's keynote. github.blog/2019-11-14-announc

With the GitHub Security Lab, we've teamed up with an initial group of security researchers, maintainers, and companies across the industry who share our belief that the security of open source is important for us all.

We look forward to growing this community!

Query your code to find and fix vulnerabilities with CodeQL.

Now free for open source and academic research.

Introducing the Github Security Lab

• Find vulnerabilities
• Build tools to secure open source codebases
• Connect to the work of developers and researchers around the world

Receiving notifications about vulnerable dependencies is important, but getting pull requests with a fix is even better.

Starting today, automated security updates are now generally available for all active repositories with security alerts enabled.

Take control of how you get your security alerts. Prefer to get them real-time or through a digest? It's up to you.

With the new GitHub Advisory Database you can view details about the vulnerabilities which impact open source, for free.

Explore in your browser or the SecurityAdvisory API. We'll even auto-link your CVE comments!

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