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Starting later today, GitHub is donating up to 60,000 core-hours per day of idle GitHub Actions compute capacity to Folding@Home's efforts to find drug treatments for 2019-nCOV. foldingathome.org/2020/02/27/f

GitHub Sponsors helps developers connect with the community that depends on their open source work. With this new GitHub Action from @jasonetco, always know when one of your sponsors opens an issue or PR in your project: github.com/JasonEtco/is-sponso

GitHub CLI now enables you to easily create, clone, view, and fork repositories. Thanks to @jsjoeio for requesting these and @scottpenrose for contributing with gh repo view. Let us know how it works for you! github.blog/changelog/2020-03- 

Join @MishManners 12:01 AM Thursday 5 March PST for the launch of the GitHub Actions Hackathon. Our hack queen will be talking through the hackathon & how to create Actions Tune in: twitch.tv/mishmanners 

More info on hackathon githubhackathon.com/ 

In response to COVID-19 concerns, we’ve made some decisions to protect our employees, our community, and our customers. This includes suspending all non-essential travel and making Satellite 2020 a digital event. See the other measures we're taking at github.blog/2020-03-03-covid-1

Recently we’ve had multiple service interruptions on github.com/?utm_campaign=15829  that impacted your projects and businesses. We know how much you rely on GitHub and sincerely apologize for this. See our blog post here:github.co/2VwuSfO

GitHub Actions are super cool and all, but what would make them cooler? Hacking them. 90’s style. We’re talking Crash Override, Gibsons, and neat little eye display things that don’t really make any sense. Join the GitHub Actions Hackathon! github.blog/2020-02-27-were-ch

Our very own @williamsjoe is presenting GLB, the system that processes every user request to GitHub, and how it uses to provide intelligent routing, health checking, and observability, all with managed over @SlackHQ


BREAKING NEWS: we took two of your favorite recent code review features and combined them. You can now create a suggested change for multiple lines!

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I'm interested in talking to people who are doing ambitious work to address climate change, using GitHub.

If this applies to you, or someone you know, please get in touch: docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI

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It’s time for our annual transparency report: a by-the-numbers look at how we handle requests for user info and content removal, and an important part of our commitment to transparency and free expression. github.blog/2020-02-20-2019-tr

Starting a startup, or already in the thick of it? Getting off the ground can be challenging but there are resources out there to help. GitHub Enterprise is now available in the @msft4startups program, learn more at github.blog/2020-02-13-github-

Which developers inspire you? Nominate a dev/maintainer working on something amazing and they could be featured in a GitHub story.

Never miss an @ mention and respond faster to the notifications that matter most to you. The new web notifications experience is now available for everyone on github.com/ .

Our valentine is Open Collective

We've paired up so that open source projects backed by Open Collective can use GitHub Sponsors to raise funds! twitter.com/opencollect/status

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