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Let the force (push) be with you
Go ahead, force push to that branch

Whether it's on the internet or IRL, we're here to represent and help you.

Recently, we went to Paris to do just that: like work on building an Internet of Trust as a part of Paris Digital Week

Museums aren’t all artifacts @GettyMuseum is one of 120+ museums contributing to

Love it or hate it,
You’re making the most (public, private & org) repos in JavaScript.

Second most? Java.

You make the stats, we just report them

We're always trying to help you focus on what's most important: your code.

That's why we're so excited to be in Las Vegas for AWS Re:Invent Nov 26-30!
Swing by our booth, listen to a booth talk, or chat with a dev onsite.

See you there

Merge without fear!
If you encounter merge conflicts, GitHub Desktop walks you through the process.

Now you can have confidence in every merge

A few weeks ago, we released Suggested Changes.
You loved it and had even more ideas on how to make it better

Based on that feedback, you can now "batch" the changes you want to accept.

Fun fact:
Out of the 4,800 publicly accessible gov projects, ~75% are hosted on GitHub!

We're sharing this and other awesome intel to celebrate 's 2nd anniversary

RT @omojumiller
Today I am extra proud of being a Nigerian, and a Hubber. You've created one of the fastest growing developer countries as measured by:
+ @github orgs
+ Tech communities
+ Dev contributors

Thank you!

One of the fastest growing countries by:

+ GitHub orgs

+ Tech communities

+ Dev contributors

Nigeria is a community on the rise

Forgot what you were saying in that comment?
It won't happen again.

GitHub for Visual Studio now auto-saves comment drafts
Pick up exactly where you left off

As of today you all have created 100M repositories on GitHub—nearly ⅓ of those in the last year.

And with roughly 100 repos created a minute, we thank you and can’t wait to see what you build next.

You've been asking for it.

You know the issue(s).

Delete 'em.

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16 additional companies join forces for greater predictability in licensing:  @Adobe @AlibabaGroup @AmadeusITGroup @AntFinancial @Atlassian @Atos @ATT @Bandwidth @Etsy @github @HitachiGlobal @NVIDIA @Oath @RenesasAmerica @TencentGlobal @Twitter

RT @jasoncwarner
Super proud of the year GitHub has had and feels even more special to read about it from someone who really understands what we are building and sees the road ahead. Thanks for the write up @monkchips !

Ever duplicate an issue?
Want to see similar work going on in your repo?


With related issues you can check what's happening in your repo with just a few clicks

GitHub Field Days...

Bring student leaders together
Solve shared problems
Help form friendships
Celebrated its first anniversary this summer

More great Phaser action:
One of last year's winners was created with Phaser!

Check out Commit4 by @balajmarius 

Did you know that Phaser started out as a weekend project?

Meet the creator, @photonstorm