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Pull requests can get confusing, fast.
Always know which file you’re reviewing with sticky file headers

Are you the best dev (and Rock-Paper-Scissors player) around?

Accept the GitHub-Codemotion challenge and find out!

Reaching 20k stars *and* sending out a big release (3.1) all in one week?

You're doing great, @godotengine community!

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In partnership with @github we've launched a to prove yourself in ! Do you think you're the best in this field?
Let us see what you are able to do!

"There are no such thing as unknown answers, it’s just future knowledge that you don’t have yet."
- Rachel White

Explore this leader's journey through known answers and lessons learned.

Want to join us in Berlin for GitHub Satellite 2019?

Explore the first round of speakers and experiences on the site.

Plus, grab an early bird ticket while they’re still here! 

Customize your profile with Pinned Gists
Show off the repos and gists that you're most proud of.

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Today at we announced , a program helping to fund open source projects—and we're excited to have @github join us in supporting this program and open source projects around the world.

The International Conference on Game Jams, Hackathons and Game Creation is back!

We’re hosting for the fourth annual ICGJ at GitHub HQ this Sunday, March 17. It’s for everyone from educators to event organizers and we can’t wait to see you there

For all the times that you know you subscribed to an issue...
But you just can’t remember where it is.

Meet your Subscriptions List, with filter options like “commented” and “manually subscribed”

Teachers, especially those in CS, are inundated with ever-growing to-do lists, expanding class sizes, and frequently seek automation solutions for coursework.

This year's Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE) provided answers.

If you're in Austin for ...

Don't miss GitHub CTO Jason Warner at @ciandt's panel discussion innovation and efficiency utilizing DevOps.

D'you love @godotengine?

Join us at GitHub HQ on March 21 for the annual Godot Meetup.

We're gonna geek out with fellow users, the creators, and core contributors—don't miss it.

Are you going to be in San Francisco for the Game Developer Conference?

You’re invited to GitHub’s Annual Party on March 19 at 7pm PT
Think of it as your friendly LAN party at GitHub HQ

“Software engineering-adjacent” is the self-described beginning of Laura’s career.

The perfect example of: you don’t have to take the classic path to be a huge success!

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is crucial to keeping opportunity open for all developers to create, collaborate on, and ship great software. Tell your legislators how the Act is important to you!

Take a sneak peek at this year’s .

Follow along on Instagram for photos, quotes and more from the event!

Tired of remembering and typing out "not" queries?

Use a filter instead. Select all the labels you want filtered out

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When @SpencerKaiser started off his career in CS, he didn’t know what Git was.
Using tools from the Student Developer Pack from @github, he built up his knowledge and developed a greater understanding of software—and you can too.