We are continuing to monitor as the backlog clears. Users may see delays in search results. githubstatus.com/incidents/42h

We are back to working through our backlog. Users should see webhook delivery delays as we recover. githubstatus.com/incidents/42h

Engineers have identified contributing factors to the backlog and have begun their mitigation work. githubstatus.com/incidents/42h

Queue backlogs are currently also causing delays in merging of PRs. We continue to investigate. githubstatus.com/incidents/42h

Currently investigating increase in queue backlogs affecting Pages builds and some webhooks deliveries. githubstatus.com/incidents/42h

We are continuing to investigate degradation with webhook delivery logs, attachments and git lfs. githubstatus.com/incidents/fdl

We continue to investigate git lfs, attachments and webhook delivery log degradation. githubstatus.com/incidents/fdl

Some users are experiencing issues with git lfs, webhook delivery logs and attachments. githubstatus.com/incidents/fdl

Some users are experiencing issues with uploading attachments and with webhook delivery logs. githubstatus.com/incidents/fdl

We are continuing to monitor the repairs to affected repositories. We will stay yellow until we are confident that the remaining repositories are healthy. githubstatus.com/incidents/yck

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