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After hearing about an attack against HackerNews, we are suspending new qualifications to the Stellar Space Drop for new Keybase users with old HackerNews accounts. Update: keybase.io/airdrop  .

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NEWS! The Stellar Development Foundation is securely distributing 2,000,000,000 Lumens (~$120 million USD) using Keybase. It's easy to collect & you never need to look at a cryptocurrency address (unless you want to). No pasting secret keys anywhere. /a/i/r/d/r/o/p/spacedrop2019 

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New blog post and feature! Introducing Keybase SSH, a way to authorize (and revoke) server access just by adding (or removing) people to a Keybase team. keybase.io/blog/keybase-ssh-ca

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If I have 3 words to describe keybase, I usually say “end-to-end encrypted slack.” More people are catching onto the dangers of putting secrets into their platform. nytimes.com/2019/07/01/opinion

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Official launch of Stellar support in Keybase: keybase.io/blog/keybase-stella Thanks to all the testers who've been playing with it so much over the last few months.

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How long has @KeybaseIO had a literal hamburger menu because that's

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Top priority: Keybase is looking for a Windows engineer to join our team. Our open app is cross-platform, but we could use some love with Windows specifics, such as an improved installer, better Explorer integrations, improved system tray experience, etc. keybase.io/jobs#windows 

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I made a Keybase bot, melisandre, that's coordinating a dead pool for the next 80 hours. If you message `melisandre` on Keybase, she'll ask you a series of questions about who lives and dies for the rest of the season. $1000 in prizes just because I want to test my bot library.

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And today, another Keybase announcement! keybase.io/blog/keybase-proofs We launched support for Mastodon (more and more instances getting added) and we are opening our proof integrations, so **any community can connect to Keybase.**

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3 new features in today's Keybase release. (1) search in chat (locally indexed of course). (2) Goodbye passwords! New users are not asked to choose a password. (It's optional for advanced users later on.) (3) Mastodon support...blog post on that rollout next week.

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New @KeybaseIO job posting: Windows Front-End Engineer. Come join us! keybase.io/jobs#windows

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That was something, Several @cosmos block explorers out of nowhere started sourcing their avatars from keybase, keyed by bottom 8 bytes of PGP key IDs, even though they know keybase profile names. Not a traffic pattern we were expecting!

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New Keybase feature today - cryptographically-secure coin flipping, shuffling, and dice rolling in Keybase team chats. And a blog post explaining how it works: keybase.io/blog/cryptographic-

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Keybase performance has recovered; sorry everyone!

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Keybase having performance/reliability issues for the last 20-30 minutes. We're working on it. Not a security incident.

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