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Thank you to the team @Brave for supporting Let's Encrypt through sponsorship! Together we make the Web better.

RT @SectigoHQ
We are now sponsoring @letsencrypt to enable certificate transparency log operation. The sponsorship aids the broader worldwide security landscape by expanding the number of CT logs available to CAs. sectigo.com/newsroom/sectigo-s 

USE HTTPS! And more security tips from the team (and Let's Encrypt sponsor) @Jimdo: jimdo.com/blog/how-to-increase

We are happy to launch Oak, a CT Log today! Certificate Transparency greatly enhances Web security by providing the opportunity to monitor and study certificate issuance. Thanks to @SectigoHQ for providing funding to make this happen! Read more: letsencrypt.org/2019/05/15/int

"To fully encrypt the web, you need to make certificates free and easy to obtain. Enter Let’s Encrypt." More from @GlennF: increment.com/security/free-ce

With a $3.6M budget this year, we need your help! If you want a great way for your organization to give back to a more secure Web, e-mail us at sponsor@letsencrypt.org

Let's Encrypt sponsor @DNSimple is using ACMEv2 and now offers wildcard certificates! More info: finance.yahoo.com/news/secure-

.@CodeinWP now sponsors our work to create a 100% encrypted Web! Plus, they put together a helpful guide for why every site needs TLS/SSL and how to get it on your Wordpress site. codeinwp.com/blog/what-is-ssl-

ACMEv2 and wildcard certificates have been available from the Let's Encrypt certificate authority for over a year. Do you have a that uses Let's Encrypt wildcard certificates?

Do you run a hosting company that issues Let's Encrypt certificates to your customers? Think about giving back to a more secure Web through a Let's Encrypt sponsorship. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization! E-mail sponsor@letsencrypt.com for details.

We will be heading to the @GetPantheon Minneapolis office next week to co-work! Join us and let's chat about Let's Encrypt: eventbrite.com/e/open-web-co-w

. @Mailchimp automatically creates a TLS/SSL certificate for each of their customers' landing pages! Automation is a huge part of a more secure Web. More info at: mailchimp.com/resources/whats-

Last year Let's Encrypt Lead Developer @j4cob spoke with @github Pages about using @Fastly with Let's Encrypt certificates: vimeo.com/291583730 

Thanks to @troyhunt for catching up with few Let's Encrypt staff at his stop.

The Let's Encrypt community is working every day to help us break down the barriers to a more secure Web for everyone. Our Website is now in several different languages! To be a part of this awesome work, check out github.com/letsencrypt/website @privacyala

"The Common CA Database is helping us protect individuals’ security and privacy on the internet and deliver on our commitment to use transparent community-based processes to promote participation, accountability and trust." - Kathleen Wilson from @Mozilla