Are you @acm_ccs in London? Learn about the hypotheses behind Let's Encrypt and how it works in today's presentation by @jhalderm 16:00-17:30!

Let's Encrypt/ISRG is its own 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Find out more about how and why we run a certificate authority for the public's benefit in the recently published @acm_ccs paper:

Our friends and supporters @HawkHost have been using Let's Encrypt certificates for over 3 years to give their customers' domains HTTPS. Thanks for sponsoring and making a more secure Web a priority!

Many people in our community have been asking for a better way to get Let's Encrypt certificates in a Windows environment. The great news: The team @EFF has been working on just this and are looking for more people to help test!

A simple diagram of how the ACME protocol works with a client. Curious to learn more? Let's Encrypt co-founders partnered with researchers from @Stanford to publish a paper about how our CA works.

A huge thank you to our incredible community for breaking down the language barrier to a more secure Web!

Questions about using Let's Encrypt in your environment? Our sponsor, @DigitalOcean, has over 30 docs on using Let's Encrypt:

Why do we run a free, automated, and open certificate authority? Because we want to create a more secure and privacy-respecting Web. More information about Let's Encrypt:

You can use Let's Encrypt certificates for your @Wix -based site! Thanks to Wix for using and supporting Let's Encrypt.

Join this community of sponsors by e-mailing

It takes a village... nay, a WORLD, to run this certificate authority. Thanks to our sponsors from all over the globe for your support - your dedication to a more privacy-respecting Web is amazing.

Our sponsor, @Shopify, uses Let's Encrypt certificates on Shopify stores and have since early 2016. More information:

Did you know that Let's Encrypt resides under the 501(c)(3) organization, Internet Security Research Group (ISRG)? Check out ISRG and the Radiant Award at:

If you're like @ipinfoio, you know why it's important to support a more secure Web through a Let's Encrypt sponsorship. E-mail us at to get started.

Curious about HTTPS growth on the Web? Check out that and more on our stats page:

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