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Thank you, @Undeveloped, for giving back to a more secure Web through your sponsorship!

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.@VMware & @letsencrypt are working together & using to create a secure, privacy-respecting Internet. Learn how. r.socialstudio.radian6.com/16d

We work hard to make sure our certificate authority is the best it can be. Check out how we teamed up with @Princeton to begin using multi-perspective validation to improve domain validation security. letsencrypt.org/2020/02/19/mul

For the remaining 1M certificates that we could not confirm were replaced, we determined that it is in the best interest of the health of the Internet for us to not revoke those certificates by the deadline. We will continue revoking these certs as they are replaced.

We've worked with subscribers worldwide to replace affected certificates as quickly as possible. More than 1.7M affected certificates were replaced in less than 48 hours. We'd like to thank everyone who helped with this effort.

If your cert is affected, simply renew the certificate today and you will not have an interruption in service.

On March 4, we will revoke 2.6% of currently active Let's Encrypt certificates. These certificates were affected by a compliance bug. Please see the details at: community.letsencrypt.org/t/re

Open source is everywhere and powers so much of the technology used every day - including the Let's Encrypt CA! We are excited to have @vmwopensource giving back to open source and Let's Encrypt. twitter.com/vmwopensource/stat

You have probably heard of TLS or SSL certificates, but do you know how a certificate authority works to get those certificates? Here's a look into ours: letsencrypt.org/how-it-works/

A billion is a hard number to imagine. 4.5 years ago when we issued our first certificate, who could have thought we would be here today - 1 billion certificates issued. letsencrypt.org/2020/02/27/one

We build tools that poke holes in logs and find bugs! It is a tool for monitoring a Certificate Transparency log for operational problems called ct-woodpecker. More info: github.com/letsencrypt/ct-wood

Y por sobre todo, ¡gracias a ustedes, nuestra comunidad, por hacer esto posible!

Gracias a nuestro equipo, nuestro intrépido líder/Director Ejecutivo @0xjosh, y todos los que contribuyeron en este proyecto.

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