Just how big of an impact has Let's Encrypt had in the past year? Check out our annual report! Links on: letsencrypt.org/about/

Let's Encrypt is a free, automated, open, nonprofit Certificate Authority.

With a staff of just 13, how do we spend our time? Take a look.

Did you just take a breath? We just issued 15 certificates. Help us continue to make the Web more secure with HTTPS - a handful of our supporters have come together to double your donation today! letsencrypt.org/donate/ 

In the past 5 days, we have issued over 5 million certificates from our certificate authority. That's over a million a day; over 41,000 an hour; over 700 per minute.

RT if you have used a Let's Encrypt certificate in the past 5 days - could be you were on a site that had a Let's Encrypt certificate, or you got a Let's Encrypt certificate for one of your own websites.

Did you know that $50,000 runs Let's Encrypt for five days, issuing over five million certificates? On the theme of 5s, would you be able to donate $55 or $555 to help us reach our goal today? letsencrypt.org/donate/ 

We need $12,940 to unlock the matching grant from @NetAppCloud! Can you help us reach our goal? letsencrypt.org/donate/ 

Let's Encrypt makes HTTPS free and easy-to-use so a billion people every day can have a more secure Web experience. We are a nonprofit organization making the Web better! Donate today and join us in this work! letsencrypt.org/donate/ 

Aidez-nous à atteindre notre objectif de 50 000 USD cette semaine! Faites un don aujourd'hui! letsencrypt.org/fr/donate/ 

Every TLS certificate issued means a more secure Web. Join us in supporting @letsencrypt as they issue more than a million certificates every day! We are matching all donations up to $25,000. @Netapp @NetAppCloud @NetAppCloudData letsencrypt.org/donate/

Helfen Sie uns, in dieser Wocher unser Ziel von 50.000 US-Dollar zu erreichen! letsencrypt.org/de/donate/  Spenden Sie HEUTE!

Ajude-nos a alcançar a nossa meta de $50.000 USD nesta semana! Faça sua doação HOJE! letsencrypt.org/pt-br/donate/ 

¡Ayúdenos a alcanzar nuestro objetivo de $ 50,000 USD esta semana! Done hoy! letsencrypt.org/es/donate/ 

Durante el mes de diciembre compartiremos el impacto que tiene la gente como tú: personas que nos prestan apoyo en nuestra labor de asistir diariamente a casi 200 millones de páginas web; de asistir a mil millones de personas. Únete a nosotros: letsencrypt.org/es/donate/

Im Monat Dezember möchten wir die Erfolge mit Ihnen teilen, die Menschen wie Sie bewirkt haben: die spenden, um unsere Arbeit zu unterstützen und die uns dabei helfen, fast 200 Millionen Webseiten. letsencrypt.org/de/donate/

We make a difference in a billion people's lives, every day. Help us to continue this work: letsencrypt.org/donate/ 

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