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Looking to use HTTPS on your website? @EFF's certbot is a great way to deploy Let's Encrypt certificates. certbot.eff.org/

Do you know a Site Reliability Engineer who would be a great addition to our team? We are hiring! abetterinternet.org/careers/

.@SucuriSecurity has supported Let's Encrypt through sponsorship for many years - and ours is a partnership to be celebrated! Thanks for making the Web better with us.

Want to know more about the parent org of Let‘s Encrypt, Internet Security Research Group? abetterinternet.org/

Here's our of ISRG Executive Director Josh Aas talking about Let's Encrypt at CodeConf2016 (thanks @github!): youtube.com/watch?v=G3Z0F8Tw13

Thank you @infomaniak for your support of a more secure Web! Sponsorships help us make the Web more privacy-respecting for billions of end users, every day.

Thank you to @Hostpoint for your continuing support of Let's Encrypt through sponsorship!

We couldn't do this without the help and support of our community. Thanks for using Let's Encrypt certificates and making this big idea a reality! letsencrypt.org/donate/

One year ago today we launched ACMEv2 and officially began issuing wildcard certificates. Since then, over 70M certificates have been issued using ACMEv2!

Let's Encrypt and the certificates we issue are truly - making a better, more secure Web for everyone. We couldn't have done any of this without our awesome community and continued support. Thank you! letsencrypt.org/donate/ 

Yesterday, 19 years after HTTP over TLS was finalized as RFC 2818, the ACME protocol became an IETF standard with RFC 8555. letsencrypt.org/2019/03/11/acm

On June 27, 2017 the Let's Encrypt certificate authority celebrated a huge milestone - 100M certificates issued! letsencrypt.org/2017/06/28/hun

The percentage of Web pages using HTTPS reached 50% in January of 2017 - almost 23 years after HTTPS was first created.

In September 2015, the Let's Encrypt certificate authority issued its first certificate, beginning the process of breaking down the educational, financial, and technical barriers to HTTPS.

In May 2013, Internet Security Research Group (ISRG, the non-profit organization behind the Let's Encrypt project) filed for incorporation. abetterinternet.org/

HTTP over TLS was recognized by IETF in May 2000 with RFC 2818, authored by cryptographer and now-Firefox CTO Eric Rescorla.

HTTPS was created in 1994 by Netscape, beginning a new phase of security and encryption on the Web.