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Old Man Winter dropped the first snowfall of the season on us today here in . Stay warm and travel safe out there.

How the Linode family celebrates !

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Ready to meet a true Philly legend?

We're happy to announce that @GrittyNHL will be making an appearance at Fusion Homecoming, presented by @linode!

Tickets are almost sold out! Get on it!

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The wait is over! We’re coming back to Philly for Fusion Homecoming 2018, presented by @linode!

Join us for a meet and greet at @N3rdStGamers, and a Show Match against a mystery opponent!

Show Match Tickets and info:

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@linode had some awesome lights last night.

We had many collaborators who contributed to the development of this concept who deserve great credit for their commitment to the Internet and its implementation and evolution." [3/3] Full paper [pdf]:

some of the basic ideas and written a paper which was accepted by IEEE Transactions on Communications on November 5, 1973. That paper, "A Protocol for Packet Network Intercommunication" was TCP - later elaborated as TCP/IP. [2/3]

We caught up with Vint Cerf @vgcerf to talk about the inception of TCP/IP over 45 years ago. Here's what he had to say, "Bob Kahn invited me to participate in his idea of open networking in the Spring of 1973 and by September 1973 we had worked out..." [1/3]

We’re heading down to DeveloperWeek in Austin, TX for over 100 visionary talks and technical workshops.

Linode now has an official Provider so customers can interact with Linodes, Domains, NodeBalancers, BlockStorage and our other services.

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Poor chap has been waiting for this server to POST since we moved in, no one told him it's not plugged in!

Great news! The official Linode Terraform Provider is now available: @HashiCorp

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My talk is posted! Salt for Network Engineers:

Our very own Andrew Dampf spoke at on how Linode leverages Salt in the networking world. Watch the presentation:

has taken over the Fairmont hotel! Day one is about to wrap up, but be sure to stop by the Venetian room tomorrow and chat with the team.

Longtime fan, first time attendee. We are excited to be a part of this year. See you next week in San Francisco!