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On the heels of , I'm hosting a launch event with @linode next week. Set a reminder here to join our about their new managed K8s youtu.be/dLGapR2hfmo

Any wizards out there that can give a helping hand? One of our members has some questions about PF configurations  linode.com/community/questions

Learn about the fundamental concepts of , from the components of a Kubernetes cluster to network model implementation: linode.com/content/kubernetes-  

In our latest spotlight, learn how @_Feedify is using our cloud infrastructure services to manage approximately 300 million push notification messages per day: linode.com/spotlight/ankur-pha 

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Should we replace Human Resources with People Operations?

For this week's we spoke to @Protenus Chief People Officer @MeganEmhoff and @linode People Ops Director @ThatTechHRGuy  technical.ly/2020/05/26/should

Introducing our new virtual events series, ! Join industry experts and Linode Partners to explore new topics right from your home or office. Learn more here: linode.com/blog/linode/introdu 

Designed for students, the BBC micro:bit, in conjunction with and the Mu editor, can help you get started with microcontroller programming: linux-magazine.com/Issues/2020  via @linux_pro

“Linode raised the bar for us. With Linode Kubernetes Engine, we can declare more of our dependencies via this single API that the entire industry is converging on.” – Gerhard Lazu, Site Reliability Engineer at @Changelog


7 video games that run entirely in a shell — no graphics, just jumping around the screen: youtube.com/watch?v=aZPDd7bywo  via @BryanLunduke

Hosting your own CS:GO server offers you control over team size and server location, so you and your friends can play with low latency. Here's how to get started with our CS:GO One-Click App: linode.com/docs/platform/one-c 

4 alternative ways to approach the foundational elements of project management and collaboration: linode.com/blog/cloud-computin  via @msprout

Looking for a service you can trust? Why not run your own with Linode's @OpenVPN One-Click App. Here's how to get started: linode.com/docs/platform/one-c 

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