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Merge Conflict

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@mergeconflictfm I completely forgot to tweet about this, but my awesome MergeConflict podcast swag arrived a while back! Thanks @JamesMontemagno @praeclarum

Big shout out to our sponsor this week @wildernesslabs who just launched their awesome kickstarter for Meadow, a Full-Stack .NET IoT Platform that can run .NET Standard 2.0!!! Check it out:

On today's pod we discuss debugging libraries and NuGets with debug symbols, sourcelink, and a few other options:

Need some Real Time Communication for your web and mobile apps? We cover in detail on the latest episode:

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Listening to something new today. It's Episode 121 of @mergeconflictfm called "Real Time Communication"  - Runtime ~ 40 min.

Are you a small business? Independent app developer? Built something awesome and want to promote it? We are looking to fill a few advertising spots for the rest of the year. Head over to  and send us an email!

On this weeks @trinspocast our very own @praeclarum shares his travel stories across Egypt: 

Looking for last minute Lightning Talk topics for Episode 120! Get them in now!

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On this weeks @mergeconflictfm I get to review the new and and then we dive into some awesome new APIs in 

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Omg a @mergeconflictfm coaster!!! I love this. I can put my all important hot beverages on here when I am smashing code and editing @soundbitefm content for you all