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Nearly 50 years after we collected Moon rocks and soil during Apollo, we're ready to look at them with new eyes. 9 teams will receive unopened samples from Apollo 17 to study them with the latest technology. Thanks for the time capsule @nasa circa 1972! 

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We have a special guest on the latest episode of Watch this Space! Join me behind the scenes of the recent @spacex Demo-1 launch with @elonmusk as we discuss what it’s like to be on the cusp of a new era of human spaceflight. Full Episode: 

Join us as we explore going to the Moon and on to Mars. Get the latest updates on the work underway to send astronauts on this path, along with other news from us. Subscribe to get a bit of space right in your inbox: 

Storms that stir sediment like watercolors. Chunks of ice that arrange like mosaic tiles. And swaths of desert sand that layer like oil paint. We have compiled a book of awe-inspiring @NASAEarth satellite images. Discover the beauty of our home planet: 

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Celebrating watching the aurora from @Space_Station this year!

Like rockets and social media? Apply to attend a @NASASocial event in April for the next @spacex launch to the @Space_Station from @NASAKennedy. Details and application: 

Do you see the in this @chandraxray image?

Nicknamed the "Teacup," this object is about 1.1 billion light years away. The "handle" is a ring of optical and X-ray light, while the "cup" is a black hole known as a quasar. Details: 

Is there a pot of gold at the end of a green aurora? We're not sure, but these green lights are perfect for the holiday:

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Take a second look! See new images added from the launch of Expedition 59 @Astro_Christina, @AstroHague of @nasa, and Alexey Ovchinin of @roscosmos to the @Space_Station! Pix: 

How are stars and planets born? What happens to its planets when a star dies?

Come along on an epic interstellar journey, billions of years long, through the life and death of a planetary system: 

Stephanie Wilson has soared to some great heights — on Earth & in space. She's a veteran of 3 spaceflights, served as the Space Station Integration Branch Chief & is currently the Mission Support Crew Branch Chief. Learn more for : 

The @NASAWebb Space Telescope will change how we think about the night sky & our place in the cosmos Get inspired by artists around the world who are creating works based on this mission: . Have your own masterpiece? Tweet it using .

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Welcome to our new crewmates, @AstroHague, @Astro_Christina and Alexey! Happy to have two of my 8-ball classmates as roommates on @Space_Station.

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If at first you don't succeed, fly, fly again! Feels good to finally be home on @Space_Station.

What plans are you cooking up for your weekend? Well, we’re cooking up an alien atmosphere right here on Earth. In a @NASAJPL study, we are heating mixtures of hydrogen and carbon monoxide to simulate atmospheric conditions on exoplanets. Learn more: 

Strong budget support for our Moon to Mars effort, a new crew launches to the @Space_Station and training for @NASA_Orion recovery … a few of the stories to tell you about – This Week at NASA! Watch: .

Shine bright like a cluster @NASAHubble has done it again. This image reveals a globular cluster of stars in the constellation of Sagittarius, 18,000 light-years away from Earth. Learn more and shine bright: 

We’re opening our doors for social media users to come behind the scenes for the next @spacex cargo launch to the International @Space_Station, currently targeted for late April. Apply to attend this event at @NASAKennedy in Florida: 

Get your questions ready! Join us NOW for a @Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ with some of our who are scientists, pilots, engineers and project managers contributing to our mission of exploration → 

In a space agency filled with trailblazers, women play a vital role shaping how we explore our home planet & the universe. In honor of , join on @Reddit at 2pm ET to ask anything about careers & our mission of exploration: