Our program will return astronauts to the Moon by 2024.

What is Artemis?
Why go to the Moon?
How do we get there?
When will we get there?
What will we do there?

Answers to these frequently asked questions: nasa.gov/what-is-artemis?utm_s 

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42 years ago , Voyager I captured this historic image-- the first time the Earth and Moon had been photographed in the same frame. 11.66 million kilometers (7.25 million miles) from Earth, the spacecraft was directly above Mt. Everest at the time.

Want to go to space with Brad Pitt? Here’s the next best thing. Join the actor & more than 9 million other people who are sending their names to the Red Planet aboard our next rover, .

Submit your name by Sept. 30 to get a boarding pass: nasa.gov/feature/jpl/deadline- 

Happy birthday, @usairforce! We're proud of our decades of collaboration with you in aeronautics and human spaceflight. We salute the many @NASA_Astronauts and NASA employees who have served.

We’re turning up the heat on our I spacecraft, testing @NASA_Orion under extreme simulated in-space conditions. With a job like returning humans to the Moon by 2024, this craft must be ready for anything. Check out its training regime : nasa.tumblr.com/post/187798078 

Who is more believable playing an astronaut in a movie — George Clooney or Brad Pitt?

Find out @AstroHague's response when being asked this question during a space-to-Earth call with... Brad Pitt: youtu.be/_oVYSwmIrZk?linkId=73 

Three space travelers, including @Astro_Jessica , cosmonaut Oleg Skripochka & spaceflight participant Hazzaa Ali Almansoori , are set to leave Earth next week for a nearly six-hour ride to the @Space_Station. Here's a look at their launch prep: flickr.com/photos/nasa2explore 

The on : 50 years ago today, the 1st Moon rock went on display at the @Smithsonian. When we go back to the lunar surface with our program, we will collect new samples from unexplored regions of the Moon.

Where can you see a Moon rock? nasa.gov/specials/apollo50th/r 

"When I started at NASA, I had to move every 6 months to Puerto Rico and back. It was very difficult, but it was worth it," says Yari Collado-Vega, a space weather researcher. In honor of , click the YouTube link below to hear her story (English subtitles). twitter.com/NASA_es/status/117

Another milestone for our plan to send the first woman & next man to the Moon by 2024: a successful water flow test on the launchpad. The sheets of water will suppress the sound of 176 decibels caused by the launch of our @NASA_SLS rocket. More details: nasa.gov/feature/pad-39b-water 

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The Sinai Peninsula and Nile River Delta. As clear as seeing it in an atlas!

In this 2002 image, Franklin Chang-Diaz performs work on the @Space_Station. Chang-Diaz, an astronaut of Costa Rican descent, is a veteran of 7 Space Shuttle missions, tying the record as of 2018 for the most spaceflights. Celebrate : nasa.gov/image-feature/frankli 

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cast members Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones and director James Gray joined @nasa Administrator @JimBridenstine for a screening of the film @NatGeo
Check out photos from the event! flickr.com/short_urls.gne?phot 

Cloud formations over the Pacific! An astronaut took this photo on April 4, while the @Space_Station was traveling near the southernmost reaches of its orbit. The striking colors within the cloud formation are a result of the local sunrise. Zoom in: earthobservatory.nasa.gov/imag 

Got wanderlust? Now with our 'Send Your Name to Mars' program, you can ride along with our rover on a trip to the Red Planet. Get your boarding pass: mars.nasa.gov/participate/send 

We're thrilled that our work bringing space to you was recognized with two ! @NASAKennedy + @spacex won for multimedia coverage of the first test flight, and @NASAJPL for interactive coverage of the @NASAInSight . More: nasa.gov/feature/nasa-wins-two 

LIVE NOW: What does it take to go from science fiction to science reality? As we prepare for a new era of lunar exploration w/ , actor Brad Pitt plays an astronaut in .

Watch for a convo with talent from the movie & our experts: youtu.be/PwFya8EgYW0?linkId=73 

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Have questions for Brad Pitt or Director James Gray about their new movie @adastramovie? Tweet them to .

You can also send in questions for our @nasa guests about their lunar exploration plans to establish sustainable missions to the moon by 2024. twitter.com/postlive/status/11

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Congrats to the @Commercial_Crew and @NASAJPL teams for receiving awards! @nasa's efforts to engage a broader audience in exploration through the use of social media & online features was recognized this weekend: nasa.gov/feature/nasa-wins-two twitter.com/Commercial_Crew/st

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Perspective makes all the difference. From our perch on the @Space_Station 250 miles above, the living history of the Earth jumps out at you through buckles, folds, giant fans. Easily spotted from space is a striking geologic feature – The "Eye of the Sahara".

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