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Last call for applications!

We're opening our doors in June for you to see @spacex's Falcon Heavy rocket launch from @NASAKennedy in Florida. Apply to go behind the scenes, meet experts from @AFspace & much more during our event: .

Ever wanted to hike mountain trails on Mars?

Since 2014, @MarsCuriosity has been climbing the rocky terrain of Mount Sharp — for science! Follow the rover's path and see where scientists hope to learn more about the history of water on the mountain: 

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I joined Ali Velshi today on @MSNBC to talk about @nasa's plans. Watch:

Unlocking the potential science of the Moon allows us to explore like never before. Watch @Dr_ThomasZ of discuss how the @WhiteHouse budget amendment supports robotic exploration ahead of our 2024 mission to land humans on the lunar surface: 

We’re sending the 1st woman & next man to the Moon in 2024, but do you know about technology that will help us get there? Watch James Reuter of @NASA_Technology explain how a budget amendment enables us to do things quicker & more broadly than before: 

.@WhiteHouse’s budget amendment supports several elements that are needed to get us to the Moon in five years:

@NASA_SLS rocket
@NASA_Orion space capsule
Gateway lunar orbiter & a human lunar lander system

Discover more from Bill Gerstenmaier: 


New image! Our @NASAMoon orbiter captured this visual of the lunar impact site from @TeamSpaceIL's Beresheet spacecraft. If you look close, there are also clues about a possible man-made crater on the Moon: 

One day left to apply!

Experience a SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch & learn about @nasa projects onboard the @AFSpace launch — including new technology and space weather research missions. Deadline to apply is May 16 at 12pm ET. Details: 

We awarded $106 million to U.S. small businesses for their proposals that will help us land the 1st woman & next man on the Moon in five years. From managing pilotless aircraft to solar panels that deploy like blinds, learn more about their tech: 

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What are we doing to send humans back to the Moon in five years? Get answers to your mission questions during a @Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ tomorrow starting at 11:30am ET. Our experts will take questions at 

.@CBSThisMorning spoke with Administrator @JimBridenstine about our mission to send the first woman and next man to land on the surface of the Moon within five years. Take a look:

Exploration is in our DNA & our closest celestial friend, the Moon, is a treasure chest of science! As we look forward to mission, we're sharing these highlights of our favorite neighbor taken from the @Space_Station & Earth: 

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Strange things happen with honey when you remove gravity.

✓ Get a behind-the-scenes tour of @NASAKennedy
✓ See a @spacex rocket launch
✓ Meet @AFspace, @NOAA & @nasa experts

Why wouldn't you want to apply for our event in June? Here's how you can submit an application to go behind the scenes: 

"We're going to be sending humans to the Moon," said Administrator @JimBridenstine. He and other senior leaders spoke during an employee town hall about our mission to return astronauts to the Moon by 2024. Learn more about the mission: 

"Everyone who is of age remembers where they were when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the Moon. We are trying to create that moment for the next generation." - @JimBridenstine

We are going.

We are going to the Moon — to stay.

We will build sustainable infrastructure to support missions to Mars and beyond. This is what we’re building. This is what we’re training for. We are going.

LIVE NOW: Join Administrator @JimBridenstine and other senior leaders as they answer questions from our employees about the @WhiteHouse budget amendment that supports our work on the mission. Watch:

Today at 12:30pm ET, Administrator @JimBridenstine answers questions from employees about the @WhiteHouse budget amendment proposal that supports our plan to land astronauts on the Moon by 2024. Watch a televised town hall live at 12:30pm ET: 

“This program is going to enable a new generation of young girls, like my daughter, to see themselves in a way that they wouldn’t otherwise.” @JimBridenstine reflects on how will shape the future of @nasa when we send the 1st woman to the Moon: