Standing tall at 363 feet, the Saturn V rocket was the only vehicle of its time that could accomplish a feat such as landing humans on the Moon. This , the @AirAndSpace Museum has brought the rocket back to life on the Washington Monument: 

RT @NASAKennedy
Fifty years ago, humans took their first steps on the Moon and the world watched as we made history.

On July 19 at 1 p.m. ET, you can watch us salute our heroes and look forward to our next giant leap for future missions to the Moon and Mars: 

How have we prepared to celebrate the anniversary? We planet.

But in all seriousness, join us for broadcasts and at local events looking at Apollo every day this week.

See the schedule: 

The ultimate packing checklist for a trip to the Moon

Long before we had Twitter, we had 250-page documents sharing everything you wanted to know about @nasa. See this and more in the original Press Release: 

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. * .
.^. *
* . / _ \ *
. |.o. | Earth not doing it for you?
|'._.'| Us either. @nasa TV
,'.| | |'. launches 7/19
/ | | | \

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Meet Lindsay Aitchison, a NASA Engineer working on the team that’s helping us get back to the moon. She's taking questions on @WIRED's Instagram Stories on getting back to the moon, space suits, human lunar landers and more! Ask your question now: 

Today, we’re teaming up with @NatGeo to take you on a behind-the-scene scavenger hunt!

Follow along on @Instagram stories as we search through our archives for rarely seen artifacts from the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. Celebrate : 

Astronaut Drew Morgan is just 3 days away from launching to space for the 1st time! He will spend 9 months on @Space_Station eating space food & performing science experiments. Be sure to follow @AstroDrewMorgan for a behind-the-scenes look at his journey to space!

From prelaunch to liftoff to the lunar landing — it took 4 days for the crew to make it to the Moon from Earth. As we celebrate the anniversary, look at photos & details from humankind’s first journey to step foot on another world: 

| ,-------------- |
| | | |
| |  | |
| | | |
| `------------ * |

Need more space? NASA TV is launching on @Hulu 7/19.

“There was no second chance. We all knew that.” Margaret Hamilton led the team that developed the building blocks of software engineering — a term that she coined herself — for Apollo guidance. Remember the women who made possible: 

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Join us TODAY to talk about Moon rocks with an Apollo astronaut!

Tune in at 3 PM CT as Apollo 17's Harrison Schmitt and 's Renee Weber talk about lunar samples brought back to Earth during Apollo >> 

For the 1st time in half a century, our missions will allow us to examine the Moon’s surface up close. We will build on the knowledge from the Apollo missions & learn more about how to keep humans safe in space. Celebrate & learn more: 

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A full-sized, 363-foot Saturn V rocket is projected onto the Washington Monument 50 years to the day after astronauts Armstrong, Collins, and Aldrin launched on Apollo 11, the 1st mission to land astronauts on the Moon, Tuesday, July 16, 2019. 

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Just add water and you've got an out of this world cup of joe! the Apollo 11 astronauts drank their morning coffee en route to the Moon. : @airandspace

How'd they take it? Neil drank his black, Mike with sugar, and Buzz with cream and sugar.

RT @Astro_Christina
The odds were in our favor on @Space_Station today

So special to experience a partial lunar eclipse during the historic week of celebrations. Dreaming of the sights we’ll see on future missions.

We choose to go to the Moon!

It was 50 years ago today that lifted off from @NASAKennedy's Launch Pad 39A on a bold mission to land humans on the lunar surface. Discover more about our launch in this @Twitter moment:

On this day 50 years ago, three humans left Earth riding on the most powerful rocket in the world: the Saturn V.

Five decades later, how does it compare to America's next great rocket, the massive @NASA_SLS? Let's find out. Celebrate : 

Is there life on the Moon? No, but 50 years ago we didn’t know the answer to that question. Take a look inside the lab where our researchers tested Apollo 11 Moon samples for signs of life in this historic, never-before-seen footage: 

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