Today, @NASA_Astronauts and best friends @Astro_Christina and @Astro_Jessica embarked on the very first outside the @Space_Station to swap out a failed power controller! Learn more about the astronauts who made history today: nasa.tumblr.com/post/188432109 

This week:

@Astro_Christina & @Astro_Jessica make history
New spacesuits for generation astronauts
Hot-fire testing a system for @NASA_Orion, the crew spacecraft that will go to the Moon

These stories & more: youtu.be/Daelqxwph08?linkId=75 

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Final call! It’s the last day to sign up for the universe’s largest, international, . Register to be part of @SpaceApps and help build innovative solutions to real-world challenges we face on Earth, using @nasa open data: 2019.spaceappschallenge.org/au 

Throughout spaceflight history, 14 women have completed spacewalks. Today, @Astro_Jessica brought that number up to 15 as she floated outside the @Space_Station's airlock alongside @Astro_Christina for our . Watch for more: youtu.be/t8rI5i2HA48?linkId=75 

For our twin Van Allen Probes , seven years in the hazardous radiation belts around our home planet led to major discoveries about our near-Earth environment. In honor of the @NASASun mission's end today, here are 10 highlights from its findings: nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2019/ 

Today, history was made as @Astro_Jessica and @Astro_Christina successfully completed the first ! For more than 7 hours, the duo worked in the vacuum of space to conduct @Space_Station maintenance. Get details: blogs.nasa.gov/spacestation/20 .

Congratulations to @nasa astronauts and American pioneers @Astro_Christina and @Astro_Jessica for completing a historic first all-female spacewalk from @Space_Station! We are proud of you and the whole Space Station team as we move forward to the Moon and Mars!

Live Teleconference: @Dr_ThomasZ and officials discuss recommendations by the Planetary Protection Independent Review Board, which examined agency guidelines to suggest changes needed to address the changing reality of space exploration. Listen: nasa.gov/live?utm_source=TWITT 

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.@Astro_Christina and @Astro_Jessica completed the first today at 2:55pm ET successfully replacing a failed power controller with a spare that is now activated and charging a new lithium-ion battery. Read more... blogs.nasa.gov/spacestation/20 

During today's , @GirlsScouts shared well wishes for @Astro_Christina & @Astro_Jessica, both of whom are alum. Tune in to watch these spacewalkers wrap up today's excursion outside of the @Space_Station: twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1vOxw

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All woman commentators during the from @Space_Station Mission Control in Houston, TX!

LIVE NOW: During today’s , we have helmet camera views so that you can see what @Astro_Christina and @Astro_Jessica experience as they work outside of the @Space_Station. Tune in & ask questions using : twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1vOxw

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.@Astro_Christina and @Astro_Jessica have extended their scheduled 5.5-hour spacewalk today and will accomplish some get-ahead tasks on the space station. | /live/ 

“You’re doing an incredible job,” says @POTUS to @Astro_Christina and @Astro_Jessica during today’s . Tune in to watch history in the making: twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1vOxw

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LIVE NOW: @POTUS Trump and @VP Pence speak with @Astro_Jessica and @Astro_Christina during the first ! Tune in: twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1vOxw

Coming up shortly during today's , we're expecting a call from the @WhiteHouse at 12:27pm ET. Tune in: twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1vOxw

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While orbiting over the U.S., spacewalkers @Astro_Christina Koch and @Astro_Jessica are returning the failed power controller to the Quest airlock. The device will be returned to Earth on a future @spacex cargo mission for inspection. /live/ 

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The spacewalkers are working outside in the vacuum of space during orbital day and night. @MrsStorms1st and her first grade class want to know, "Are the spacesuits hot or cold?" | /live/ 

Today's is a milestone worth noting & celebrating as we look forward to putting the first woman and the next man on the Moon by 2024 with our program. Tune in to see @Astro_Christina & @Astro_Jessica work in the vacuum of space: twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1vOxw

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What's going on inside Mission Control during the ? Flight controllers are monitoring various systems built into @Astro_Christina & @Astro_Jessica's spacesuits, like oxygen & water, while relaying tasks to the spacewalkers & controlling systems on the station.

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