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Over 15,000 people from 150 countries participated in our @SpaceApps challenge to come up with new ways to address important issues related to COVID-19. About this global hackathon in collaboration with @ESA, @JAXA_en, @csa_asc & @CNES: go.nasa.gov/3hmrzR8

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UPDATE: This event is now taking place Thursday, June 11 at 11am ET. Tune in: nasa.gov/live twitter.com/NASA/status/12…

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Technicians have successfully tested our @NASAWebb telescope's Deployable Tower Assembly. Once in space, the tower will deploy to separate electronics & propulsion systems from the mirrors and sensors, which need to be very cold to perform optimal science: go.nasa.gov/2UpWfa6

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Saturn’s moon Titan is drifting away from the planet 100 times faster than previously understood.

These @NASASolarSystem findings, based on data from our Cassini mission, are an important piece to understanding the Saturn system's creation. More: go.nasa.gov/2UoSFgn

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Our new Moon rover, called VIPER, will create the first resource maps for human exploration before astronauts arrive in 2024.

This Wednesday, we’re announcing the company selected to deliver VIPER to the lunar surface. How to tune in: go.nasa.gov/37fl8ud

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Cruise motors for @NASAaero's first all-electric X-plane began several rounds of testing for the verification and validation process.

📝 The lessons learned from these motor tests will help set airworthiness standards for electric aircraft. More: go.nasa.gov/3h730Yc

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Here’s the front of @Space_Station now, the 1st @spacex Crew Dragon vehicle leading the way.

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The 10 booster segments that will help power I are ready to be shipped from @NorthropGrumman manufacturing facilities in Utah. Their arrival at @NASAKennedy will mark another milestone for @NASA_SLS and the Artemis Program. nasa.gov/exploration/sy…

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🚀 @Astro_Doug & @AstroBehnken lifted off from @NASAKennedy this week, marking the first launch of @NASA_Astronauts from U.S. soil in nearly a decade. Take a look back at this historic moment in this new episode of . go.nasa.gov/2XyWW2M

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Congratulations to @spacex and @nasa on an incredible launch, rendezvous, and docking of Endeavour. Incredibly honored now to be part of Expedition 63 on @Space_Station!

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NASA supercomputers are typically employed to model the Earth's climate or design space vehicles — now, they're being used to understand COVID-19 >> go.nasa.gov/2Mv4vkY

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Using data from our @NASAHubble space telescope, researchers made a surprising find: the formation of the first stars and galaxies took place sooner than previously thought. How they studied the early universe: go.nasa.gov/3cyeJeL

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Launch Vehicle On Stand ✔️

Last week, @NASAPersevere's ride to space went vertical at the pad.

Next ➡️ Four solid rocket boosters will be installed to the @ulalaunch Atlas V rocket in preparation to launch the mission to the Red Planet between July 17 - Aug. 11.

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Well done! High marks all around! 🚀

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Just awesome to be back in space and on @Space_Station!

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Congrats to the winners of NASA's second annual "Photographer of the Year" awards:

Documentation: @NASAWebb by Chris Gunn
Portrait: Tim Bencic with Tomography System by Jordan Salkin
People: Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel by Harlen Capen
Places: SSDI Facility by Chris Gunn

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Our Mars rover @NASAPersevere is scheduled to launch July 17 at 9:15am ET. Credentials are now open to a limited number of media: go.nasa.gov/3gTa2Q0

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Last week, our asteroid-sampling spacecraft @OSIRISREx made its closest swoop –– 820 feet (250 meters) –– over Osprey, a backup sample site on asteroid Bennu. The mission will make its first collection attempt at primary site Nightingale on Oct. 20: go.nasa.gov/3eK2xJt

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in 1965, the Gemini IV flight was launched. On this mission, astronaut Ed White became the first American to perform a spacewalk. Read more here:


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