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Extra, Extra, read all about her! Meet Michelle Gonzalez, Program Manager of Booster Avionics for @NASA_SLS rocket. The avionics system provides 80% of control for the rocket after launch & will send our @NASA_Orion into the stars. Step into her shoes: 

This week:

our fallen heroes
@NASAInSight deploys its Wind and Thermal Shield
@NASAGISS & @NOAA release global temperature data

Take a look at these stories & more: 

A little bit closer now. @LRO_NASA captured this shot of the Chang’e lander and rover in Von Kármán Crater on January 30th. The left arrow points to the lander and the right arrow points to the even smaller rover, just 2 pixels across. 

Earlier today, Northrup Grumman's cargo craft was successfully released from the . Among the cargo onboard during the November launch was a student-designed investigation seeking to understand Earth’s origin and early history.

Where does a spacecraft to go after it departs the @Space_Station?

For @NorthropGrumman’s cargo spacecraft, it will travel 62 miles HIGHER than the station’s orbit to deploy satellites. Find out why: 

Happy birthday Jules Verne! A writer of science fiction, he took readers on a journey 'Around the World in 80 Days.' In his honor, we take our own journey around the world, exploring 7 far-flung ground stations and the communications networks they support: 

It’s so hard to say goodbye! @NorthropGrumman’s cargo spacecraft successfully departed the @Space_Station today. Next, it will:

Alter its orbit
Deploy mini satellites
Harmlessly burn up over the Pacific Ocean

Watch : 

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"This time, when we go to the moon, we will stay." @nasa administrator @JimBridenstine lays out the future in an exclusive op-ed

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Exciting @nasa news! We're calling on the best and brightest of American industry to help design and develop human lunar landers. It's time to usher in the next chapter of human exploration. Read my op-ed on @ozy:

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waits on the end of SSRMS for release. Congrats to all involved in this successful cargo mission, and thank you for the resupply!

Departure confirmed! @NorthropGrumman’s cargo spacecraft was successfully released from the @Space_Station at 11:16am ET. At the time of release, the station was flying over the Pacific Ocean, just west of the coast of Peru. Watch: 

Happening Now: @NorthropGrumman’s cargo spacecraft departs the @Space_Station. The spacecraft is named for Gemini, Apollo and Space Shuttle astronaut John Young who logged 835 hours in space. Watch:  Ask ?s using

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Two astronauts are on deck this morning to release the @NorthropGrumman spacecraft from the station at 11:10am ET. Watch live on @nasa TV now. | 

LIVE NOW: There’s a spacecraft on the move! Tune in to watch @NorthropGrumman’s cargo spacecraft depart the @Space_Station after a three-month stay at our orbiting laboratory:  Ask questions using

Watch a spacecraft leave the @Space_Station! Three months after delivering tons of supplies and @ISS_Research experiments, @NorthropGrumman’s cargo spacecraft will depart the station this morning. Live coverage begins at 10:45am ET. Details: 

Hey @ArianaGrande, we saw 'NASA' trending this morning and thought it was about one of our new discoveries. But we realized that you might need some space.

It’s like you’re the universe and we’re N-A-S-A

Check out the universe: 

Three months after delivering several tons of supplies and science, @NorthropGrumman’s cargo spacecraft will depart the @Space_Station. Details on how to watch tomorrow starting at 10:45am ET: 

Correction: There was an error in a previous Tweet that has since been deleted. We identified melting sea ice as causing sea level rise when we meant melting land ice causes sea level rise.

The last five years have been the hottest in the modern record. So what? This means that fire seasons are burning hotter and longer and melting ice is raising sea levels around the world. Stay safe and informed: 

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45 years ago, the Skylab 4 crew splashed down after their 84-day mission -- the longest at the time. They completed far more science experiments than planned and conducted 4 spacewalks. Their return ended the crewed phase of the Skylab Program. /feature/45-years-ago-splashdown-of-third-and-final-skylab-crew/

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