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This is one of my favorite books so far: Cloud Native DevOps With Kubernetes (can download it for free thanks to )

"When you put it all together, you see the two joining forces to create an open-source-based, high-end network application services for today's cloud-based IT world." @ZDNet  cc @F5Networks

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Test the performance of the NGINX Ingress Controller for for yourself, let me know if you need help getting started?

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Have a cool @nginx story to tell? Submit a talk and get a chance to share your story at in Seattle, WA. 

Deadline is May 24.

There are many options for authenticating API calls, however, a de facto standard has emerged in the form of OAuth 2.0 access tokens. Here's how can act as an @oauth_2 Relying Party

“We measure our business in bets delivered. At peak times, we process 4,500 bets per second, or around 300 megabits per second on each of our NGINX Plus load balancers" Thank you @tipico for sharing how Plus manages your traffic easily & efficiently 

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F5 acquires @nginx: What to expect from the deal  via @ZDNet & @sjvn Together, the two are making a services play. @F5

More and more teams are using & in tandem to support app architectures. @MicroservicesTT shares 6 tips to master performance & management here: searchmicroservices.techtarget 

This blog describes the performance you can achieve with the NGINX Ingress Controller for , in terms of three metrics: requests per second, SSL/TLS transactions per second, and throughput. 

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F5 acquires @nginx: What to expect from the deal  via @ZDNet & @sjvn Together, the two are making a services play. @F5

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And just like that is over. Thanks to everyone for dropping by the @nginx booth. We enjoyed meeting you and we look forward to seeing you at the next show. Now, time for more cannolis!

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Check out the new employee swag from @F5Networks! Proud to join the family and .

Thanks @F5Networks we are thrilled to be a part of the family now!

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On March 11, we announced would be starting a new journey by joining @f5networks. Today, we’re officially a part of the F5 team and can now begin authoring that next chapter together. Read our shared vision for the future, here: 

It's official: is now part of . On the NGINX blog, Gus Robertson in his role as head of the NGINX business unit at F5 outlines how we'll merge the people, culture, and vision of the two companies as we work together to enhance NGINX technology.