A busy day at London! 11:50-12:40 Deploying NGINX as an API Gateway workshop, 14:25-14:50 at the Breakout room Liam Crilly, Director of Product Management speaks about Deployment patterns of API gateways and we’re looking forward to meeting you at our booth.

Did you know that sensitive data exposure by APIs is 3rd on the OWASP Top 10 Application Security Risks list? At yesterday’s Lunch and Learn in London, Andy March from and David Luke from showed how to secure every API touchpoint using Okta and NGINX.

If you deal with APIs, security must be in the forefront of your deployment. Learn from security experts on the Anatomy of API Security in this special Div0 Singapore meetup on November 20. Don't miss out, register now! meetup.com/div0_sg/events/2658 

2019年11月15日に開催されるRed Hat Forum 2019では、NGINXと @F5NetworksAPJ がゴールドスポンサーとして出展します。ぜひ弊社ブースにお立ち寄りの上、アプリケーションデリバリーのエキスパート達とお話しください。ご来場を心よりお待ちしております。

and native infrastructure are reshaping the modern IT stack. @gusrobertson shares the NGINX perspective at the Open Cloud Summit youtu.be/Yk-mfw7y6Ek

runs and manages applications in a way that begs for comparison to runtimes, so adding basic isolation support was only natural.

This is our first step towards implementing app containerization – the Unit way. nginx.com/blog/application-iso 

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Good interview with @nginx (now part of @F5Networks) CEO @gusrobertson and @Nasdaq @EmilyKDrewry
at Summit. Despite the importance of mentors, sometimes "in business, you have to be your own coach," Gus says: youtube.com/watch?v=Yk-mfw7y6E

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A busy morning at the booth at . Nice mixture of feedbacks from happy customers and questions about NGINX Open Source and NGINX Plus.

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Anyone playing with @nginx unit instead of PHP-FPM? What are your thoughts so far? nginx.com/products/nginx-unit/

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@frjaraur nuestro Infrastructure Product Manager en @HoplaSoftware participa de la junto a @nginx
See you there!

"APIs reflect the web-based world we live in, and providing direct database access over the web doesn't reflect this modern reality."

Nice explanation by @apievangelist about the proliferation of and benefits over db connector data silos apievangelist.com/2019/10/30/w

Microservices is one technology leading the march towards digital transformation. @bonzovt of @RoundTowerTech explains why NGINX and NGINX Plus are ideal for , both as gateways and Ingress controllers. nginx.com/blog/microservices-w 

Enabling OpenTracing helps you understand what is happening in your applications and debug problems more quickly. Here's how to enable of HTTP and requests in a cluster when using the NGINX Ingress Controller nginx.com/blog/opentracing-wit 

Here are a few solutions to mitigate against the ‑FPM vulnerability - including not relying on PHP‑FPM at all. Perhaps now is a good time to look at to run all of your apps nginx.com/blog/php-fpm-cve-201 

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