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How NPO Achieved High-Throughput, Secure Video Running on Modest, Off-The-Shelf Hardware

Help Yourself! A Tale of Adoption, , and the Challenge of Delivering Self-Service for a High-Growth Service. Watch @x0pherl's talk from :

We are pleased to announce release 1.4.0 of the Ingress Controller for Kubernetes. Read about this landmark release of our official, supported solution for Ingress load balancing on platforms 

Great explanation on how culture must change to keep up with new technologies like and from @VMware on @techreview. Read more below

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1.6 has been released. This release primarily focuses on improvements in module compatibility; thanks to the vibrant community, there's great progress here! cc @ngx_vbart

New use cases sometimes require new load‑balancing algorithms, and in NGINX Plus R16 and open source NGINX 1.15.1 we added a new method that is particularly suitable for distributed load balancers: an implementation of the “power of two choices” algorithm.

Audi Cockpit Project: A Web Dashboard Built Using Plus as an Gateway on AWS 

experts are noticing a recent shift in mid-sized and large organizations when it comes to , , and adoption – especially when it comes to security.  via @securityblvd

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NGINX is working on something they call njs – lets you run bits of JavaScript that can make calls directly into the NGINX runtime. A few examples

Learn the history of scripting in , and the vision for the future with njs, the NGINX Module.

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NGINX Unit Now Supports TLS and JavaScript Apps with Node.js by @nginx

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@nginx CEO, @gusroberston, shares his views on the and acquisition. In a nutshell? IBM negotiated a bargain, but must not screw up the culture. Read more:

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pave the way for application-centric load balancing architectures. Diamanti Solution Architect @guptaarvindk81 blogs about how @nginx and Diamanti pair up for new LB approaches that deliver better infrastructure resilience and application HA.