Catch Jay Desai of NGINX, Inc. on day 2 of APIDays Melbourne as he talks about Deployment Patterns for API Gateways. Few tickets left for APIDays Melbourne happening on September 19-20. Use discount code Nginx_Customerdisc when you register 

1.9.0 and 1.10.0 introduce request routing based on matching arguments, headers, cookies, and scheme; a built‑in WebSocket server for ; and new guides for Catalyst, NextCloud, Redmine, Docker, and language modules. More here: 

“Act, React, Evolve" @gusrobertson SVP & GM of NGINX at F5 Networks is just about to start his speaking session. Join him to to learn how to secure a competitive edge

Join @GusRobertson, SVP & GM of at @F5Networks, at 4:15pm as he shares his experience on how to get (and stay) ahead in an ever-evolving application environment.

RT @JayJKelley
.@F5Networks , in conjunction with its recent acquisition, @nginx has added & tweaked tools to help , & work together to deliver apps. @TechTarget @Arm @NS1 @awscloud @appdelivery

Join Jay Desai of @nginx as he delves into Deployment Patterns for API Gateways on day 2 of APIDays Melbourne. Register with discount code: Nginx_Customerdisc in 

Closing the doors on 2019 :)

Talk recordings will publish to our YouTube channel ASAP, otherwise thanks all for another great conf!

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What's a bake off without cupcakes? Head over to @alessfg session "The Great API Management Bake Off" at 4:05pm.

.@tammybutow from @GremlinInc at “Focus on MTTD: if you don't focus on mean time to detection, you're not focused on the impact of incidents on your customers."

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Game time at , pretty apt for this year's Level Up theme! @shadrin gameifies his talk on @nginx Unit as part of the Day 2 breakout sessions.

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‘Apps are like living organism’ With this belief, NGINX is offering technologies to developers for ‘Code to Customer’ journey. It is wonderful to catchup with Gus and Igor at the Nginx Confernece.
@gusrobertson @isysoev @nginx

So many great sessions at !

Join us with @nginx at 2:25 PDT in room Willow A to hear about GSLB with NS1 + NGINX.

Also, make sure to stop by the @NS1 booth to win a Nintendo Switch and grab some swag!

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It's the last day of and we're excited for all the sessions we have planned after lunch!

Join @NS1 session on Global Load Balancing using NS1 + @nginx. Learn why your application traffic stack is critical for great end user experience - 2:25PM today in Willow A.

Now live is @Arm, sharing how to cost-optimize your next NGINX deployment on AWS EC2 A1. They also have a breakout session at 1:45, and if you’re not at you can learn more here:

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@owengarrett talking about upcoming Service Mesh module in NGINX Controller. Concept diagram of app topography..

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