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Great breakdown on Microservices: Introduction to Microservices by @nginx

Watch our deep dive into NGINX for load balancing, including a demo that shows how manages app delivery across multiple clouds

Registration is Now Open for 2019!! Join us on Sept. 10–11 in Seattle, WA at our annual event for devs, ops, and architects looking to modernize their applications. 

Service mesh is a milestone on your journey, but it’s not the starting point.

Proceed down the modernization path now, using ingress routers and load balancers, and you will know when you reach the tipping point where it’s time to consider a

OTA is critical to deploying new firmware to devices; without it user intervention is required, either by the consumer or by a technician visiting (possibly literally) the device in the field.

Here's how to use to deploy updates automatically.

@webopsx shows how to configure as an API gateway with the API Management module

Do you know if your management solution is built on NGINX?

Have they incorporated all the latest security patches?

These are typical timeframes we’ve observed for recent CVE patches to API management solutions built on top of . 

Waitlist is open for the sold-out meetup to hear @liamcrilly's talk on different deployment patterns for API gateways 

Join tomorrow's webinar, "Scale your Application to New Heights with and ." Co-hosted with @awscloud, in an EMEA-friendly time zone.

Register to attend, and to receive the recording: 

Watch an overview of the strategy and product portfolio. This session covers key use cases, how the platform is evolving, and the vision of combining NGINX with @F5Networks

's @lmacvittie explains why focusing on efficiency is key to bridging the divide between traditional and modern architectures  @F5Networks

Each year, we create a new fork from our mainline branch which becomes the new stable branch. Today we released 1.16.0 which takes in all new features from the 1.15.x mainline branch. See changes here:

Comment mettre en place une stratégie de développement d'API efficace? @owengarrett explores factors to consider as become more crucial to your business @journaldunet 

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Amazing news today, is now the most used for all websites globally. @Netcraft

"The momentum just keeps growing!" @gusrobertson 

Beef up your access to your applications by using opaque session tokens. Learn about NGINX Plus R18’s enhancements to @OpenID Connect:

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"Most websites now use nginx!" from Netcraft April 2019 report this morning "Significantly, this is the first time since 1996 that a vendor other than Microsoft or Apache has served the largest number of websites."

Is part of your digital transformation initiatives around how to securely connect and manage your APIs? Take part in the first Conference from April 23-24, and talk to the experts like NGINX! Get 25% off tickets when you register: