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are hot on adoption, however, it's important to maintain controls in the process. Learn how to implement to close the security gap in your from @Forbes:

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We really are on top of the world here at our @nginx Lunch and Learn at the Rooftop learning about management and all things internet

Only 8% of CEOs believe their business model will survive the current levels of large-scale digital disruption. Better read @raconteur's guide to digital transformation

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TLS 1.3 improved performance by reducing the number of round trips to set up a secure connection – At Nginx, Inc.

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product dude @fymemon has the meetup mic, starting with a quick Swiss Army knife slide before he demos new features like TLS 1.3 and grpc

Avoid the “spaghetti ball of interconnected ” with these tips, tricks, and predictions from @odewahn on management:  via @ITproportal

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Owen Garrett (@owengarrett) @nginx speaks about lessons learned while load balancing clouds. Learn more about open infrastructure at

[Watch On Demand] TLS 1.3 is faster and more secure than TLS 1.2. In this webinar we cover what’s new in 1.3, how to use it with NGINX, plus other new features in and 

Building security into cloud native apps with NGINX via @wallarm co-founder @stepah for @helpnetsecurity

Following IBM's HIP announcement at , @TheEbizWizard for @forbes argues, "As cloud native integration [] matures, the integration approaches popular today will become increasingly obsolete". Agree or disagree?

[Live Webinar] The rise of cloud, , and calls for software-based, agile application infrastructure solutions. Learn how to gracefully migrate to and @SignalSciences, the ADC and next-gen WAF built for modern applications. 

This Wednesday in San Francisco, meet up at our headquarters near Moscone for a talk on open source from @fymemon, and @GremlinInc's @homingli on

Our developing channel program is as innovative as our application delivery platform. @CRN covers 's approach to partnering. 

Consumers are not only shopping , but "omnitouchpoint". @jonfeldman explains how play a key role in modern digital via @mcmerchant