Join us in Seattle for the 5th Annual ! Learn how can play a critical role in modernizing your applications and infrastructure. 

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ppa users will see updates land over the next 24 hours as CI tests pass on the packaging and uploads happen. So the latest builds will be up. cc @nginx @nginxorg if you can retweet or share to the NGINX userbase at large to help spread the word thatd be great...

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often go unnoticed by nearly everyone except a handful of individuals working in IT. This often leaves APIs poorly defended and monitored, two factors that make APIs a crucial weak spot in an organization's cyber defense. 

Catch up on the most popular talks from 2018, then get your ticket to attend Conf IRL next month!

When it comes to workflow systems for , there's no one-size-fits-all approach. Learn workflow pattern options from @CIMIcorp for @MicroservicesTT searchmicroservices.techtarget

There are new releases of all NGINX versions in response to HTTP/2 vulnerabilities. We recommend upgrading all systems that have HTTP/2 enabled.

NGINX 1.16.1 (stable)
NGINX 1.17.3 (mainline)
NGINX Plus R18 P1

Learn more here:

is ONE month away. We have great speakers lined up from Audi, Visa, Charter Communications, Microsoft, and more! See the full agenda: 

How has changed over the past 20 years? @technicallyevan recaps how much has changed since 2000  via @TechRepublic

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Together with NGINX, @SumoLogic pulls data and presents it in an easily digestible manner. Check out part 3 of this technical blog series.

[Watch on-demand] More than 87% of websites are SSL-encrypted and organizations can have thousands of certificates in production. Learn how to load certificates dynamically in this on demand webinar 

The NGINX Modules workshop is back by popular demand! Dive into internals and learn how to extend functionality at . Save your spot! 

Principal Threat Evangelist at @F5Networks @lmacvittie, shares how she got into STEM, and the importance of mentoring and encouraging women in the industry @FENews

“It becomes difficult to create a symbiotic relationship needed to get to that nirvana.”

@colinwfletcher and @jpruth on dealing with the disconnect between developers and security via @InformationWeek

"Most web security challenges today are really found in the applications running on those servers." Regardless, here's a few best practices to secure your web server via @KSZ714 for @DarkReading

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