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Support for regular expressions is one of the powerful features of NGINX, but regexes can be complex and difficult to get right. Learn how regexes can be used and check out a new tester for nginx.com/blog/regular-express 

The regular expression tester for NGINX takes the guesswork out of regexes, telling you whether a regex for a location or map block matches values as you intend. nginx.com/blog/regular-express

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NGINX is now the most used web server for ALL websites across the globe. A truly impressive milestone, Congratulations Igor and Team! @nginx @nginxorg @Netcraft

Amazing news today, is now the most used for all websites globally. @Netcraft

"The momentum just keeps growing!" @gusrobertson news.netcraft.com/archives/cat 

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We're hosting a webinar so you can ask us anything about the @F5Networks acquisition, and our vision for the future. nginx.com/resources/webinars/n

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With you can push a new @letsencrypt cert without restarting application processes @shadrin

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There are always concerns when an enterprise acquires projects. CEO @gusrobertson explains why @F5Networks is committed to maintaining and growing @nginxorg nginx.com/blog/nginx-f5-contin 

Internal routing makes your applications more configurable and dynamic. Learn more about 1.8.0's new internal routing feature: nginx.com/blog/nginx-unit-1-8-

Northstack, the new Wordpress environment by @Pagely, chose to serve their customers' applications - both standard Wordpress and custom apps in various languages! northstack.com/  @GoNorthStack

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is now used by 60% of the 100,000 busiest sites in the world. Thank you to all the contributors to the project over the years, both internal and external to the company! w3techs.com/technologies/cross 

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NGINX is now used by 60% of the 100,000 busiest sites in the world. This is a huge milestone for the all the contributors to the project over the years, both internal and external to the company. w3techs.com/technologies/cross

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