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NGINX is working on something they call njs – lets you run bits of JavaScript that can make calls directly into the NGINX runtime. A few examples

Congratulations to creator @isysoev for winning a HighLoad++ award for contributions to the web-development ecosystem @HighLoadConf

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Reminder to update your installations to the 1.14.1 stable or the 1.15.6 mainline versions for critical security patches released this week. customers, see instructions for updating based on the patch released 10/30

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Love>> really good way to frame the question for “how to microservice” @nginx!!

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Nginx is now used by 40% of all websites and by 66.7% of the top 10,000 sites.

nginx-1.14.1 stable and nginx-1.15.6 mainline versions have been
released, with fixes for vulnerabilities in HTTP/2 (CVE-2018-16843,
CVE-2018-16844) and the MP4 module (CVE-2018-16845). Read CHANGES for more information

Watch NGINX developer Dmitry Volyntsev's talk on njs - NGINX Module - a general purpose scripting framework for

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Test your @nginx configuration changes before you reload the config file using the "nginx -t" command.

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The @nginx team fixed Unit's support for Promises, making its Node.js support pretty much production-ready: . I first did a blob about it here: .

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nginxinc/kubernetes-ingress (1.3.1): NGINX and NGINX Plus Ingress Controllers for

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if you love me and/or @nginx's stylish new orchestration tools for node.js services you should please direct your attention to

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Mirrored.Social [BETA]

This Mastodon instance is dedicated to mirroring the social media accounts of interesting/useful people and organizations from elsewhere on the Internet. At least until such time as they create their own accounts on the Mastodon network.

If you control an account that is being mirrored here and would like to make changes to how that's done (or not done), please contact Dave Wood via

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Currently in Beta status. Please let me know if you see bugs or issues.

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