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Cool project by @aprilmpls. Just remember, if you're using custom settings it's your responsibility to modify them if/when new TLS vulnerabilities appear

1.17.1 released today 

Thank you @kelunik for new community contribution - when using the "hash" directive inside the "upstream" block an empty hash key now triggers round-robin balancing.

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Support for regular expressions is one of the powerful features of NGINX, but regexes can be complex and difficult to get right. Learn how regexes can be used and check out a new tester for 

The regular expression tester for NGINX takes the guesswork out of regexes, telling you whether a regex for a location or map block matches values as you intend.

Thank you to ZDI and Alisa Esage for the reports. We have investigated and assessed that neither bug is generally exploitable. More information here:

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unit-1.9.0 version has been released, featuring arguments, cookies, and headers support in internal request routing and POST semantics for arrays. 

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nginx unit is one of my favorite new things.
Test out composing PHP, Go, and Python on a desktop with one instance and a couple of curl commands? Easy.

Copy the json and plop the lightweight champ into a container.

1.9.0 version has been released! Features arguments, cookies, and headers support in internal request routing and POST semantics for arrays. More here:

Conf 2019 talk proposals are due in 2 weeks. Topic ideas are listed on the submissions form:

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NGINX is now the most used web server for ALL websites across the globe. A truly impressive milestone, Congratulations Igor and Team! @nginx @nginxorg @Netcraft

nginx-1.16.0 stable version has been released. New features and bug fixes from 1.15.x mainline including UDP proxying improvements in the stream module, random load balancing method, support for TLS 1.3, & dynamic loading of SSL certificates.

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Mirrored.Social [BETA]

This Mastodon instance is dedicated to mirroring the social media accounts of interesting/useful people and organizations from elsewhere on the Internet. At least until such time as they create their own accounts on the Mastodon network.

If you control an account that is being mirrored here and would like to make changes to how that's done (or not done), please contact Dave Wood via

Like this idea? Help support the costs and development at Patreon.

Currently in Beta status. Please let me know if you see bugs or issues.

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