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My name is Sara, and I'm one of the PHP 7.2 Release Managers.

If you're using 7.2, then start planning your upgrade NOW. We'll go to security-only fixes soon, and EOL by the next of next year.

If you're on 7.1, get upgraded now, you're like 10 weeks from EOL.

Let's see now...
First beta => 2 ** 0 => beta1
Second beta => 2 ** 1 => beta2
Third beta => 2 ** 2 => beta4

Yep, math checks out.

In PHP's proud tradition of skipping numbers, our very own @derickr announces PHP 7.4.0beta4: news-web.php.net/php.internals

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Help us make the 25th anniversary of HUGE! Get your tickets to now. world.phparch.com/register/ย 

We got your bug reports (Thank you!) about 7.4.0alpha1 and have fixed several of them already. More patches are on their way, but for now, check out 7.4.0alpha 2!

It's time to get real... thorough with your testing. externals.io/message/105894ย 

7.4.0alpha1 just hit the streets and it is . So many new goodies to check out: wiki.php.net/rfc#php_74ย 

Oh, and release candidates for 7.3.7 and 7.2.20, if you're into vintage runtimes.

Took a little longer than it should have on pear, but all sites should be in one piece now. Please let us know if you see any more issues. twitter.com/official_php/statu

Get secure.
Get the latest releases of PHP.
Get php.net/downloads.phpย  .

7.3.6, 7.2.19, and 7.1.30 are out and include the latest in important fixes.

It's release day!
Security fixes, so get downloading!

7.3.5: externals.io/message/105555ย 
7.2.18: externals.io/message/105557ย 
7.1.29: ...announcement coming soon.

My DateTime library tells me it's time for another round of PHP releases.

cURL up these hyperlinks for details on the latest in PHP.

7.3.4: externals.io/message/105071ย 
7.2.17: externals.io/message/105073ย 

And most importantly, a HUGE Thank You to the many individuals and organizations who helped host the main PHP website over the years.



With a few minor exceptions (improvements) you shouldn't notice any difference, but please let us know if anything breaks.

This also means that all traffic to php.net/ย  websites should be automatically https by default.

Effective today, the PHP project has ended its volunteer mirror program. All users of PHP will now be accessing php.net/ย  sites directly from project servers and via CDN.


Announcing Release Managers for PHP 7.4 (Alpha: 6 Jun, GA: 21 Nov):

* Peter Kokot
* Derick Rethans

7.4 is expected to be the LAST branch of the PHP 7 series. Watch for PHP 8 in 2020.


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New RFC for arrow functions / short closures: wiki.php.net/rfc/arrow_functio

Uses fn($x, $y) => $x * $y syntax and implicit by-value binding of variables. The RFC has a detailed discussion on why we're unlikely to get the more popular ($x, $y) => $x * $y syntax...

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