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A few months ago, we acquired @realm, combining the power of RealmDB/Sync with MongoDB Stitch. Now, we're very happy to share the roadmap for MongoDB Realm, the best way to build data-intensive apps: mongodb.com/blog/post/sharing- 

Let us know your thoughts - we love your feedback!

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@MongoDB and @realm coming together to help developers even with mobile applications!

Founder of Realm, Alexander Stigsen leading a workshop on building mobile apps with @MongoDB Realm

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Alexander from @realm covering why you need for your mobile applications at

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Impressive! Simple sync @realm devices with a few lines of code

Curious about what’s next for Realm? Wonder no more.

Utilizing the power of RealmDB/Sync with @MongoDB Stitch, Auth and Rules, functions, QueryAnywhere and code deploy at the backend, we bring you MongoDB Realm - the best way to build data-intensive apps.

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Checking in at MongoDB local London. Excited to hear more about @realm and @MongoDB!

Watch LIVE as CTO @eliothorowitz talks about the future of Realm at @MongoDB .Local London now: youtube.com/watch?v=uwPpr0Q_Q0 

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by the way folks, @MongoDB is looking for a senior iOS dev to work on the @realm iOS SDK. stop by the MongoDB booth or DM me if you want more info! mongodb.com/careers/jobs/17674

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At @tryswiftnyc ? Swing by the @mongodb @realm booth to grab some swag and learn about what we’re doing in the space.

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Add @realm backend to iOS app using @CocoaPods
Build Model & Business logic
All Tests are green
Calling it a night.

.@MongoDB announces its intent to acquire @realm ; the combination will provide the best solution for developers and enterprises for data synchronization, applications, and innovation realm.io/blog/mongodb-to-acqui

If you haven't discovered why so many developers love @realm , why not check it out today! And while you are at it, did you know that you can also use Realm's cloud ( cloud.realm.io ) for Cloud to Device data synchronization? https://twitter.com/tymphillips/status/1106957617568641024

We are looking for a DevOps Engineer to help us scaling Realm Cloud Platform (AWS/K8s/Node.js). The position is based in our Copenhagen office, but you can also work remotely from a European timezone as half of our team already does. realm.bamboohr.co.uk/jobs/view

Have you checked out Realm? If not...why not? And if you're going to build a mobile app with Realm, check out how easy it is to synchronize data using the Realm Cloud at cloud.realm.io/ .twitter.com/dbphonecode/status

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