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.@MongoDB announces its intent to acquire @realm ; the combination will provide the best solution for developers and enterprises for data synchronization, applications, and innovation

If you haven't discovered why so many developers love @realm , why not check it out today! And while you are at it, did you know that you can also use Realm's cloud ( ) for Cloud to Device data synchronization?

We are looking for a DevOps Engineer to help us scaling Realm Cloud Platform (AWS/K8s/Node.js). The position is based in our Copenhagen office, but you can also work remotely from a European timezone as half of our team already does.

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Realm had a great 2018 and is looking forward to an even better 2019. Thank you to the entire community and our customers for making this happen.

Offline support is hard to do. Let the experts at @realm handle it for you so you can focus on the app experience. Load from local DB and all the data synchronization and network traffic is handled by @realm! Try it out at

And while you are at it, come join the growing community synchronizing data to the Cloud, between devices, and other data sources at the Realm Cloud ( )

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@realm - an awesome way to persist (and synchronize!) data on a device.

It's not too late (but almost is!) to book time with @realm's SVP of Product at API Days in Amsterdam this week!

Don't forget to book your time with our SVP of Product during API Days in Amsterdam!  Send us a DM to find a good timeslot. Filling up fast!

Come meet our SVP of Product @robohofo at API Days Amsterdam ( ) and lets talk about Realm, the Cloud ( ), and data synchronization. Send us a DM if you'd like to meet up.

Come check out how Realm and the Realm Cloud can make your mobile application work better and deliver a better user experience.

Developers love @realm. If you aren't using Realm, why not? Everyone else is! And come check out the Realm Cloud for data synchronization at

If you aren't using @realm - why not? And while you are at it, join the growing community using our cloud ( ) as well!