Full duration static fire test of Crew Dragon’s launch escape system complete – SpaceX and NASA teams are now reviewing test data and working toward an in-flight demonstration of Crew Dragon’s launch escape capabilities

Successful deployment of 60 Starlink satellites confirmed!

Second stage engine restart and cutoff nominal; webcast will return in ~15 minutes for satellite deploy

Second stage engine cutoff confirmed, now in coast phase; webcast will return in about 35 minutes for second stage engine restart

Falcon 9 first stage has landed on the Of Course I Still Love You droneship – the fourth launch and landing of this booster

Fairing has deployed—second time for this particular fairing

Main engine cutoff and stage separation confirmed; second stage engine burn underway

All systems are go ahead of this morning’s launch of 60 Starlink satellites; webcast will go live at ~9:41 a.m. EST → spacex.com/webcast

Team is go for launch of 60 Starlink sats tomorrow—heaviest payload to date, first re-flight of a fairing, and first Falcon 9 to fly a fourth mission. Watching 1 sat that may not orbit raise; if not, 100% of its components will quickly burn up in Earth’s atmosphere

Falcon 9 first stage supporting this mission previously launched Iridium-7, SAOCOM-1A, and Nusantara Satu

Falcon 9 and Starlink are vertical on Pad 40 ahead of tomorrow’s launch opportunity at 9:56 a.m. EST, 14:56 UTC. Weather is 80% favorable → spacex.com/webcast 

The fairing supporting this mission previously flew on Falcon Heavy’s Arabsat-6A mission

Static fire test of Falcon 9 complete—targeting 11/11 for launch of 60 Starlink satellites from Pad 40 in Florida

SpaceX team has completed 13 successful tests in a row of upgraded Mark 3 parachutes for Crew Dragon. Most recent test demonstrated the parachute system’s ability to land the spacecraft safely in the unlikely event that one of the four main parachutes fails.

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