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CAPTURED! @Astro_Jessica and @AstroDrewMorgan have successfully captured the @spacex Dragon at the @Space_Station at 6:25am ET! Installation coverage will begin at 8am ET.

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LIVE NOW: The @spacex is on its way the @Space_Station! @Astro_Jessica and @AstroDrewMorgan will grapple it at around 7am ET with the @CSA_ASC . Watch: twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1DXGy twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1DXGy

More photos of Falcon 9’s launch of Dragon’s twentieth resupply mission to the @Space_Station, and SpaceX’s 50th landing of an orbit class rocket booster → flickr.com/spacex 

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The @spacex is on its way to the station where @AstroDrewMorgan and @Astro_Jessica will capture it with the @CSA_ASC on Monday at 7am ET live on @nasa TV. nasa.gov/live 

Falcon 9 launches the final mission of the first version of Dragon

Dragon’s solar arrays have deployed, and it’s on its way to the International Space Station. Capture by @space_station crew set for early Monday

Falcon 9 booster has landed on Landing Zone 1 – our 50th landing of a rocket booster!

Main engine cutoff and stage separation confirmed

Since its first mission in 2012 – when it became the first private spacecraft to visit the @space_station – Dragon has spent over 520 days attached to the orbiting laboratory, delivered over 95,000 pounds of cargo, and returned over 76,000 pounds back to Earth

Falcon 9 and Dragon are vertical ahead of tonight’s resupply mission to the @space_station – the final mission of the first version of Dragon. Launch is targeted for 11:50 p.m. EST → spacex.com/webcast 

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Building the International Space Station’s successor.

Booking a Crew Dragon mission with @spacex for our first flight – the first fully private flight to ISS in history.

This is the commercialization of Low Earth Orbit.


SpaceX teams are currently in final preparations for another Crew Dragon flight – the one that will fly astronauts @AstroBehnken and @Astro_Doug and return human spaceflight capabilities to the U.S.

A year ago today, Falcon 9 launched Crew Dragon on its first mission, which demonstrated the spacecraft’s capability to safely and reliably fly @nasa astronauts to and from the @space_station youtube.com/watch?v=F-wBgsf8jW

The Falcon 9 booster supporting this mission previously flew in support of our most recent launch to the @space_station, CRS-19

The Dragon spacecraft supporting this mission previously flew in support of our tenth and sixteenth commercial resupply missions – this will be the third Dragon to fly on three missions

Falcon 9 static fire test complete — targeting March 6 launch from Pad 40 in Florida for Dragon’s twentieth resupply mission to the @Space_Station, the final flight of the first version of Dragon

Falcon Heavy will launch @NASAPsyche! The mission, for which @nasa requires the highest level of launch vehicle reliability, will study a metal asteroid between Mars and Jupiter to help humanity better understand the formation of our solar system’s planets nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-aw 

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