We were very honored to accept one of Europe's most prestigious awards yesterday, Das Goldene Lenkrad (the Golden Steering Wheel), with Model 3 scoring the highest of all tested cars

Solar Roof uses durable glass solar tiles to generate electricity.
Our latest version only takes a few days to set up and is comparable to the cost of a composition shingle roof + electrical bill.
Installations begin next month. tesla.com/solarroof/design?utm

Submit questions for our Solar Roof Q&A ahead of our 2pm launch:

Submit questions for our Solar Roof Q&A ahead of our 2pm launch:

Join us at 2pm PT today to learn all about our V3 Solar Roof product.

Visit ir.tesla.com/  to listen in.

yesterday we almost tweeted that we have a great rash lab instead of crash lab and we all had a good laugh as we all had a good scratch twitter.com/Tesla/status/11842

Do you want a sneak peek of our crash lab?

Of course you do.

It’s one of the reasons why Model 3 is among the safest cars on the road. youtube.com/watch?v=IoNe7QMuma

Caraoke is all fun and games until you alienate your children by knowing every single word to Let It Go.

(this is the worst tweet we have ever done)

It's in our V .̷̛͙̪̀͑̐͌̍͛̑͆͗͐̀͆̿͗͘̕͠͠.̶̨̢̧̧̛̫̱̯̠̮͇̤̠̫̯̺̪̭̻͇͚̅̎͂̀̀̔̃̃́̈́̈́̒͋̏̓̓̓̓̀̆̄͋̎̈̏͠ͅ update

has anyone found the Easter Egg in your Tesla which releases Cthulhu, our dark lord?

let's all take a moment and think of our friends and family who can't watch videos, sing karaoke and play videogames with their car

147,730.9 gallons of maple syrup to be exact. But, also, it is an inexact science unless we have a volunteer who loves maple syrup.

(We also apologize to 7-year-olds everywhere for this tweet)

When a child turns 7 they:
• Scream
• May or may not poop themselves

When our Supercharger network turns 7 it:
• Churns out as much energy in 1 day as eating 147k gallons of maple syrup (2.25GWh)
• Will be coming to Saskatchewan and Manitoba soon theverge.com/2019/9/26/2088533

Basically, Version 10.0 is so good you’re going to want to name your children after it. Especially if it’s your tenth child.

The update is rolling out over the next week and you can try it in one of our stores.

See what else is packed into the update: tesla.com/blog/introducing-sof

Before V10:
I love waking my kids up with my Tesla’s chimes, it’s great. It’s the best when they’re awake and crying.

After V10:
Quieter chimes in Joe Mode keeps my spawn in a peaceful slumber. Life is good.

You don’t know what to do. You don’t know what to eat.

You trust the opinion of strangers, but you don’t want to talk to them.

With V10, your Tesla can direct you to the nearest highly rated places and the best food. You just need to say whether you’re feeling or .

Do you have friends?

Make them into enemies with your questionable taste in music AND your awful singing voice with Car-aoke.

(We didn’t post a video because you don’t want to hear Tesla engineers belting out Old Town Road. Trust us.)

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