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Amazing job today @Tesla. 30 minutes from flat tire to tire replacement. Thank you!

Model 3 acoustic testing. To make the drive experience as quiet as possible, our engineers simulate road environments in an echoless chamber in order to identify the source of vehicle noise and minimize it

"When an internal combustion vehicle rolls off the line its emissions per km are set, but for an EV they keep falling every year as the grid gets cleaner" bloomberg.com/news/articles/20

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Electric Car Life is So Easy
10 seconds to plug in.
In the comfort of my garage.

$TSLA @Tesla

With two motors that digitally control torque to the front and rear wheels, Model 3 All-Wheel Drive provides superior traction and control in all weather conditions

Reminder that we stop accepting orders via tesla.com/  on the Model S and X 75D tomorrow at noon PSThttps://ts.la/2sqpKKp

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The best vehicle @elonmusk @Tesla

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My plane landed at 12:20AM last night. It was 25°F outside but when I got to my car it was all warmed up, playing my tunes and ready to drive me home. Just can’t express enough how much my @Tesla and autopilot make my crazy commutes safer but also so much less stressful. twitter.com/kulpability/status

“It’s amazing to drive in all regards”

@KelleyBlueBook reviews Model 3

"I love road trips; Navigate on Autopilot makes them better” @Engadget experiences Autopilot youtube.com/watch?v=ni8QkK7_Tq

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3 years and over 76,000 miles later I can’t say enough about how big of a fan I truly am of @elonmusk and my @Tesla. Cheers to hopefully another 76,000 (worry free) miles together.

Tesla Gigafactory 3 groundbreaking in Shanghai.
Customers in China can now order Model 3: 3.tesla.cn/model3/design#batte 

“I was absolutely blown away” @Roadshow visits Tesla’s cold weather proving grounds

Model 3 configurator is now open to left-hand drive countries in Europe. Design your Model 3

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Such a wonderful drive on New Year’s Eve in our . Thank you @Tesla and @elonmusk for not just making an amazing car, but an incredible experience too... from the performance to the supercharging to Autopilot. It never gets old!

4/ With the Supercharger network, you can go from Miami to Vancouver, Mexico City to Detroit, Lisbon to Sørkjosen. Explore a route at tesla.com/trips?utm_campaign=S cards.twitter.com/cards/7x0uw/

3/ Trip Planner automatically guides you to convenient Superchargers along your route. Just enter a destination and your Tesla tells you when, where, and how long to charge before continuing your journey

2/ While home or workplace charging covers about 90% of daily driving, the Supercharger network enables charging while away from home or on road trips