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unit vectors are dumb.. lol i jk

Tampons and pads in Switzerland are so much cheaper than in the USA

In the meantime, have a photo with Google CEO @sundarpichai and photobombed by Google CBO Philipp Schindler

Y’all I’m SORRY! I’m so behind keeping you updated on WEF. I’m currently watching Prince Charles speak on the environment. More soon on Davos DAY TWO!...

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YouTube creators are at @WEF officially for the first time this year. Thanks to @ElJuanpaZurita, @thephysicsgirl, @nico_rosberg, @Bhuvan_Bam, @NathaliaArcuri, @MollyBOfficial and @TheGigiGorgeous for sharing your stories and reporting on

A particle accelerator that fits on a chip. Led by Stanford EE Prof. Jelena Vuckovic, a Stanford/SLAC team created a silicon chip that can accelerate electrons. phys.org/news/2020-01-particle

super cool project – LIGO Lead Operator & his mom are translating astrophysics findings into Blackfoot
(@QuantumofSalsa) twitter.com/atlasobscura/statu

Why not, I can’t sleep....
I’m such a good friend to you
Well that’s some G rated egotism twitter.com/hanginwitcoop/stat

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Kangaroos are just T-Rex software running on deer hardware.

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Just like how Australians are British software running on Texan hardware

Scientists are just curious children software running on bureaucratic hardware.

I might be doing a thing this year that I'm SO INSANELY excited about, and now I understand why people post annoying cryptic tweets, because they can't say anything yet, but they're nearly bursting and GAHHHH.

Hey so this isn't physics, but I still want to shout about it.. My best friend since pre-school is an incredible harpist changing the entire game for harp music. She's on the cover of @Harp_Column and I couldn't be prouder! Congratulations @LaraHarp!!


Circa 2005, Dominican Republic.
Circa 2020, USA.

Half my age, same dork.

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