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Dianna Cowern @thephysicsgirl@mirrored.social

If you had the opportunity to ask questions to an astronaut, what would you ask?

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Talking about curiosity of phenomena with @thephysicsgirl @SanDiegoSCPA

Did she wear the itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini today for the first time ever in her life? Or for the first instance of the current day?

I think the spirit of Clippy found a new job, and that job is to ask me if I want to turn notifications on on Facebook messenger.

Science communicators, this is a GREAT series to write for and they’re hiring! twitter.com/acsreactions/statu

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Proud of everyone marching today. Pickett, George Washington Carver and I are with you in spirit.

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It’s official. Ya girl is getting her own @nbc late night show... A Little Late with Lilly Singh. Thank you so much for being here. I am truly so grateful.

Thank you @jimmyfallon @sethmeyers

Unpopular opinion: @SimoneGiertz and I are actually two different people.

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Oh my god. West Virginia lawmakers have sided with @DowChemical and agreed NOT to implement stricter water standards recommended by the Department of Environmental Protection. Why? LOOK AT THIS REASONING.


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A fantastic vid from @veritasium (w/ a cameo from one of our OTHER favorite youtubers, @thephysicsgirl!) youtube.com/watch?v=97t7Xj_iBv

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Special guest @thephysicsgirl dons the White Gloves of Destiny and takes a 'lucky dip' into the card catalogue at the @royalsociety! --- youtube.com/watch?v=_ukS5GM6_Z 

Did you know my YouTube channel is part of PBS Digital Studios? @PBSDS

He left these responses, including an apology, then deleted all his comments. I like to think he got flustered to a boil, then popped, never to be seen again.

JUST MADE IT... 7 mins after they were supposed to close the doors

Plz send encouraging thoughts that I might make my flight connection...

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New Video! How Flexible Machines Could Save The World

Featuring a cameo from @thephysicsgirl
Filmed with the Compliant Mechanism Research group @byucmr at @BYU

@kevleeb i think the other flight attendant is you. He looks like your brother, at the very least.