Are you in the Boston/Cambridge/MIT area and interested in facts and science communication? I'll be speaking at this event with my friend @3blue1brown on Dec 3!

Despite being dead, I'm SO hungry now after all that....

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Corny joke time!

A child walks up to a clown at a birthday party and says, "Hey, can you rub this balloon on my head?"

The clown says "Sure, but I'm gonna charge you."

I have 2 more videos coming from the stuff we filmed at CERN. What do y’all want to know about the Higgs boson, particle physics, dark matter, etc?


ok now getting up to go surfing or running to climbing or something cuz I’m not dead and I should take advantage of that.

THIS snack will be the death of me. The crunch, the chocolate, the mint, the salty, the sweet.... mmmmmm

Chloe, you are my favorite letter-writer and picture-drawer.

And seriously. Who doesn't love physics.

Any skier-physicists out there? What are some interesting tricks, phenomena or physics related to skiing I should know about?

I’m starting a @Patreon! FINALLY.
What dat? Well, a community!
Plus you help me stay creatively independent and I can:

take you to see cutting-edge research
upgrade my production equipment
create a Women in STEM series

Check it out at: 

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Hi Dianna, team "antimatter dropping" here!

We loved your video! Thanks for spreading around the antimatter love!

Thank you to the folks at @CERN for hosting me! Special shoutout to Elise Wursten for answering all my questions about Antimatter and her research at CERN. I'm so excited to share the rest of this series with you in the coming weeks!

NEW VIDEO (Part 1 of 3)
There's a factory in Europe that makes the most expensive and dangerous material in the world – and I visited it.

Also, watch to the end for a special announcement

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