Catch me at MSU in October!

(If you don't know my velocity. Cuz then you'll know where I am...)

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What would someone have to whisper in your ear for this to happen?

I’ve been having some fun over on Instagram during my Switzerland trip. Sorry Twitter.

I love meeting people who have seen my videos because I know we already have something to talk about - PHYSICSING!

When someone tries to convince me their perpetual motion machine gets around the laws of physics:

I had the pleasure of interrogating my friend @RaquelNuno about all the ways mars could kill you in my latest video.
(Also y'all should follow this very impressive planetary geologist.)

STARSET'S NEW ALBUM IS OUT TODAY please excuse me I'll be buried under my headphones all day.


I'm also thankful for those of you who tried the experiments after the video, and those who curse me for the rabbit-hole of research I sent you down, and those who watch with your daughters, and I'm thankful to have learned something myself after making videos!

Here's the thing about YouTube views. That prominent number makes you feel like it's the only measure of success that matters to the world. But people watching more in-depth feels great, among other non-view-based goals. I'm so happy for the fewer of you who loved this video.

Randall Monroe @xkcdComic tried to figure out how much data Google has. He did extensive calculations, published a writeup, and Google sent back a hilarious puzzle with their response. I don’t wanna spoil it so watch his amazing TED talk for the full story

Judging by the disparity in popularity of my last two tweets, y’all are bigger fans of butter than of the cinematic rock band Starset. I guess we can’t agree on everything.

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