What are the latest photos (saved or that you took) in your camera roll that wouldn’t normally be there if it weren’t for self-isolation? I’ll go first...

I never knew this type of tree had flowers, let alone that the flowers were morning star weapons

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Few updates: 40k shields donated to 820 places around Czechia Shifting a significant portion now to nursing homes as it is ticking time bomb. Consider donating shields there too please, seniors are the most vulnerable! 1/4

Felt something, the people I was Zooming with said “Earthquake?” And that was the only way I knew faster than Twitter that there was just an earthquake in San Diego

The "maculus ridiculus" is still my favorite type of cloud.
Full video ►► youtube.com/watch?v=68A_Azsqqg 

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Yo creo que la divulgación científica ya va calando en la sociedad.

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Happy !

I want to recognize all the female computer scientists & other researchers who are advancing our knowledge of the world. Thank you for everything you do!

To any young girls out there, please consider STEM fields in your future careers!

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Look what I’m buying from Walmart. She’s an Astrophysicist. I’m not going to cry. I will not cry.

Woo! I made it into the credits at the very bottom of the expandable description of a @veritasium video! If you watch it, comment "Dianna sent me, and I love the line at 9:19. Great line." twitter.com/veritasium/status/

Sometimes I come up with ideas for videos that would make me into more like the Steve-O version of a science YouTuber. I don't do those ideas. But someday my morbid curiosity is going to boil over...

I'm so bad at announcing things...

I'm doing a LIVE tester show in Los Angeles before the tour! April 18, 9pm at Dynasty Typewriter

Tickets here: axs.com/events/392999/dianna-s

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