Happy Veterans Day to my dad who flew helicopters in the Marines in Vietnam.

Dad, you taught me valuable lessons about the dangers, significance and sad inevitability of war. You also “borrowed” a tortoise from the zoo during OCS, so I’m thankful for that story.

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.@thephysicsgirl gave me this googly eye and now I feel like she’s watching me every time I go to take notes

I am not above crossing off every item on a month-old To Do list I just found to make myself feel great about the day.

Ohhh, STEM day, like the stem of a wine glass!

JK... thanks for the share, @youtube! Happy y'all! twitter.com/YouTube/status/119

Ahhh surprise next week - if you’re among those who have asked how to support Physics Girl, be alert next week! The world needs more lerts.

I’m nervous. You should be too.

I had an amazing night of sleep last night. You can even make out the times I snoozed my alarm.

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Tomorrow is ! 3.5 million children took part last year, let's make it bigger this year @OBrightFuture

Erwin Schrödinger: the only physicist to dress like Harry Potter AND young Dumbledore.

Thank you for not judging my choice to watch a horror movie on a Monday-morning flight. twitter.com/tkeeler/status/119

Working on a video about antimatter. I hope you all enjoy the effort I'm putting in to finding useful facts like, in order to destroy the moon using antimatter, the amount of antimatter you’d need would be equivalent to 15 times the mass of all the fish on Earth.

I recently discovered I like horror films! What an exciting new world!

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