Heading to Switzerland (probably) in September. Hmmm I wonder if there’s any cool groundbreaking science going on there...?

Slack, Discord, Frame, Drive... do you ever feel like we're being controlled by a bunch of nouns?!

I once searched for a work contact’s name on Skype and accidentally made them my status. I’ve never switched my status so fast to the word “science,” the first word I could think of. I too have moved past hardships.

Also, we took what could only be described as a millennial family photo. Neither of us own that dog.

So phones have hidden magnets in unexpected places. Fun. I know because I looked a bunch of tech using magnet paper with @MKBHD this one time. At band camp. youtube.com/watch?v=HodWkE0G28

RT @MonicaLewinsky
an internship at the white house will be amazing on your resume.

RT @longwall26
Confident in my ability to properly tennis, I take the court. I smile at my opponent. Serena does not return the gesture. She'd be prettier if she did, I think. She serves. The ball passes cleanly through my skull, killing me instantly twitter.com/YouGov/status/1149

Surprise encounter: I met Lucas The Spider! Well... the animator who created him.

I finally got asked to DO science rather than talking about being a [insert human category] on YouTube. Today should be fun!

Wait... we’re not on the same team, are we @DrJoeHanson?

How does one go about hiring a website developer for a parent who is stuck in the 90s?

Oh no, I missed posting yesterday. Well here's 2 years ago at . Highlights: lounging on bean bags like middle school girls with @BradyHaran, and hair by @DrJoeHanson

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