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Dianna Cowern @thephysicsgirl@mirrored.social

Playing who’s who on a flight to Huntsville for @thinkercon!

This isn’t creepy at all...

Me packing for @ThinkerCon while still a little sick and delirious...

I woke up at 3am in a cold medicine delirium and was like, what could the roots of cacti possible look like?

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Congrats! But can somebody please tell me what is 1.1 youtube subscribers?

I was so excited I called my mom and she said, "Holy s**t WOW. Congratulations! Aren’t you like 29 and a half? Can your head still fit through the door?" Love you mom...

WOW! It’s ya girl, there on the @ForbesUnder30 list for 2019. Holy moly.

Thank you @Forbes and congratulations to everyone, especially the Edu list! forbes.com/pictures/5bd733c64b

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Is it possible to blow square smoke rings?

Kinda. But when you do, they act *really* weird.


[Featuring @thephysicsgirl!]

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The cat must be deeply embrassed!

Maybe I need to up my email game. I’ve never messaged a stranger and then *waited for their solution* to my needs.

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ICYMI: With some help from @thephysicsgirl, @3blue1brown has a nice intro to turbulence and its mathematics. fyfluiddynamics.com/post/18003 

Would it be possible to play a game like Mafia/Avalon via Twitter?

This thread: I claimed I’d never say a question was stupid and you all tried to ask stupid questions. I love you. You make me laugh. twitter.com/thephysicsgirl/sta

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A rock in a cave. Think about it.

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The folks at @IntEngineering have your watchlist for the weekend – here are 7 YouTube channels hosted by women, including new EG friend @nessyhill plus @thephysicsgirl, @Gross_Science, @SimoneGiertz, @Ehmee, @goldieblox & @DanielleThe interestingengineering.com/7-f

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Hey I need some advice. If it’s not already obvious I’m applying to grad school rn, and I’m facing the inevitable comments from friends about my chances of getting in being higher b/c I’m a women. I need some come backs. No sass is off limits. Help a sister out.

"What a stupid question," is something you will never hear me say, ever.

Except just then. But that doesn't count.