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what does this phrase 'stick to physics' even mean lmao, as if physics doesn't continue to be a male dominated field. as if physics isn't still being integrated. as if my existence in physics is somehow separate from the science i contribute. this is physics honey

In the long term, I recognize representation is hugely important in society & in science. I'll be doubling down my efforts to feature minorities and women in my videos. It's the RIGHT thing to do.

I'll be spending today: Listening. Learning. Planning. Uplifting.

Here are the organizations I have donated to in the past and again today. Where possible, I chose to use my donation towards “education.” These organizations could use your support.


To be silent is to be complicit.

This is not “my lane,” but if we are to bring about meaningful change to racial injustice in this country, we must all step outside of our comfort lanes, speak up, and most importantly, take action (more in the thread).

Go follow @BlackAFinSTEM!

This week is making it clearer than ever why it's so important to break out of our networks and bubbles. twitter.com/BlackAFinSTEM/stat

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After MLK was assassinated, 110 American Cities started rioting, causing $47M in damage. On the 6th day of the riots, the Civil Rights Act of 1968 was passed.

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It's great that y'all are contributing to bail funds, but many of them have more money than they can use rn (thanks to your help) so I encourage you to ALSO donate to mutual aid funds! They help the ppl we're fighting for directly & are esp necessary during the pandemic. THREAD:

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SIGNAL BOOST: A group of black therapists are offering 1-2 free virtual processing sessions for Black people who were on the frontlines of the recent protests in Chicago. docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI

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Reminder, you're watching the first rocket with humans on it leave the US in nearly a decade.

Perhaps more importantly, this is the first private spacecraft to carry humans to orbit - EVER.

T-5 minutes

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We at @BlackAFinSTEM are starting the inagural to celebrate Black Birders and nature explorers, beginning 5/31!!!!!

Follow the whole group of us here: twitter.com/i/lists/1266155155

Take a look at the thread for the schedule of events!

Spoken better than I ever could. I agree with everything said, relate to some of the experiences, and was honestly moved to tears by this post. Thank you @MKBHD for your thoughtfulness. twitter.com/MKBHD/status/12663

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There are really really excellent science communicators on twitter who are part of the community. Make your timeline better and follow them.

First up, @Afro_Herper

She’s a lizard biologist and gives us the game every Wednesday and it’s delightful.

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Reminder: if you want to know what a scientist looks like just look in the mirror!

Scrubbed for today. And I even crossed my emoji fingers. New launch scheduled for Saturday at 3:22pm ET. twitter.com/thephysicsgirl/sta

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Launch has been scrubbed.

They'll try this again on May 30th

EEEK! There is a rocket launching into SPACE today in case you hadn't heard.

I got to be a tiny part of the livestream, and asked a question about what preparation the whole team (not just astronauts) goes through to get ready for a rocket launch. twitter.com/NASA/status/126570

It's not as fun to watch YouTube videos when you make them for a living. But every once in a while, a video is so engrossing, hilarious, genius that you watch all 21 mins and 39 second. @MarkRober THIS one is my fav of all time. youtube.com/watch?v=hFZFjoX2cG

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