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Dianna Cowern @thephysicsgirl@mirrored.social

Do you reward yourself for your personal accomplishments? If so, with what? Asking for a friend...

On a college application, I wrote I had volunteered as a “pole worker.” twitter.com/hormiga/status/108

Are raisins just grapes that were shipped on the slow boat?

This is why I live in San Diego.


Right before my nose fell off from the cold.

You guys are amazing. I’m the only one in this horrid line smiling and biting my lip trying to suppress awkward Lols.

To send everyone with their AirDrop open this image or to not send everyone with their AirDrop open this image...

But really though, I’ll be here all night, most likely. Your worst jokes would be appreciated.

Hour 7 in the customs line. Send hamberders.

Things are insane at JFK customs. Did America fall apart without me?

Please enjoy @tomscott and @sallylepage playing Pong via bicycle at the Museum of Novelty Aitomation (aka the room of weird AF inventions) in London.

Heading back to ‘Murica today. Thank goodness, because I’ve missed the hamberders.

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To all of my extremely talented YouTube friends...It's ok to put out a video that isn't better than your last one. If you keep trying to be better every time, you will explode in a fireball of ambition and we will lose you.

Gimme a slowball every once in a while...I'll love it.

Ask Twitter for new YouTuber friends in Barcelona, and Twitter delivers! Thanks for showing me such a good time, @CdeCiencia @SchrodingerGata @lahiperactina and @SdeStendhal.
I’m full of patatas, queso and jamón!

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But when you've seen 1 black hole, you've seen none of em

Este es mi nuevo canal favorito de YouTube! @SchrodingerGata

This is my new favorite YouTube channel! (For those of you who don't speak Spanish, perfecto! 2019 is a perfect year to learn.) youtube.com/channel/UCoXtmmnLC