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...all the links and resources you need to get you developing hybrid apps w/ Azure Stack. Use your favorite tools & programming language as you push your apps through dev, test, and into production with a single integrated DevOps pipeline.

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We are looking for YOUR feedback on making our @Azure Java documentation better!

Sign up for our study: 

Get an even better Unity Experience... We're excited to release the#VSAppCenter Unity Editor Extension -- a stand-alone plug-in for Unity that will streamline App Center functionality within your Unity project. Get started here: 

Principle PM for & , @ChrisDias will be there... Tune in Dec. 4 for a full day of dev-focused delight—including updates on Visual Studio & .NET, demos, and real-time coding with experts—Save the date: 

Coming Dec. 4th, 2018. Find inspiration for devs, by devs.

Connect w/ dev team & your other favorite dev tools teams through tech keynotes, demos, Q&A, live coding, & on-demand sessions. Save the date: 

Setup an Edge CI/CD Pipeline w/ ARM Agent ...a, Pipelines extension providing a Build & Push task for continuous integration & deployment to IoT Edge devices. Check it out: 

How are user experiences evolving? talks to @heathriel about her work with UX in a number of capacities, including helping to create the user experience of EverNote. Listen here: 

Want to get started w/ mobile dev using C# & ? We've got a Twitch Workshop for that.

Tomorrow @ 10am ET - Learn to build your 1st mobile app w/ Xamarin & experts @CSharpFritz, @CodeMillMatt, & @JamesMontemagno! Read more: 

In this series on , @codepo8 @ramyanexus @njukidreborn & @Tyriar answer questions about this new lightweight but powerful source code editor that runs on your Windows, and desktops: 

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Part 4 of our One Dev Question series on Visual Studio Code:

Today, we meet Peng Lyu (@njukidreborn), another software engineer on the team. In this episode, he tells us how VSCode got started.

VS @Code download and docs are at: 

New Data Science features added to the extension for ... Work w/ data interactively; exploring data for machine learning models in apps, making the perfect editor for data science tasks: 

There are new changes coming to Visual Basic in .NET Core 3.0. See what that means for Visual  users interested in .NET Core: 

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We teamed up with @MSFTBlockchain on a new whitepaper, "DevOps for Blockchain Smart Contracts" that covers how to develop applications with an eye toward CI/CD in consortium environments.

The new is out. In this episode, @_Binomial co-founder @sehurlburt & @SHanselman discuss the differences between CPU & GPU, how to get started w/ open source image/texture compression, & where to find, join or start new projects: 

The next major version of C# is C# 8.0 and new features will trickle out over the coming months. Here's @MadsTorgersen with an overview of the most significant features for building with C# 8.0, 

This week on the Xamarin Show, @samidip gives us a full run-down of the latest and greatest in Tererik UI for Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms apps. Watch here: 

We’re excited to announce the release of 0.7, the latest release of the cross-platform & open source machine learning framework for dev. Get the news here: 

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Get ready for nine hours of keynotes, demos, and real-time coding as streams direct to you from @AzureAIConf: