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…… …?
Yup, dev style Rochambeau.
Choose your favorite opponent.
Missed the session? Watch it now: msft.it/6018TTtSr 

In this post from Program Manager @bowdenk7, you'll see how to attach Visual Studio Code to your container so that you can use the full power of . Read: code.visualstudio.com/blogs/20 

We saw a lot of developer goodness at Ignite last week. Read about the new releases of , plus the newest addition to the Visual Studio family: devblogs.microsoft.com/visuals 

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Do you use a Mac to build apps for @ASPNET Core? Are you thinking of doing it? Now's the time!

Take the for Mac Core Challenge while you learn and you'll also have a chance to win free stuff! aka.ms/vs4macChallenge 

Get an overview of the various pieces of and how they enable you to create cross-platform mobile applications, from the Core Series: aka.ms/dotnet3-Xamarin101 

IntelliCode is revolutionizing developer productivity. Learn how the two new capabilities—whole line completions and refactoring—are assisting: devblogs.microsoft.com/visuals 

We've got details from the 2019 for Mac version 8.4 Preview 2, including accessibility improvements and .NET Core and ASP.NET  Core support. Dive in: msft.it/6017TTlAW 

Automatically install side-by-side LLVM versions, directly from @ClangPowerTools (in the new settings pane). See how you can easily experiment without having to manually install : clangpowertools.com 

Whatever motivates you to build, Microsoft has the tools to help you achieve more. Discover how developers from all backgrounds are using :

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Be the first one to defeat them all.
Get the code and play it here: aka.ms/rpsls 
Share screenshots of each win using . Missed the session? Watch it now: msft.it/6017TTYaS 

The November update of the Code C++ extension is here. See all the improvements—Find All References, Rename Symbol refactoring—and so much more: devblogs.microsoft.com/cppblog 

In this article for CODE Magazine, @gotheap and @mika_dumont from the Visual Studio team cover their favorite new features in navigation, debugging, and much more! Read:

Join us as we demystify chatbots. Watch as we explore how to integrate bots with your apps and the tools and services that enable developers to build smarter bots: youtube.com/watch?v=qN5wA3io1d 

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It's time for the next lesson in building a app. In this episode of Partly Cloudy, we add something that almost every modern app needs - the ability to tell users apart. In other words, we're adding authentication!

Watch here: youtube.com/watch?v=3RqI-mPmPI 

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