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What's the difference between Cmd, Powershell, and Bash?

Hmmmmm, sounds like a good question for @richturn_ms. Listen in to hear his answer.

Lots more command line thoughts from Rich in his blog posts here: 

.@AbelSquidHead and @JeremyLikness have brought us a long way through , but what if you don't have a pipeline set up yet?

Let them show you how: 

Coming to you from , @MaddyLeger1 and @_JonDouglas show you how Xamarin.Forms and get you up and running fast: 

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Summarizing 2019 + Service for ASP .NET (Core) Developers! (includes info)

This is my 19th article (of 26) in my A-Z blog series for 2019.

Watching your build is fine, but, have you ever really watched it? @Incredibuild gets you a zoomed in view. Let @NickUhlenhuth give you a little tour: 

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So how integrated is the Windows Subsytem for Linux, , with Windows itself?

Well, @craigaloewen gives us his answer in today's video.

Don't forget there are more details about all the command line tools in these blog posts: 

Run your service in a live Azure Service cluster and test it end-to-end, without affecting your teammates.

Dev Spaces is now generally available. Give it a try: 

Innovate at scale with and GitHub by securely bringing open source code, community, and best practices right inside Visual Studio and your workflows.

Watch this week's episode to get started: 

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Can the Windows Subsystem for Linux use distros other than the ones available in the Microsoft Store?

@craigaloewen knows the answer.

To create your own distro, check out the docs here: 

.@VSLive is bringing an intense developer training event to Boston June 9 to 13.

7 tracks, 60 sessions, and networking opportunities galore.

Get the details: 

Going forward is easier when you look at where you came from.

@SethJuarez and @AHejlsberg look at where came from: 

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How about a from @richturn_ms?

In this video, Rich talks about how developers are using the command line today.

After watching the video, you can read more about uses of command line tools in these blog posts: 

Build Python web apps with , Docker, and Azure. Get started: 

See how to:
• Set up the containerized Python development environment in @Code
• Deploy your app to , and
• Use to automate your deployments

Already rolling with your own source control?

is still there for you.

@AbelSquidHead and @JeremyLikness show you how to integrate your repos with your Azure boards: 

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Did you hear about all the news at ?

Here's @craigaloewen talking about some of the new features and what's to come. We want your feedback!

Stay with us all week for more videos from Craig and @richturn_ms.

More info at: 

On this episode of the Podcast, @JeffreyPalermo talks about his new book .NET DevOps for Azure: azuredevopspodcast.clear-measu