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In this week's episode of , see how machines can translate language, perform search on unstructured data, and converse like humans.


Tired of having to search and scroll through sorted lists? IntelliCode now makes recommendations for arguments in your code.

Learn more:

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Azure Key Vault for ASP .NET Core Web Apps!

This is my 11th article (of 26) in my A-Z blog series for 2019.

Did you know that in you can have IntelliCode analyze to your own and share what it learns across your team?

Learn how to save your team hours of hunting through lists and documentation diving: 

In this episode of the podcast, Carl and Richard talk to Victoria Almazova about how she encourages developers to include security planning as early as possible. Listen: 

Learn to convert an Excel Worksheet into a JSON document with C# and Core and ExcelDataReader.

Scott Hanselman shows you how: 

Join Greg Leonardo on the latest episode of the as he discusses deploying the way with Jeffrey Palermo. Listen: azuredevopspodcast.clear-measu

The latest episode of the Visual Studio Mobile Developer Podcast features discussions on the new documentation landing page, the brand new one-stop-shop for all development blogs, and much more!

Tune in: 

Announcing the preview release of the App Center and PlayFab partnership. You now have even more rich data at your disposal as you manage and monitor your game.

Sign up for a free PlayFab account to get access to the preview: 

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Time for another video. This time @gbury82 tells us what you can do today to get ready for development. As always, we would love to have you sign up to our developer program at mixedreality.microsoftcrmporta .

Learn how to create an Function V2 to automatically unzip files in an Azure Blob Storage. Watch:

In the latest episode of , Brian Peek discusses how to get started with MonoGame and shares some interesting games that have been built with the framework.


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Code Snippets in : Because you have better things to do than write the framework for a for loop yet again.

Explore this time-saving feature: 

We're hosting a free Windows Developer Twitch workshop for developers working with WPF, WinForms, or UWP framework on March 14 at 8:00 AM PT.

Join us: 

Class diagrams won't just help you design, edit, and refactor, they can help you visualize different parts of your code. Put this feature to work for you: 

At first glance, a large codebase can seem like an unscalable mountain. @AdamTornhill has some advice that will change how you work with large systems:

Don't let two-digit years be the bane of your existence. Let @SHanselman show you how to parse those dates using 's Calendar.TwoDigitYearMax property: 

Announcing MLdotNet .11, bringing you Tensor Flow and ONNX so you can get even more done in :